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  • How isn’t beating the hardest content content in the game in 8 minutes making it almost trivial not alarming? They’re skipping more than half the mechanics in the fight. Phase one they phased him right at the beginning during parallel portals. Most groups don’t phase until after the second white noise of this phase and…
  • Fair points everyone. I get that we're comparing end gamers running a companion will skew results. But as far as the counterpoint of this run would take the same amount of time if the DPS were to take off their chickens or be very close is false. I have ran with most of these people in this run on my Arbiter. I have…
  • Devs still silent after the plethora of complaints after they said they don’t plan on increasing rewards. I stopped running the trial on preview due to the silence and not planning on buying the packs to unlock the content ASAP. I can’t be bothered to run something with no incentive, to obtain a weapon set to make this…
  • I would still try and add SOMETHING to the dungeon to make it worthwhile to continue farming it even after we get our weapons. As I have seen others mentioned off of this forum. When we help other players get their Lionheart set from ToMM we are still getting ToMM loot in the meantime. Once I get my weapons and there…
  • I play as a Halfling because I prefer the look and enjoy wearing head armor rather than a minimal buff that the Dragonborn gives. 3% damage which in a perfect world of a 200M ToMM run is a measly 6 million more, and when I say in a perfect world it's not like that as all +% damage buffs are additive to each other so that…
  • Also there have been 8 CW runs in ToMM done in 10 minutes also so should wizards be nerfed as well?
  • So much salt lol. Prophecy is not broken it deals 30% of the damage you dealt in a 10 second window. Yes you can hit over 8 mil but it is RARE. My average PoD hit in ToMM is between 2 and 3 million on numerous runs I have save in ACT. Sure if I was averaging 7-8 mils a run you could say it’s broken but it’s not. AoE we are…
  • Can’t get broken metal rod. If it drops from the Insurgency HE Boss, they are over too soon before the Bel Meter is filled that they don’t even spawn. This needs addressed ASAP.
  • > @thefabricant said: > (Quote) > It is changed for healers as well, just not clarified in the post. Awesome, thanks for clearing that up I’m on console and a lot of my pally friends were uptight about this change as they thought it was a nerf to healing again but now I can give them peace of mind that it really isn’t…
  • Will you guys be changing the formula for healing as well when it comes to critical severity? Because this will change to Vorpal will hit healers harder than DPS if that’s the case
  • I have a unp fey and got trans lightning yesterday. So far been switching during T9Gs and I still think the Fey outperforms lightning even vs mobs. I think it has to do with how good OPs AoC is and Fey buffs that. Maybe if I ran without the OP I might see lightning do better but who would wanna run without an OP? Yeah I…
  • Is lightning better for clearing dungeons then switch to Feytouched for bosses?
  • Pretty sure glitch has been hotfixed earlier in the evening. At least that's what I get from SoMI chat. If you still see someone with it they probably procced the glitch awhile ago and logged out of that character.
  • I saw something posted in the TR forums. The reply was very vague all it said was saw a HR in MSVA kill my groups damage using one of these enchants had 200 mil and 2nd had 40 mil. Didn't state which enchant either.
  • <blockquote class="Quote" rel="dmcewen">If plant growth wasn't bugged, the HR would shine in Aoe. So I think dread will still be best for trapper as well.</blockquote> Not sure if PG would have anything to do with Bile under performing it's effect is the one that applies the DoT to nearby enemies.
  • I may have to dust off my old DO DC that took second place after my HR because no one wants to play with a DO ATM :(
  • Woah just noticed they merged the PC and Console class forums that's pretty cool. Yeah I've been running this build since mod 5 I also was topping paingivers back then and indirectly healing with the old overpowered lifesteal stat :(. Good times. It is different from the power sharing and more expensive if you're trying to…
  • Opinion from someone not in the guild but had a short life in it If you're looking for an active guild that's growing and helpful I'd join this guild. Be aware though if you take even a week of absence without letting leadership know you'll end up getting kicked out no questions asked. Put an alt in this guild regardless…
  • I have 44k health my high prophet on. I did stack radiants in my defensive and used health artifacts and reinforcement kits. Got up to around 85k. Thing is you're still squishy and die fast anyways so it's not worth it. I don't stack defense either there's no point with such a little health pool. I use my guilds 8k life…
  • Who says they don't like Righteous? I've been running right now for over a year on my DC and never thought about switching back. Not only does it speed up solo content on a Cleric, the buffs its feats provide for the party are actually better for damage output.
  • AC definitely makes more sense if you want to just focus on buffing. Annointed Army is awesome while clearing trash through a dungeon on top of that you can feat Blessing of Battle to give everyone 10% of your power. As I said though not having Brand of the Sun really messes with how I play my Cleric and slowed my…
  • It was a full respec not just feats. I ended up using it to see if I'd like an Annointed Champion Righteous build. I played through a few dungeons and it just didn't feel right. Immediately switched back to Divine Oracle Righteous no regrets besides wasting 100k+ AD.
  • I prefer to keep both on me I have a Trans Dread and a Perfect Plaguefire. I do not find it hard at all to keep 3x stack of PF up when you run Chains of Blazing Light which is what I run while clearing trash. I switch to whatever the team doesn't have though and if they have both I'll pick the dread for more healing and…
  • You just get a free respec it didn't make everything you had 0. Use it if you want
  • This makes me a happy Cleric :D
  • If the DC sound not working isn't fixed yet I REFUSE to play.
  • Not much experience with bronzewoods I never used them but I heard the damage buff from pure and trans levels was broken not sure if they ever fixed it or not. If it is broken I'd try to go plaguefire, if it is fixed you can keep it but only if you run with people that have terror and plaguefire already covered. The all…
  • Companions are getting tweaked one companions gift will proc all three of your bonding stones. Shadow Demon hits hard to he makes up 50% of some DCs damage output which is crazy.
  • You can't perma bubble post patch even with haste as haste was nerfed which it should just be removed (unless the bubble is nearing max item level) and if you're in a max item level, bringing a bubble with you is a disservice. Haste gives 5% over time instead of instantly.... Bubble lasts six seconds. All it is now is an…
  • No word yet??? COME ON this companion is worth millions and yet is useless because these are two keys skills for righteous clerics