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  • Id go one step further and wish for a way to completely ignore other players companions entirely. There is no real need, or advantage, in hearing, or even seeing, them. But plenty of benefit in reducing object clutter and improving frame rates. As well as being a welcome QoL game improvement.
  • Two out of three platforms never had the foundry and will never get it. So, its a bit drastic to say that they game cant afford to lose it. When a large majority of the game is doing just fine without it. So the bard idea is basically a complete non-starter.
  • The foundry always goes down after a major game update. It has something to do with how all the various foundry missions are catalogued. major updates disconnect the catalogue from the main game database. This means every single foundry mission has to be effectively republished, one by one. So, considering the thousands of…
  • This isn't an auto targeting problem. There are two kinds of powers in this game. Those that require a target before you can use them, and those that don't. Split shot requires a target, you simply cant blind fire it at an empty area. So, what you want is a change in how the power operates. However, I don't expect that is…
  • This is nice and all, but any chance we can get the forums fixed? Having the links to the various subtopics restored and last post information actually current would be a welcome return.
  • Any class can solo effectively. Just play what you want.
  • The foundry always comes down after any major update. It has something to do with how they set up the catalogue. Big updates basically force the catalogue to be rebublished. This process can take days or, in some past cases, weeks to months.
  • There is about as much chance of them returning any form of remote access. As there is of giant hamsters flying out of my behind. Rather then properly police it, they opted to completely remove it.
  • What is the point of even asking the question? What value does it have to us players to know the games population? We can already infer trends without hard numbers. So what do we really gain by this info? Its not like we can do anything about it. Or that somehow we need to know the population because Cryptic is unaware of…
  • Not to add more depression on top of things, but you are wasting your time ignoring them. It has no effect on the queue, and you are just as likely to be grouped with ignored players as anyone else.
  • The problem isn't you, its the scaling. Anytime the game levels you up, expect to get punished. If the game levels you down, you will feel like a demigod. Basically just put the Tyranny of Dragons stuff on hold. Focus on Elemental evil, the maze engine, and Sharandar. Once you hit 70, naturally, you will find ghost stories…
  • Who here remembers how part of the sales pitch for replacing fusion with refinement was how it would save inventory space? Yea, good times.
  • Yea, this was a big debate about 6 months ago. Threads got locked, rules where said to be broken. But official word confirmed that it was allowed. That said, I find it completely scummy behavior. But id rather that scummy behavior be completely open and visible for all to see. Those guilds will find one way or another to…
  • Bard and Druid both have assets in game already. Animations, powers, costumes, ect. Monk has none of that. I just don't see it as a potential next class.
  • You can be in as many guilds as you have characters.
  • I think this is fantastic, and goes a long way to restoring some good will. Its good to see that despite all the anger, rage, and static. The core issues have been acknowledge and will be addressed.
  • This is not a simple yes or no binary problem. If everything scaled to players. If there was no option to stomp old content. Then there is no reason to level up. We level up to gain power, to beat up those goblins who gave us trouble before. To feel strong enough to challenge those giants that made us run in fear…
  • It costs them nothing to make an account, all they need is an email. So banning is completely worthless. There might of been a way to slow them down at account creation. But at this point its far too late, they have thousands of accounts. As it is, their shout bots are completely disposable. They only shout once, maybe…
  • That right there is the heart of it. The problem isn't the AD, or the dungeons, or anything else. The scaling sucks, it was better when the mobs scaled, rather then the players. What we have now is a mess. And its that mess that is creating the problems here and in other parts of the game, like CTA's and Events like Siege…
  • So then they will just spam once or twice and rotate to another one of their thousands of accounts. This will solve nothing.
  • Simply having a faster mount in your stable wont let you go faster, or take more hits, until you update the choice on the main page. Make sure your window shows 110% speed, instead of 80% and you should find everything working fine.
  • When you equipped your new mount, did you update the tack to the new speed and hit limit?
  • You can add the Lonelywood quest, Making the rounds to the list. While technically not stealable, as no combat is involved. Once interacted with, the sick townsfolk vanish and their respawn time is far too long. So you end up with a situation where people race each other spamming F in the hopes they get it first. They…
  • You need to build a farm. A farm will produce food in the same way that a lumber mill and a stone quarry produces wood and stone.
  • VIP only for cash is a poor idea and undermines the very concept of the game. It would become a subscription, in everything but name. So, bad idea. Dueling is fine, but not anywhere. Keep it out of the hubs and towns. Players have enough annoyances to deal with. Without having to deal with PVP jocks fighting on top of…
  • They tried limited items with the Knox companion. Only 5 in the game, and only for PC, I believe. It didn't generate near the buzz they wanted, simply because they never bothered to try it again. I honestly doubt that those 5 players who have one are even still active.
  • You know, spending lavishly for something is also not a sure bet. Something you, yourself, did, and are still complaining for it. Seems to me, it has less to do with a free lunch and more to do with you suffering from buyers remorse.
  • They are fixing a bug that allowed players, by mistake, to actually create and publish content.
  • Oh god, Run Panda RUN! They gonna wear you like the panda hat in Tropic Thunder.
  • I would be shocked if they actually got Jim Cummings to voice Minsc here. But that, to me, makes his voice work doubly good. Because whoever they did get, nailed it! I also agree with Makos, love the character. Even if his voice has changed slightly from module to module. Although last module gave me a case of the feels.…