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  • Not fun at all for me in this scaled iteration so giving it a pass as there's better ways to spend my time.
  • If they are continuing the shoot their own foot method by removing content then Frostmaiden would be the best bet as a modified version could cull out Heart of Fire, Elemental Evil, Icewind Dale, Storm King's Thunder and even Strongholds if they swing the story that way. In theory they could also age out Tyranny of Dragons…
  • Yeah, this event is no longer the fun ride it used to be and since I mainly used it to get health stones there's no point this time since I'll be consuming the uses faster than earning them. Just another example of how scaling is a failed waste of resources and worthless design decisions. On the plus side: rejoice!…
  • Is this a hard set to get solo? Just curious as I quite like the visual effect, having seen others with it.
  • This is true! It will be extra challenging to get item level 40k+ character to join a level 1 / no boon stronghold (I can think of maybe only one person who would do that) so that leaves their only way up to be hooking into a big alliance somehow. Not impossible. Just very tough. :P
  • Despite never having met her, from what I've seen most of what Wendy does is for other people. Keep up the great work @sandukutupu. You are an awesome person! Bonus tip for the Feywild Crossing weekly version: Fighting the five oni's with Xuna makes it super exciting, as she will wake all of them up at the same time. Avoid…
  • Hey, as a free-to-player who has never spent a cent on the game I can answer these! Currently max level is 80 for everyone, paid or not. You also can participate in every campaign / dungeon without having to spend any money. Toon count for free to play accounts is two. If you want more (and if you want the "special"…
  • Already been grinding old Sharandar trinkets like a mad man for my guild. Might have enough to last a handful of upgrades but that's it. Hope the new currency isn't too hard to get. :(
  • "A rework" is too generous. They should just pay out everyone's remaining progress and nuke that campaign out of existence.
  • Wait what? You're not supposed to do any dungeons until you reach level 80. Didn't you get the memo? Welcome to the new combat system! /s
  • I use it because it's what I could find and found nothing in loot to replace it.
  • Totally agree about the shaman. Instead of vicious clicking though just hold the button down. =P
  • I too would like an explanation that involved zero maths. I want to play a game and have fun, not do homework and my eyes literally just glaze over every time I try read the dev explanations with percentages and pulling forte numbers out of the air. Previously a broken stick was a worse weapon than a vorpal sword. Now I…
  • Yep, finally got one after number 12 (stopped counting). Also thanks re: the Eotyrannus, found them too - didn't realize they only swap in with the other pair.
  • Boots of speed, so not really a "mount" per say, but just something that lets you run as fast as one without flying. Or if you want more immersion ruining vehicles like those from Avernus, just add modern motorbikes (character pose is already in game, use the one when riding wolves).
  • "Kill the adds, win the game." Just like old times... I wonder if the new devs realize the old devs had a reason to switch to the faster paced "one punch man/overpowered" system that did away with that statement. Oh well! It will be a learning experience for them too!
  • It sounds like the old saying is true once more. "If you kill the adds, you will win Neverwinter."
  • Minor personal positive: The new patch made me look at my enchantments again and I found that my main, who has made it through Avernus and all campaigns before hand, did so with r5 - r9 enchantments. My secondary who has worse gear, also did the same. I thought that was pretty cool. Guess it's more lenient if the player…
  • Wait what... you mean Ronald McDonald is gone? :open_mouth: I didn't know that! Back on Sharandar topic though - I hope its not going to be silly like... doing old Sharandar BACKWARDS. Haha. Remember when they made the Thayan Shelter thing in the Well of Dragons just the reverse of one of the Dread Ring mini dungeons? That…
  • I'll take any free boost to my 25k, but yeah - reaching 40k might be a problem. =P The plan is to sneak in there in the first two weeks then hope Juma is around with bags of free ILev equipment for sale. Just like how I got through Avernus! ^_^
  • As a free to play(er), I'm just wondering if I'll manage to reach the 40k iLev before this new Sharandar mod is removed/replaced in... say another 8 years? =P
  • Interesting that this post has zero details about Stronghold progression, which currently requires those soon to be "obsolete currencies". I assume that also means the old campaign tree will be gone meaning we can no longer craft feywild vouchers to feed the treasure mimic? Sounding more and more that the devs completely…
  • Welp, this news post definitely confirmed old Sharandar is going away. "Lord Neverember is assisting heroes in making their way one final time through the current Feywild! (ps. PC only, sorry consoles)" Would have been nice if they mentioned what's happening currency wise for the Stronghold, so I guess I'll be one of the…
  • Since Mod 20 is going to be Feywild, I think people will really feel it if they barely scrape through a fight against a pair of little powries. Here's hoping it's not that bad!
  • That's a surprise - I really thought we were going to go after the Frostmaiden. All good though - new content is new! Maybe we'll get to run into Titania instead and she'll be like...
    in MOD 20 Comment by josephskyrim January 8
  • As someone who has a 15 minute window of game time a night, this scaling stuff sounds pretty bad for me. If things take longer to kill then the rewards better increase via the same ratio. 10 times the time, 10 times the reward (specifically weeklies, which is where as a solo player I get most of my AD.).
  • Wow, lots of great suggestions in Phase 1. Good work guys! For my own benefit I'm just going to mangle condense down to the ones I really like/the ones that affect me and the order that I would prioritize: 1) Get rid of all BtC items (especially if BtA versions already exist). This includes making things like companions,…
  • This needs to appear more often everywhere until scaling is removed from the game.
  • Haha, don't worry Greywynd - Cryptic usually follows the leash by WotC so a spelljammer thing is highly unlikely in reality. Something like the Great Modron March would probably be at the limit of strange things they could implement... but then again... there is the AI mod... hmmm. Modrons seem quite doable all of a…
  • When the best solution is to try circumvent a system, that just shows what a crappy and ill thought system it is. I'll be trying the "enter with less gear thing" on my next run. :) Seriously though, ditch scaling. Yes, it works in OTHER games sometimes. It doesn't work here, nor does it need to. This is D&D. Own it.