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  • Large scale outage. Information can be found HERE
  • http://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/neverwinter/#/discussion/1225787/game-crashed-and-unable-to-reconnect/p1 Everything you need to know on this one. Feel free to swing by
  • http://downdetector.com/status/level3/map/ is showing moderate outages across the US. This is not centralized to only PWE or Cryptic
  • No you're trying to create conflict where there wasn't any. Don't try and be all magnanimous over this when that was never your intention in the first place. I am enjoying the generalizations you're making for everybody as well. You want compensation so everybody wants compensation. One person tells you to call down and…
  • You had all weekend to get your stuff done. Everybody else had plenty of time to take advantage of the event, If you didn't take advantage of that and waited until the extreme last minute then that's your loss.
  • Looks like the servers are completely down. Somebody hit the panic button!
  • Oops, my bad. Thanks Zebular, math is hard this early in the day :)
  • Still another 45 minutes to scheduled completion
  • I'm partial to my HR atm. Trapper build gives nice fast-pace action and takes even faster reactions. Very versatile too, it's got skills to fit just about any situation. I can solo just fine, in parties I'm still topping out damage charts. Haven't messed with PvP too much recently but what I've seen is encouraging, just…
  • Servers are up. See you guys in-game!!
  • Servers are on PST. Subtract 3 hours to convert ;)
  • You know I gotta say I kind of like the new system setup now that I know how it works. I quit playing back pre-mod 4 due to a number of reasons that I won't go into here and I'm coming back now because I've read and heard from other current players that the game overall has gotten better than it was before. A lot has…
  • I didn't realize they were still around. I'll have to reapply back to the group next chance I get. And yeah I'll probably be starting a new character just to relearn where everything's at. @sandukutupu If your opinion didn't matter I wouldn't have asked. Talking to people here and browsing through the forums tells me two…
  • Well if you want an example one of the more extreme cases was an exploit in TotS where you could break out of the map and bypass nearly the entire dungeon to reach the boss, which you could then attack from outside the map and defeat without being touched. There were also similar exploits in GWD and LotMD. It got to the…
  • +1 to you for this. This is exactly the kind of information I was looking for. Thanks for being straightforward and not sugarcoating it. I'll give it a fair shake then and see what happens. Who knows maybe my old character's still there
  • Fair enough, but I'm looking to the general health of the game overall. Has it been properly managed by crushing bugs and resolving extreme overbalancing, or is it just one more in a long line of cash grab games with little or no backroom support coming from the devs? Like I said I don't want to log into the server just to…
  • I think that's the first time I've ever been called a naysayer O_o Okay your point about combat built rangers is valid and I'm not going to argue against that. However you need to keep in mind that most rangers are ranged build, some are hybrid, and a select few opt for melee. In the case of hybrid and ranged rangers, my…
  • A good tip but be careful, you're getting close to loosely defined macroing. Long as you stick with just keybinds you should be okay, but don't start using scripts or multi-press macros. Another tip is most gaming mice and keyboards (and some mid-range as well) come with additional keybinds programs that allow you to…
  • You're going use whatever you need to fill in missing stats. For example of you have 35% crit chance but only sport a 16% ArPen then you're going to slot enough offensive Dark enchantments to bring your ArPen up to where it belongs. Conversely if you decide to run with Royal Guard t2 set gear then you're going to be…
  • Even Hawk Shot is worthless imo. At maximum range it only hits for roughly the same as a Split Shot, and if they get even a half step closer the damage drops like a stone. If you have nowhere else to put the points I could see entertaining this skill for kicks, but no serious build should include this
  • It's slightly less than Rapid Strike with a five-target cap. Not nearly as bad as Electric Shot, but still completely worthless. Don't waste your points
  • *yawn* Fail troll is still fail
  • Yeah but it doesn't hurt to have it active. Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky and he'll use a skill that doesn't prone ... oh wait, that's all they have now! And yes, face-tanking a GWF is a very bad idea and tends to lead to very bad results. That's why I try to lock him down while I'm in there and then get the **** out…
  • Fixed the companion link for ya
  • Sorry Jao but you just did exactly that by saying you weren't lol I'm lucky if I stalemate a GWF. Usually I just tag team them with another team member and hope one of us can land a killing blow. If I try to 1v1 against them I usually end up eating dirt. My strategy is to Fox, MR in, pop DS, hit him with Fox Shift,…
  • Armor Enchantments Weapon Enchantments Companions EDIT: Fixed companion link. Fourth attempt now? Stupid forums keep breaking the link
  • well there's also the reduced CD, but if you're dieing more than once every three minutes (excluding PvP) then you've far more important issues to deal with This is why I brought up Briartwine and Thunderhead. I think we're going to see a lot more of these popping up when the new patch goes live.