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  • - Remove that long animation on Griffons Wraths third hit. It could be like the first hit. - Vigorous Strikes with Crit Severity instead of Crit Chance. - Vengeful damage buff 25% (up from 20%). - Remove power=arm pen on crushing blows - cooldown on commanders needs to be 14 sec, 18 still too long I am not even going to…
  • I like the dungeon, but I agree, the rewards are just not worth it. The first week you can sell the artifact gear and artifact if rng gods smile on you and you happen to get those drops, but the price is plummeting already, and it seems if you don't get those drops, you go home with nothing but blackened jaw HAMSTER or…
  • Commander's strike has too long of a cooldown to make it viable, I go with the new and improved beefed up bulls/momentum.
  • Nevermind, logged on today and bonus worked properly, thanks
  • From my testing on preview, Fighter Dreadnaught still not tomm viable with the temporary tweaks implemented on preview, I am not sure if any of the dev's have tested the difference between preview and live, but I have and compared to benchmarks with HR/CW/TR and not even close. I get that you don't have time to change some…
  • Thank you very much!
  • No increase to anvil of doom for fighters?
  • I am thinking you need to come up with a couple of artifact sets that have a decent dps bonus that is NOT AFTER DAILY USE to give viable alternatives to demonlord set, even after nerf, as right now I don't see anything that would be worth switching to, or add halaster to the new set's demon/devil condition. Just my opinion.
  • Agreed, Fighter Dreadnaught is terrible.
  • Kudos for doing something now, instead of making us wait til 19!
  • Indeed, asking Dreadnaught to wait another 6 months for a fix is simply too long, it already has been too long. Quick, easy boosts to current damage buffs need to be done NOW. Everyone and their brother knows Dreadnaught dps is terrible, and have known that since mod 16 was released. The issue here is long, drawn out waits…
  • More suggestions, sorry if any of these has been mentioned before: Reduce time for heavy slash, and/or increase damage buff, and fix magnitude reduce time/ap gain for brazen slash and/or increase damage from reave Reduce cooldowns on all encounters, at least by 5 seconds each, preferably more add 20 percent crit sev buff…
  • Well, I suppose I should be happy that Dreadnaught is finally going to get some help, but, I do have to say that there is a considerable gap and I am skeptical that the changes will narrow this gap much, adding 3% or even 10% damage is not going to cut it, the Dreadnaught really is terrible compared to CW/TR/HR
  • Also, set bonus does not work for Barbie tank, but does work for Fighter Dreadnaught
  • DPS Fighter would be fun to play again if they added a sweet damage buff to ITF, not going to happen though, Fighter gets no love
  • I get it that mistakes happen, apparently some of the dev team are not on the same page regarding buff multipliers or additives. What I don't understand is how this can not be fixed by now. rjc9000 reported on this, specifically due to the dismal dps of the Fighter, quite some time ago (I saw his post WITH data to prove…
  • clearing out what 'things' is the question, I can clear out a lot of lower level 'things' on my dps goofy fighter as well. The ultimate comparison is how we stack up vs other classes at end game, and I assure you, we don't stack up well
  • Here's my guide to Fighter: Tank: Play an op or don't even have a tank toon DPS: Play anything except Fighter
  • Might be a good idea to pick a few random new people to include in the focus group to get nice persepective from those new to our game. Also, should have some kind of penalty or reward cancellation for members of the focus group who rage quit half way through the testing process.
  • 1.At-wills can charge vengence when they crit if you take Roiling hatred feat, just an fyi. 2. agreed, something needs to be done about seethe/vengence 3. agreed, anvil takes up waaaay too much vengence 4. agreed 5. agreed 6. agreed 7. agreed 8. agreed 9. agreed 10. ?
  • I would at least like to see them keep the exchange until after they get done making all the changes to enchants, and they need to make runestones exchangeable like enchants.
  • Previously, I would have said no, since the dev's were pretty clear about the hard caps. However, now I see that negation enchant is going to be going OVER the defense cap, of course, this won't be reflected in the tool tip, so now we must begin the testing of such things as this again, as it appears the dev's have decided…
  • Agreed, we stinks
  • So lets see...getting a group together to run LoMM, HR? sure, ranged attack, nice dps. CW? absolutely, great dps, also ranged. TR? Oh yeah, even a low geared TR will pump out some amazing dps. SW? oh yeah, decent dps, and healing option as well. DC? sure, dps is decent and also has ranged capability and there is the…
    in We stinks! Comment by mcfob June 2019
  • Can trade in Tenebrous now, but still not runestones
  • I don't mind the bta, when the particular runestone was needed, ie. before the changes of double stats
  • If that is the true cause of removal of movement, then just give movement items only useable in end game stuff, such as "+15 percent movement in Castle Ravenloft/Lair of the Mad Mage/Cradle of the Death God/Tomb of the Nine Gods" where new players will not be playing, or "lvl 80 required" or throw in transitions in the…
  • + bring back movement, I hate being slow. Also, please unbind runestones we traded for, as we make adjustments we need to be able to sell ones we no longer need
  • I agree completely, GF dps is the WORST of all classes by far. Come on asterdahl, when this mod was in preview you routinely posted on the feedback threads that GF Dps would be viable and you weren't going to ignore it, but it is terrible. I just committed a ton of bound resources to my gf dps and still getting doubled by…
  • Also agree, gf dps is some weak sauce, terrible compared to all other classes except op, but op doesn't even have a dps path. they should just get rid of gf dps and let us move all our stuff to other classes, gf tank sux as well, nobody wants it in LoMM due to no party defense and no healing loadout. Yeah, the 'Fighter'…