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  • I hope you know that by posting this. You have all but ensured that it cant happen. Cryptic cant simply do just what they want with the game. As pointed out already, this is a licensed product. Wizards of the coast, who holds the license, makes mo…
  • Yup, I can see it now. "Group looking for one more DPS, must worship Selune"
  • Because monks suck. http://www.ruleofthedice.com/2011/02/monks-suck.html
  • It would seem a rather foolish hack to use if it actually displays evidence of its use. Like impossibly high rolls. It just seems much more likely that something else is at work here.
  • A dorf on a donkey? Insanity! A proper dorf mount would be a stately ram. Gimmie my riding goats! Dagnabbit!
  • (Quote) For myself and possibly for most people. The fashion tab is a complete mess. It's lacking in content. It is clunky to use, you constantly have to switch back and forth between it and normal just to do anything with your character. And its ba…
    in Wardrobe Comment by sockmunkey May 2017
  • (Quote) I honestly hope not. I don't want to see the game become Twilight online. It would also be impossible to balance, especially for a game without any kind of day/night cycle.
  • (Quote) I think you're being naive. If I were to tell someone that they would be unbanned for just one week, then permanently banned. Do you honestly think that they wouldn't use that time to deliver the largest potential FU to the game that they co…
  • > @dupeks said: > I really agree with this loboguild and vida44. It's frustrating and demonstrates poor customer priorities. > > It's also been mentioned elsewhere. But as soon as a mistake was discovered, they should have unbanned e…
  • (Quote) Neverember wont go back to Waterdeep. He isnt very welcome there anymore. The masked lords ousted him and elected a new open lord. He was exiled and replaced with Laeral Silverhand during the Tyranny of Dragons crisis.
  • I doubt we will ever see a resolution to Valindra. They wont actually let us kill off any major characters that might show up in future books.
  • (Quote) Yes, you can already transfer. but that does not change the hard cap. No character can have more then 100 million refined AD on them. It is a hard limit, the game wont let you exceed it. And you cant just get rid of that limit, because that …
  • They cant do it. It would create problems. For example, how would you deal with the hard cap on refined AD allowed per character? If you increase that limit, to account for multiple characters on an account. You effectively raise the hard cap on t…
  • > @lantern22 said: > what I don't get is . . . . . > > IIRC this thread was in general discussion, so it has been moved to Player Feedback, discusses 3rd party add ons and yet hasn't been closed . . . . . > > ??? Yea. I …
  • So you want a power that will cause all the mobs that the party has gathered up and engaged to scatter and move away from the people causing them hurt? We already have that power, its called sunburst. And no one wants to play with a Cleric who uses…
  • The twisted side of me. Hopes that the OP, as punishment, gets sentenced to a clothing optional Conan Exiles server. With their endowment slider locked to minimum.
  • Because running around in your undies isn't against the rules, but altering game files is. Sure, a nude patch is fairly innocuous. Nor do I expect people get banned for using them. Unless they do something monumentally stupid like advertising the fa…
  • There is no rule, at all, about character looks and fashion. You can wear what you want and how you want. If I wanna run around in nothing but golden pantaloons and a horse head. I can. The game even allows players to run around in their undies and…
  • (Quote) No you just said...(Quote) The level of hair splitting is boarding on the absurd. As if that description could apply to anything else.
  • (Quote) So wait... You now seem to know what the nude patch is, and admit to having it. But are offended when you see people showing what the entire patch was intended to show? Words honestly escape me.
  • (Quote) The point you seem to be missing is, no one else sees what you are seeing. Because to everyone else that character in that image would be showing their undies. The only way to not see the undies, is to alter the game files to remove them. Do…
  • You will only get that if you are running with a nude patch. A third party patch that isn't supported by the devs and something that breaks the terms of service to have. Not sure if posting proof that you are using it, publicly, is the smartest move…
  • No, I don't think of my characters as related. It's just a bit to meta for me. And I find most players who play their alts as some big extended family as annoying to deal with. That said, I'm all for game play mechanics that make playing alts less…
  • Or it could just encourage people to farm their own alts just to look cool. You simply cant trust people to not abuse a 1v1 queue if it has any kind of reward or leader board.
  • (Quote) Lets be real here. This was revealed YEARS ago, and under different leadership. And we arnt just talking one change in leadership, but several. None of this past info should be taken as valid anymore. The new EP is not beholden to any promis…
  • Oh boy, here we go again.