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[PC] Stardock Lockbox Legendary Mount Pack Issue



  • exgardianexgardian Member Posts: 253 Arc User
    edited January 2020
    sagitar said:

    Are you kidding me?

    No kidding. This bug is real, and this is the video I made to report this bug. But this happen to me on PREVIEW SERVER
  • aster#8001 aster Member Posts: 47 Arc User
    It's so ridiculous...really.

  • zebulondaktoidzebulondaktoid Member Posts: 80 Arc User
    edited January 2020
    agilesto said:

    A rollback, whether it is for 5 minutes or a week would take the same amount of time and let's be honest, having to perform a system-wide rollback 5 minutes after a mod launch would be hugely damaging to Cryptic's reputation.

    Because not doing anything over a gamebreaking bug that was reported on preview giving access to legendary mount to everyone when a rollback would have impacted a relatively small amount of people since they shutdown the server quickly would not damage their reputation?
    Also the reputation of letting major problems hit the live server eve when reported? They already have it
    I see your point but the issue of a "few" players getting a legendary mount is hardly headline news, however "International MMO giant's much vaunted release ends in shambles after 5 minutes" just might be.

    edited due to crappy typing.
  • andybones65andybones65 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 60 Arc User
    lol so is it still on Preview and they let it go to live server.
    I can't even log in to get my daily key,but people are allowed to use daily key on bugged box
  • eion311eion311 Member Posts: 338 Arc User
    No rollback? Are you kidding me?!
  • miseria#7943 miseria Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    oh well, no stonks...gratz to all who got sth good i have no probs with that, just bring the game online coz i will waste a small part of a day i can play and i m not gonna make to use my key, and that rly sux...
  • reg1981reg1981 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,400 Arc User
    edited January 2020

    reg1981 said:

    mutantgun said:

    How the f**k do you not fix this before going live? It was posted on the forums weeks ago already. No role back? I'll be waiting for my Leg Box in my mail thank you very much. This is absolute bulls**t. Same old Arc/Perfect World...

    Really? No roll back is exactly why it's NOT same ole Cryptic. This is new. I didn't get one, I do NOT wanna see a rollback. I want to see progression moving forward. They're licking their wounds for messing up, leaving the stuff in game, and moving on.
    This is what I see it as, too. At least as an attempt to go at this differently now. However, a rollback wouldn't be the same as banning people for Huntgate.
    If they can do it practically, they are still evaluating it right now. Just leave it to them, they get paid for it, and it will be drama anyway.
    Your right that it's not the same as huntgate, and it will be drama either way XD I'm glad I'm not the only one that see's this as a step forward, not backwards!
  • raiderone000raiderone000 Member Posts: 87 Arc User
    tom#6998 said:

    agilesto said:

    No rollback when it's the easiest time to rollback, aka right 5 min after a maintenance? Why wouldn't you rollback and avoid dozens and dozens of legendary mounts obtained via a glitched lockbox to spread and destroy a bit more the economy? Don't you think PC's economy isn't bad enough as it is now? Seems not

    This was the previous lockbox that has been out since Mod 17, not the new one. A rollback would have taken a HUGE amount of these mounts away from people. This actually seems consistent with what I have personally observed from the game-wide announcements of these boxes. If they rolled it back and took away the mounts that people had already gotten from these lockboxes then a large amount of people would have simply quit. So overall, good reaction to this.
    Would someone really be upset to lose a mount that they only got because of a bug? That person must be pretty pathetic
    Yes! Goes without saying. but depends on when bug was introduced. If this morning, then No.
    If since Stardock Lockbox inception, then Absolutely!!!! How do you differentiate between legit and bug?

    I would quit on the spot!

    "Oh hello, you know that first Legendary Mount that you got a Month ago, and the
    first one you ever gotten after several years of VIP, We are taking it back. Sorry Cryptic"
  • cherryman1cherryman1 Member Posts: 341 Arc User
    I am more in favor of removing the inappropriately gotten goods than letting those who new about the bug to keep their gains. The number of people who opened lock boxes should be given a refund of their keys and another attempt when the lockboxes are fixed. That would be the best route to take here. If someone is upset their new legendary mount wasn't allowed to be saved they shouldn't be mad when everyone here can see that it was only accomplished due to a bug.
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  • dragonsbloodsdragonsbloods Member Posts: 124 Arc User
    Noted, apparently I joined beta just after caturday because I remember everyone talking about it ... my comment in this thread was to inject some lightheartedness into the inevitable frustration of waiting for the servers to go live (the green light being misleading) :)
  • froger#9967 froger Member Posts: 517 Arc User
    So, what is the intended drop rate?
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  • darkzod#9528 darkzod Member Posts: 39 Arc User
    why no rollback? It was 100% and the box was opened countless times. It is now only to reassure the others. Unfortunately, the price for legendary mounts is broken.
  • dragonsbloodsdragonsbloods Member Posts: 124 Arc User
    and hopefully we are up !
  • texashayseed#4288 texashayseed Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    Fair for every player ... except the players that got the Mounts ... LMAO.

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  • gendoikari2001#3561 gendoikari2001 Member Posts: 33 Arc User
    edited January 2020
    Morality aside, perhaps this is a good time to re-evaluate the lockbox mechanism of monetization? I don't even want to imagine the globalization/regionalization nightmare legislation against lockboxes and similar monetization schemes would cause. https://www.prindlepost.org/2019/07/are-loot-boxes-quite-ethical/ Maybe it's time to just start selling the contents of the lockboxes directly in the Zen store instead.

    Evidently, they've been illegal in Belgium and the Netherlands for a while now and EA is under criminal investigation for violations in Belgium for FIFA 2019.
  • exgardianexgardian Member Posts: 253 Arc User

    for those who didnt get a mount, like myself who were oblivious, will we get a tag - 'I survived legmountaday' ...? :)

  • aelracaelrac Member Posts: 17 Arc User
    why are you rewarding players exploiting this glitch that you were warned about well in advance?
  • jules#6770 jules Member Posts: 671 Arc User
    edited January 2020
    aelrac said:

    why are you rewarding players exploiting this glitch that you were warned about well in advance?

    Theoretically, one could say to the opposite "why are you punishing players exploiting a glitch you were well aware of?" like, happening a few times ago with quite the same uproar.

    Edit: I can actually patch now!
    - bye bye -
  • modestmouse75modestmouse75 Member Posts: 61 Arc User
    If someone uses multiple keys and won multiple leg packs then yes they most def should have some sort of either give away or take back for those. But for those that used their ONE key and got a leg and yes I am one of them that is different. But, once I saw the increase I immediately reported it and was told they were on it and the shard came down.
    Yes this has happened before as someone stated but!, they tried to repo it and it did not so it was a flux and nothing that could be done. Has not happened again it seems.

    So this happening today just was HAMSTER luck, but they are not going to "punish" those that did not "exploit" with multiple keys. People threatening to quit the game over this I mean seriously, over a leg pack if you are willing to quit over this then..I have no words I am sorry.

    They have to look into this think about it and figure out what to do. But to basically threaten to leave is not right. Just my two cents
  • jules#6770 jules Member Posts: 671 Arc User
    aelrac said:

    aelrac said:

    why are you rewarding players exploiting this glitch that you were warned about well in advance?

    Theoretically, one could say to the opposite "why are you punishing players exploiting a glitch you were well aware of?" like, happening a few times ago with quite the same uproar.
    Heaps of players were banned not long ago for much less of an exploit. Pick a lane, Cryptic.
    Yes! Jumping around between ways to solve issue like that doesn't help, but I guess that should change. They are picking it now, a bit of suffering because they didn't clearly indicate how they are gonna solve this issues from now on.
    - bye bye -
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