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  • the drop rate in master spellplague is the worst in game i only recieved seals and abandonded treasures that needs fixing
  • from what i've been told it seems to have several issues with it involving pact blade it either doesnt allow you to equip a pact blade with the neck and ring at the same time or it doesnt apply the power gain from the pact blade both of which make this pet useless, why design a pet that can equip an SW mainhand give you…
  • although i like the new skirmish the fact that getting gold seems to give greens is bad and as it has no extra chest i dont feel the reward is equal to the time invested
  • i'm having the same issue every hour or so if im switching characters or entering dungeons it will try to load for between a minute or two before disconnecting, this has been an issue since christmas and with each event after making it slightly worse. on a similar note the artifacting issue is also getting worse at some…
  • thanks for figuring out one of the bonuses but i dont know about the pseudodragon as i had no extra speed bonus, its a shame really it would have been nice to run a pet other than fire archon but these bonuses arnt worth it
  • after running on the test server with a few guildies and trying to obtain the new loot to test not one of us in 6 runs got any drops from the chests that were anything but the same old drops, i know thats not much to go by but we should of had a least one purple between us after opening not only the normal chest but the…
  • firstly thank you for the keyring i was sick of having a bag dedicated to keys and the such. ok now on to the crux of the matter i like everyone else here think that once again you have gone a step to far with these changes when can you accept that the loot table is so junky that if it isnt castle never or edemo (or fbi…
  • as someone who hates PoM and yet has ran it thousands if not more (im not exaggerating here) i just want the rising crit ring +5 ive seen a relex sight and three rising recovering rings, i really hate this run as its hard to get gold unless there are at least two players with 3k + stats and full bonding (even then its…
  • if your fixing the pet debuffs can you fix them to actually apply them as stated instead of a chance e.g drake
  • double posted by mistake
  • The above post summarized: There are people that don't agree with my ignorant perspective... they must be brown-nosers... I've leeched of a simplistic easy system to feel like i did something to be proud of (for years). I'm mad because I might have to earn what I get instead of rolling the dice and getting a lucky drop or…
  • to the people trying to justify this nonesense please just stop your not helping with this silver lining KITTEN, i can tell you from experince as the person who has probably run PoM more than any other the drop rates are a joke silver usually nets you nothing and gold usually a +1/2 so i try my luck with the chest and…
  • simple soloution to the set bonus would be to put a 'switch' into it so you can choose to have the defense or power buff kind of like the weapon artifact powers/ bonus stats where you would have to pay 5000 diamonds to change it
  • althought the new artifact gear has better stats its damage is still not as good as twisted gear, you gain 1200 power and 10% damage for only 10 seconds (only if you run) compaired to twisted which gives you 3840 if you fully stack which is not difficult, i dont want a piece of gear for dps classes if it risks me losing…
  • fishing takes far too long and is far to complex i spent 20 minutes and didnt catch a single fish when i finally figured out how i'd ran out of bait and could not get any more to continue mission
  • a few issues that need bringing up, prophecy of madness (protect version) is still bugging if you finish early and on the issue of POM its extremely difficult to get gold even with a team of 3k + as the second phase for both is still not given enough points per kill/closed portal. and the EF damage needs to be fixed i…
  • im not part of a guild so its not possible by any measure, this number is FAR to high and the fact that we have to have a seperate set to run a dungeon that requires 3.1k IL is terrible design, I've looked at the 'best' gear this are has an whilst you get more crit and health it falls waaay short of what two dusk gear gives
  • dont include the potions because as soon as you die you lose them which would boot you from instance (also only 5% as the two potions dont stack)
  • just realized how the hell are people to get this 29% as far as i know you cant as you get 4% from boons + 17% armour pieces (+ 6% from ring you get from FBI but we CANT count these) and i wont include potion buffs for obvious reasons so you just set a number we cant even make to get into FBI, why should we sacrifice all…
  • so you're repeating the black ice resistance problem and why the arbatory number of 29%? and why are we being restricted in this fashion as the frostborn gear is really bad (bad stats and bad bonuses) which will be the only way we can get the relic gear
  • who the hell designed this, most things about it dont work for a GWF. A defender which means defense/regen stats so for a dps class we already lost power/crit/armpen stats that striker/leader types have and i do not want a companion that steals aggro from me or anyone that rely upon it (OP,GF) on top of that a defense slot…
  • so after running 4 demonic incursion i can definatly say that the timer is broke, I have found a work around which invovles letting the first timer run out, it will reset and let you get the full amount of time for the next round but unfortunatly the second phases timer has not beeen fixed
  • i can confirm that the game crashes when a plot is being constructed and you look at the guild tab
  • i can get two angels with my alts but im waiting to see if they will change the vault of piety as its been the same stuff for 3 years now, im not saying i dont make any diamonds as the amount i grind i usuallly have enough rough diamonds for 3-4 characters a day and the best i ever see nowerdays is rank 8s in CN that…
  • will the lostmouth horn exchange be fixed as its still giving bellials portal stone instead of black ice beholder on preview
  • so testing the dmage on the lostmouth set on scorps and lostmouth it went from a 4 million to 200k damage this is overkill it makes all dps classes lose from 12%-33% and thats to far, i understand people complain about that and the power creep has gotten a little out of hand but in this case it actually makes it…
  • nerfing lostmouth set is just plain stupid all it boils down to is a people expecting to do the most damage with little to no effort and forgetting that each class has different areas it excels in. the other mistake in doing this is that it make ELOL worthless as the drops there a virtually valueless EXCEPT the horn so it…
  • they really are just ignoring the fanbase in favour of money grabbing which is a first class way to alienate the players, overnight the whole action house has crashed in value and is just bleeding out money and as a result the very few ways to make stable money (dread ring, WoD's) have literally been cut in half. people…
  • from my own experience, it does work but only with regeneration no other kit bonus will transfer over
  • i can confirm this to be true