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campaign idea: Shadows of Vaasa

athena#9205 athena Member Posts: 575 Arc User
Shadows of Vassa


Monastery of the Yellow Rose. Situated high in the Earthspur Mountains in Damara. Rugged terrain and lots of monsters.
Damaran Gate. Southern gate to the bloodstone valley. usually kept free from monsters by damarian army.
Bloodstone valley. Monster filled battlefield where heroes are born and killed
Palischuk. A ruined fortress city, rebuilt by half-orcs
Castle Perilous. seat of power for the lich Zhengyi, the Witch-King of Vaasa

new dungeon: shadow Castle Perilous

New classes: Monk and Bard

Base storyline.

Kane from the monastery of the yellow rose arrives in Neverwinter. He meets with the protector and requests aid be sent to damara for unknown forces have stirred up evil far greater than he and the armies of damara can handle. you get chosen by the protector and undergo a test by Kane. If you succeed you travel to the lands of Damara.

First zone: the monastery.

You arrive at the lands surrounding the monastery and find that it is crawling with powerful undead and worse a dracolich flies overhead breathing gouts of icy flame all over. First you must reach the gates of the monastery by battling through the hoards of undead. Then when you reach the monastery you meet with kane and are tasked with ridding the land of the menace and of the dracolich in particular. Thus you proceed to destroy various concentrations of the undead army. But you soon realize these undead aren't like others that you faced before. Zombies rise when killed to become ghouls, ghouls rise to become skeletons, and only when the skeletons are destroyed are they finished for good. This is you first clue to the powers that drive the great evil in the land. Once the pockets of evil are destroyed kane sends you to destroy the dracolich. This is a white undead dragon and quite unlike the others found to the west near the well of the dragon. For one, it takes to the air allot striking the ground with icy breaths that can kill you. Also he seems able to call forth the dead from countless deaths over the millenia in the area. Once the dracolich is dead you gather the phylactery and head back to kane. Kane takes the object and sends you to the southern gate of the bloodstone valley, the damaran gate. He had reports that monsters were besieging them and need help badly.

Second zone: before the Damaran Gate

Like the first zone you arrive in a battlefield. Also like the first zone the undead don't stay dead for long. But to add to this are the living monsters, goblins and orcs and soldiers of Damara. When anything living dies it raises a zombie to fight you. once you reach the gates you meet (a general) who is in charge of the defense of the gate and he sends you to (a bard) for your first forays into the battlefield. You must gather information from the undead camps, finding out where they are coming from and who is sending them. Eventually you discover that the monsters are lead by 6 Dragonborn liches who are very tough to fight. But the general says you must. So you face them and destroy them. This brings out the leader of the evil forces at the gate, a red Dracolich who raises the dragonborn liches to fight with it. When the red flies and dragonborn lichs attack with great power and you get fire breath raining down on you. Stand still and you die. When the dragon and minions are dead you take the phylactery back to the general. kane is there and takes the object from you. he says the information you brought back leads to the realm of Vaasa on the otherside of the bloodstone valley. You must travel through the death valley to discover the power behind the problems arising.

Third zone: Bloodstone Valley

This valley is just like the book RA salvatore wrote, but more dangerous. As something has stirred up all the monsters hiding in the caves and underdark. you get goblins, orcs, drow, giants, spiders, and every variation of monsters and men as undead. Only one goal in this zone. Get to the other side. To do so you must destroy the encampments of monsters as they block the path and when you get to the end you face 2 dracolichs. A blue and green. One fights on the ground while the other is in the air. When one is in the air it heals up some. With two you must defend again two breaths. When they are destroyed you get thier phylactries and proceed to Vaasa.

Fourth zone: Palischuk village.

Like the valley this place is crawling with monsters, but for some reason they don't attack the village. You make your way there and meet with Jarlaxle and kane (yes kane can teleport himself) and get the objects to kane. the longer you are holding the phylactries on the way to the village the more damage over time you take. The village zone is a bit smaller than the others but comes in two parts. Jarlaxle says that there is a mysterious power protecting the village and wants your help in figuring it out. Hes sure that it will be essential to defeating the power behind all the evil in the land. The quest takes you all over the zone and into various pockets of the shadow realm where the barriers are weaker here. you learn that there are some dark deities at work in the land and you must somehow stop them. After gaining all the information you must find the power with jarlaxle and duplicated it. But you encounter a Shadow dragon (living) in the shadow realm. hes easier to defeat than the two dracolichs but when he dies you come to know the true power behind the undead in the land. As Tiamat and 4 other dark deities raise the shadow dragon to a lich and leave him to face you. This fight is much harder as he can call forth shadow minions to confront you. When finally destroyed jarlaxle takes the 'power' that protects the village and goes to his bregan dearth member to copy it. you return to the village to defend it from the monsters until jarlaxle can finish. Then the power returns and you give the phylactery to kane again. He sends you to the castle perilous as that is where tiamat and the 4 deities are focused at.

5th zone: castle perilous.

This zone is all about destroying all evil and stopping the evil from spreading. It takes awhile. The castle is full of traps and you die easy here. Illusion is halmark as well and you find yourself going where you shouldn't. But after awhile you stop the pockets of power and make your way to the cellers to face the black dracolich and the hoards of monsters and powers of the dark deities. When you kill the black you gain the phylactery and kane shows up. He says now you can face the true power of the land. Shadow Castle perilous (dungeon).

Dungeon Shadow castle perilous.

This castle is a dugeon run of the main castle in the shadow realm. You meet avatars of the dark deities and at the end face the avatar of tiamat. In this dungeon you can get separated. If you do you have to survive and make your way back to the group to proceed. Jarlaxle and Kane will help you if you do get separated. When you get to the bosses you face each ofthe 4 avatars (in pairs) and the final avatar is of tiamat. Tiamat avatar is smaller than the epic dungeon tiamat temple since its an avatar but its far more dangerous. For since you only have 10 players and not 25 and the tiamat is more mobile, can fly, can shoot breath attacks from each head together or separate and has all the atributes of a dragon attack. When tiamat avatar dies, the true power behind it all comes out, the archlich Zhengyi, the Witch-King. He raises the tiamat avatar as a dracolich and you must face him and his new pet together.

comments? suggestions? no bashing please. i know this may not come out for a long while, i'm just suggesting a possible

campaign idea that can get filled out in the next year or so.


  • rickcase276rickcase276 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,379 Arc User
    If WoTC releases a module on this settting then it will happen, otherwise I rather doubt it will happen. As most of the mods will be whatever WoTC releases in the regular game. All others more than likely will be more "QoL" mods.
  • skuggros1skuggros1 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 14 Arc User
    Sounds like an interesting campanj. I think it would be alot of fun.

    Good job :smile:
  • athena#9205 athena Member Posts: 575 Arc User

    If WoTC releases a module on this settting then it will happen, otherwise I rather doubt it will happen. As most of the mods will be whatever WoTC releases in the regular game. All others more than likely will be more "QoL" mods.

    Huh? my brain is fuzzy because that didn't make sense at all to me. please un-abreviate for those who don't know those, please.

  • bitt3rnightmar3bitt3rnightmar3 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 788 Arc User
    edited October 2017

    If WoTC releases a module on this settting then it will happen, otherwise I rather doubt it will happen. As most of the mods will be whatever WoTC releases in the regular game. All others more than likely will be more "QoL" mods.

    Huh? my brain is fuzzy because that didn't make sense at all to me. please un-abreviate for those who don't know those, please.

    "If the Wizards of the Coast [Currently the publisher of Dungeons and Dragons Content] releases a module on this setting it will happen, otherwise I rather doubt that it will happen. As most of the modules will be whatever Wizards of the Coast releases in their regular game [Dungeons and Dragons]. All others more than likely will be more Quality of Life modules. [Fixing game systems and mechanics]"

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  • athena#9205 athena Member Posts: 575 Arc User
    Ok thanks.... I'm editing my main post for campaign design ideas.
  • athena#9205 athena Member Posts: 575 Arc User
    Campaign layout idea.

    After reading the book by RA salvatore promise of the witch king (i think that was the one) i loved the idea of using monster ears as a means of 'keeping score', especially when jarlaxle stole the bag of ears from the halflings. I think something like that can be put in place in this setting. So here is my idea.

    Each map has a 'contest' of a sort. This is weekly score so it resets at the end of the week. points are awarded for ears (living) and skulls (undead) of mobs killed. A player can get two trophies from a single mob if it was killed alive and destroyed when undead, for instance kill a live goblin and get the ear, then kill the zombie and then ghoul and then destroy the skeleton to gain the skull. i was thinking that goblins are one point, orcs 5 points, humans halflings and elves (living and dead) are 10 points, giants and thier kin and dragonborn are 20 points and a dracolich skull worth 1000 points. Each map will contain locations of HEs where the mob concentration is highest and the trophy rewards are best (aside from the dragon skull). Dailies are a set number of kills and a certain number of HEs, the weekly is a total number of kills to reach, like Chultan treasures. could put it at 100 kills or so. The weekly contest would grant the winners of catagories great prizes. The top 3 get a legendary qulity armor piece/artifact (hands in monastary, head for gate, feet for valley, chest for village, and artifact for castle). I was thinking the artifact could be a dracolich summoning attack. Anyway, the top 3 get these, the top 10% get a epic level armor with strong powers, top 25 percent get epic with moderate powers, and top 50% with less powerful epic armor. You can only get one of armor for each character (BtC) so that would let people try to attain the top 3 place each week and not have the same people gain the same armor over again.

    Design of the maps

    Your mission is to destroy enough of the HEs to get Kane/general/bard/jarlaxle to progress you to the next phase, the boss. At the boss zone you call for the dracolich (you gained his name(s) in the course of the map scouting), this causes the flying dracolich to land and face you. This also frees up the skies for the instance. The summoner is the only who gets the dragon skull (gauranteed) when the dragon dies, but a random small chance for anyone else who participates.

    Monastary: 3 HEs, a PVP zone, and a boss fight location.
    Gates: 6 HEs and a boss fight zone.
    Valley: 4 HEs, a boss zone and a progress dungeon. The dungeon here is the same map but you have to lead dwarven engineers to the avalance blockages to open the way to the next zone, without getting them killed. You can't do them all together, but this opens more map for you to reach the HEs.
    Village: 3 real world HEs and 3 shadow realm HEs. and a boss zone
    Castle: 6 HEs, a PVP zone, and 3 boss zones

    I'd like this campaign to be large and complex like SKT and have elements of RD and Chult in it. It should not be an easy campaign, but one with fun and rewards for all
  • iandarkswordiandarksword Member Posts: 976 Arc User
    You know aside from the campaign aspect, you could make a Foundry series out of this. It obviously took a bit of thought.
    "I don't know, I'm making it up as I go..."
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  • athena#9205 athena Member Posts: 575 Arc User
    TY, i haven't been able to do much with foundry, seems a bit over complicated to me. Plus i'm an idea person, not great at implementing. But there are some good maps right now that can be used for this.
  • sockmunkeysockmunkey Member Posts: 4,622 Arc User
    edited October 2017
    I hope you know that by posting this. You have all but ensured that it cant happen.

    Cryptic cant simply do just what they want with the game. As pointed out already, this is a licensed product. Wizards of the coast, who holds the license, makes money from their own characters and settings. There is absolutely no incentive for them to set their little money makers aside to use ideas created by someone else, fan made or otherwise.

    Even if, on the off chance that the idea was simply so spectacular that they would be fools to pass it up. They wouldn't dare reuse any of your suggested names or pronouns and would still be forced to change things radically to protect themselves.

    Simply put, no corporation is going to borrow anyone's ideas unless done so with a dozen lawyers present, a stack of papers a mile high, and a pen inked with the blood of an innocent.

  • athena#9205 athena Member Posts: 575 Arc User
    I asked for no bashing. Its just an idea not set in stone. And i don't care about rights and copywrites, i'm in it to play not to sue or anything. So please go bother someone else with your negativity. Since NW has the companions and elminster i'm sure they have some form of agreement with WotC or thier authors. And Salvatore has already written a good one for NW. Why not another? As it is I am just proposing some ideas like a car manufacturer comes out with a concept car. You don't see it like that on the streets but you do see those elements. Cryptic will come out with new modules, and there are some great story locations like Vaasa and Damara that have great potential for new modules.
  • athena#9205 athena Member Posts: 575 Arc User

    You know aside from the campaign aspect, you could make a Foundry series out of this. It obviously took a bit of thought.

    I you want to make a foundry out of this, be my guest. Let me know and i'll test run it :)

  • eldeskaleldeskal Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 214 Arc User
    Your 'ears' could be the campaign currency.
  • arcanjo86arcanjo86 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,050 Arc User
    love the idea @nitocris83 can you make this idea reach the dev game team and see if this could be done?
  • nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 4,004 Community Manager
    Always happy to pass on player feedback! As people mention, it can get tricky when we work on a licensed product (versus working on an IP you own), but we still love to see the ideas players come up with :) Have you thought about running this as a tabletop @athena#9205 ? :)
  • athena#9205 athena Member Posts: 575 Arc User
    Tabletop? if you mean as a D&D group of people without computers...no. (I'm a computer gamer) It was just an idea that came to me and i brainstormed it for sharing with y'all. there is enough difference in the story than those RA Salvatore wrote that you can probably make it. As you already have the companions of the hall and Elminster in the game, Grandmaster Kane shouldn't be much of an issue i would think.
  • iandarkswordiandarksword Member Posts: 976 Arc User
    edited October 2017
    It might be a while before I would try to turn this into a Foundry. It would probably be a precursor quest or set of quests dealing mostly with lore. I'd have to read the book first to familiarize with the story. I'm still working on my 2nd Harper Chronicles quest set in The Chasm, and the creativity flows in fits and spurts instead of at a constant. Lately I've been working more hours IRL, plus I'm a father of two kids who have their own activities and it tends to affect the amount of energy I can devote to creativity. It also doesn't help that publishing quests is having issues currently. I also try to maintain my main character's campaign progression, so the Foundry progress moves quite slowly. I'll keep this idea on the back burner for now. The Foundry has several YouTube tutorials if you're ever interested in creating something like this. Feel free to ask questions if you see me around in-game, I don't know everything, but I might be able to figure out where to look for the answer.
    "I don't know, I'm making it up as I go..."
    Featured Foundry Quest: Whispers of an Ancient Evil [v3] - NW-DQ4WKW6ZG
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