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[PvE] Silly Heavier Slash Single Target (?) Build Idea

rjc9000rjc9000 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,346 Arc User
edited January 2020 in The Guard Barracks
Seeing as I am still stuck grinding my Corporate Executive levels, I saw the Goofy Fighter changes and thought about a silly DPS idea.

TheMod 18 Changes that interested me the most were the following:

  • Heavy Slash: 135 (up from 100)
  • Griffon's Wrath: 1050 total (up from 840)
  • Heavier Slash: +300 to Heavy Slash (up from +200)
[Edit: Gotta love my school's internet. Pay $30,000 a semester but the internet dies at stupid times, 10/10 use of tuition].

The Griffons change interests me because I recall Griffon's Wrath had a 10 second cooldown. Since buffed Griffon's first 2 hits deals more damage than non feated Anvil (and has a shorter cooldown), I don't see any reason to use feated Anvil especially with that Heavier Slash change.

With Heavier Slash, your Heavy Slash supposedly deals 435 magnitude. The Heavier Slash buff itself I recall has (had?) a generous 12 second duration before expiring, which totally doesn't seem a bit overtuned to me. :trollface:

Now, you might be wondering, "but it's only a 20% chance to proc off of at-wills! And by the time I actually hit things with At-wills, we already phase changed!".

Well, I recall you used to be able to proc Heavier Slash by just attacking air with the Guard At-wills, meaning you can prepare at least one Heavier Slash outside of combat (and by spamming At-wills in general, you are likely to get at least one more Heavier Slash in before a phase change happens).

So I got thinking about a stupid single target build based around spamming Heavier Slash.

Feats are Heavier Slash, either, Rolling Hatred, either, Executioner's Cut.
Passives are Combat Superiority and Enduring Vengeance.
At-wills are Reave (quick fights)/Brazen Slash (for Tower/long fights to possibly proc Primal Arms) and Heavy Slash
Encounters are Commander's Strike, Griffon's Wrath (use only 2 hits because it deals more damage than Anvil and has a shorter cooldown), and Bull Charge.
Dailies are whatever you want.

Before fights, prepare a Heavier Slash by spamming Guard At Wills.
Attack with Heavier Slash to start the 5% buff.
Prepare another Heavier Slash by spamming At-wills.
When people use debuff artifacts or it's time to roflstomp the boss, apply Commander's Strike, then all of your encounters, then spam Reave (or Brazen) for Heavier Slash.
If the boss runs away or you get a phase change, spam Guard At-wills at air to prepare a Heavier Slash proc.
When the game lets you play again/when the boss stops being a coward, start from "apply Heavier Slash" and rinse and repeat until HP bar is reduced to 0.

As I can't go ingame to check, I'd appreciate if other people could check if my stupid idea would work.


  • devilxjkdevilxjk Member Posts: 97 Arc User
    it seem's to be not so practical, Avil build is a bit smoother(for me), even if I lose damage theoretically, in practice I do more
  • demarw2#2749 demarw2 Member Posts: 70 Arc User
    It might only be good in ToMM where the boss doesn't move. Because in other dungeons Commanders Strike is useless and too weak. So you will use Anvil, Bull and Griffon. And with these three skills Weight of Vengeance should be more senseful than Heavier Slash. But that is just an opinion. I play on PS4, so I have neighter Mod18 nor a combat tracker.
  • mcfobmcfob Member Posts: 76 Arc User
    Commander's strike has too long of a cooldown to make it viable, I go with the new and improved beefed up bulls/momentum.
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