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  • When you see bugs and still new nerf ench, char etc. then you will know this game. If you start in this game, trust me, don't waste your time.
  • Thx. Now i'm going with tr. But it's only for fun. Now fighter is repulsive for me and this stamina was awful. But thx again for your help, i will try again reorganize my "GF".
  • Gf will no one cares. Devs have a lot of problems with mod 16. Fighter will wait several months, until devs destroy other char and improve GF. Here nothing happens accidentally, sonetimes they destroy one ench and improve second. Next time they destroy one char and improve other. That's how this game works. They constrain…
  • I'm not sure if back to the game is a good choice. There is nothing interesting, still fear about bugs. "New class system" was weak for me. GF is disastrous. I dont see a lot of new players. Im done. Try back to the game but it's repulsive for me. The game begins to change into zombie.
  • Good to know, 2 yaers played like GF tank/buff. I like play def char. After few months i want back to the game but i see that it isn't worth it.
  • I played a few hours with my GF, tr, gwf and barbarian is not for me, tr is fun but prefer defender char. Gf is strange, I can't convince him. Probably the best option would be paladin for me, but rly I don't have a lot of time and I don't want makes against campaigns, collect and develop pets, do these boring quests for…
  • In such games i dont like play DPS. I often have the feeling that's dps play with tank/heal because they must. I like play like tank, unsung hero xD But i'm not sure about gf yank. Maybe OP tank will be better. Or don't back to the game.
  • I'm playing on PC. Maybe I should create OP tank? Gwf is probably not for me. Gf certainly not DPS.
  • Thx for answers. I logged in for the first time yesterday and I do not even know what next xD Long breaks with so many changes is not a good idea.
  • No, I tested protector feat and skills. Feats they are useful for tank but only useful and you must still use the same skills like buff. GF is weak and uncomfortable for me. Im probably done my game, I'm logging for VIP keys. I don't hope to improve, it's time to look for another game.
  • Sometimes I go to the forum with the hope that I will read something interesting about GF changes. After a few days break, on all topics NeverwinterPreview - Feedback/General Discussion I see new threads either ongoing discussion. But only the topic of GF is dead. Some probably reconciled with fate, the others lost hope.…
  • I play 2 years like tact tank/buff. I know which skills use and when. I finish my game but want try protector feats and full agro.
  • 3 weeks ago I stopped playing in nev, because I had enough to treating my GF like buff. All time in enclave i saw "Looking GF BUFF or GF TACT" etc. Not for it I played so much time and develop my statistics to play now like secondary buff. Buffs which gives GF (without ITF) they are unnoticeable. I know this char was very…
  • This is your balance DEV?
  • Im think this is a problem. Because i dont want play like buff (otherwise DC or OP was a better buffs). I want do more in pt. not only spaming ITF, buffs and debuffs from waep ench, pets, set etc. are weak and unnoticeable. But plaing like protector/tank it isn't playable. Probably no one would take to the team gf prot.…
  • More cost-effective/interesting dung, not only codg/tong/cr/cn/etos. And better drop, now only masochists want farming AD from weekend quests. Drop (often useless) and AD from dung it's low, very low.
  • This game or gamers was strange. Maybe next mod will change class, only buff and GWF -.-
  • Drop, only better drop.
  • This game was boring, and we have two main roles Buff and DPS. You can be a heal or tank but you must too give buff. Often you can see ppl who looking DPS like HR/SW who play like a buff. You can't play only like tank. Unfortunately, you must submit for DPS.
  • Don't waste your time, farming and grind it's an obligation. Additionally the same boring dung and no drop. Start playing any other game and don't waste you time for neverwinter.
  • I play above 2 years (with breaks) and have 16 x months VIP + few keys (ZEN store) bought for AD. And I haven't found any epic (valuable) and legendary item. I dont remember how many % is for legendary drop, but it was very low, below 1%. Now You know why this items was very expensive. About Your questions, for me they…
  • Im think it will be a huge mistake if they nerf dung only for few nup. I know FBI it's stragne sometimes. I have a example from a few days ago. I wanted to do RAQ but I couldn't find anyone willing, so i go with "random" in que. I saw few ppl on second boss. I checked them, if it wasn't some nup. GWF 17k, HR and CW 15k DC…
  • I change for vistani. For me this bonus is better than apo.
  • Apo is not for me, i have very low crit. Better is vistani. But this 5% is not too weak? It is anoticeable?
  • Hello Masterwork II is good but I have similar statistics for valhalla set. I would be interested in a set bonus, but i have 14k revocer (+1k on bosses) i dont need more rec. I looking something useful on party members. Vistani have unfortunately a weak bonus, 5% is, im think, unnoticeable, and this set have too weak stas.…
  • And how long works this debuff? I didn't see the duration of the debuff in the description.
  • And how work Charm of the Serpent? It's 16% for all enemies or only for 1 enemy? And how long does take this debuff? Maybe it's better than my dragon heart.