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  • Your wish is my command . . . . /ban @pariswinters
  • It is GENIUS hold on . . . nah it is MADNESS nope nope . . . it is a reflection of one current societal aberration . . . people who work against the own self-interest!
  • @mentinmindmaker The Undermountain content seems to be working ok. Clearly you have not run any of the scaling HE's or found the un-killable regen mobs. It is not like they are hard to find so when you draw conclusions like . . . It seems to me the scaling system by itself is working well I find your opinion laughable.…
  • You have made sweeping changes that are generally disliked. You have ignored tester feedback. You have devalued the efforts of all players who pursued progression by making enchants, boons and mounts of less value. You have simplified skills and feats (AKA LOBOTOMIZED) which I find insulting and patronizing. You plan on…
  • That is like using cold weather to deny global warning.
  • IMHO it is more like a SWG self-inflicted fatal wound.
  • Neverwinter Endgame beats the Avengers in their public release by 3 days! Bravo!
  • Welcome to what people on preview have been complaining about for over a month. Once you hit 71 you can't go back. Since there is almost no level 80 content and all other content is FUBAR by the scaling I predict many people will just not spend much time in game until it is addressed.
  • You did not think that through. The binary choice (since Cryptic loves binary choices) is suffer or quit. The fence sitters will just do unscaled content and wait and see what happens when the actual player base is exposed to this dumpster fire. I don't think anyone but the obsessive are going to go down that road. Plenty…
  • Scaling has never worked in preview. Feel free to cite your experience where it works consistently.
  • Its great you found a work around by making a scaling specific loadout. I look at it and think f'that. Their scaling simulation is just a bad short cut that makes all content thru mod 15 unavailable once you hit lvl 71. No one will bother playing the content or at all for that matter.
  • The didn't implement scaling. They implemented a scaling simulation. They just set caps for each instance of old content. The problem is this does not work. Bad short cuts rarely do.
  • I think this is more star wars galaxy than mod 6.
  • BUT in 6.x days all those upgrades lose a significant portion of their value and the incentive for character progression almost goes away. You can play without boons and feats and rank 15 enchants and not really notice a significant difference. Player investment is going to be devalued. That seems to be the point you…
  • It works like a disabled person in rehab. Frankly, it just is not fun to play. Most people play to have fun and MOD 16 has sucked the fun out of the game. As an approach to addressing current flaws and support issues this is not a viable solution from my perspective.
  • While effort is always appreciated your fantasy here is DOA much like MOD 16 and NVW 2.0 life expectancy.
    in Mod 16½ Comment by ragnarz2 April 2019
  • They are at deaths door. No amount of effort will yield a viable product at this point.
  • well you cherry picked a stupid argument here. nvw 1.0 is dead. nvw 2.0 which is a completely different game where the names were not changed to protect the innocent is coming in 10 days and it is built by the brain dead for the brain dead. In all likely hood they couldn't design and program an effective movement solution…
  • THREAD or THREAT Your post can be read each way and with very different meaning.
  • My prof preferred . . . if ignorance is bliss, you are overjoyed!
  • I got Risk v. Reward to work finally for the first time. Have not been able to collect any more resonances. I assume they are supposed to drop in runic HE's but I have not seen any. Also scaling in HE's makes them a nightmare.
  • You need to grapple with the concept that MOD 16 is not an update, it is a replacement. Its a brand new game that does not resemble the one we have been playing. I think there is sufficient historical data that shows when a new game comes out that is not fun to play and is full of bugs . . . people do not play it. Cryptic…
  • brutal ench in utility slots for +XP
  • post patch DPS reduced by about 25pct. 12ish minute master expedition took over 30m. My hunter was reduced by 1/3. If the goal is to make people quit the game you are on the right track. Devaluing comps, boons, mounts and enchants was a bitter pill. This is untenable.
  • my DPS was reduced by 1/3. HR was barely decent before, now horrible.
  • I have a different theory. The rest of the player base (everyone - 250 people who tested) suddenly realizes character progression is dead and that all their efforts to raise their IL has been devalued and vote with their feet.
  • The well known secret of MMO's is character progression. It is what drives players. The flattening as you put it flies in the face of human nature. It is quite baffling how such a decision was reached. Also, it is no longer a curve. its more of a bar graph . . . flat flat spike plateau wait for next mod, repeat. AKA…
  • I am unfamiliar with " Desktop 2560x1600" is that a common resolution ? I checked amazon and there are only 23 of those for sale. In contrast 2560x1440 has 176 for sale yet that is not offered as a wallpaper.