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  • This is correct the way the red text is portrayed is that we are hearing a audio brief about the ship and then the mirror universe breaks over the channel and that why you see the red text and the brief take a more sinister tone. Also since we are in a mirror universe chapter this kind of goes well. Heres to the year of…
  • That is one ugly looking ship
  • Only just came back to the game after a long sabbatical and can honestly say Perfect World has not learned from the mistakes with this legendary bundle seriously may have considered getting the bundle if there was proper decent ships there but no d7 seriously. And the price your asking for a few ships and a lot of trash is…
  • Same Discovery is a sorry excuse of a show and destroyed the klingons we love
  • I would like to see AOY klingons as well.But at the beginning they would need to be a villian faction as the klingons were at war with starfleet at the time as that was shown on the screen. However there is a way they can be brought into the current timeline. There was a episode of TNG which had a klingon sleeper ship…
  • True they may have been fat to trim but my main point was them removing the Foundry and not having any option to replace it or allowing us to just play the missions that were there offline. When that came my reason to play STO actually dropped and I only log in to do a event and then that is it until the next one. I may…
  • As much as I am excited about this I am also very skeptical. When you updated a lot of the Fed story lines you removed content. Please do not remove any of the KDF episodes. Update the graphics add cutscenes by all means but keep the amount of content as KDF does not have enough faction story line to remove any of it.…
  • I did it this morning and had engines and hull as purple and stabilizers as blue and some else has stabilizers and hull purple and engines blue and I was about 4 points behind them. I would have though purple engines would have beaten blue ones in terms of flight but I am glad it is only about 5-10 mins top
  • Wasn't a fan of discovery and lost interest in Picard after the 3rd episode so I can't really give you much information on what you should add except more playable content
  • In the time period of Discovery they had not encountered Romulans by anything but ships she may have just thought you were Vulcan
  • This is disappointing that there is not a single science ship and they are all tactical aligned why not Voyager Bundle and why give the Odyssey instead of at least one KDF ship once again this game is horribly one sided and has become Star Trek Federation online and is based more on Tactical captains and not for other…
  • This sucks that it's US only
  • Really Michael Burnham the worst character in Discovery the first thing I did when I saw her was pull out my phaser and attempt to shoot her not that it had any effect on the npc but then again Seven sounded different as well. Are you also going to be changing Seven in the older episodes as well as this is a sharp change…
  • I do still not much of a challenge
  • Pity they are not making them harder as the borg should be.
  • Dilithium is not free as you spend time to grind it out. however I have never spent Dilithium on these boxes and there still not worth the cost from Dilithium either
  • So the only way to get them now is to pay for them. no thanks there not worth it
  • You have not heard heavy metal until you have heard it in the original klingon
  • Still have not completed my gamma recruit for VIL and see it as my least favourite toon. Guess I will skip this. Please rerun AOY one as this is the better recruitment event
  • So completing the event allows to have a kobayashi maru coming in and dumping rubbish on the screen. Because of power creep there is no need for these as most people can solo events now. However the t6 reward is nice as didn't get the token last time.
  • I'm glad that event is over and because of how much of a grind it was I gave up because I felt forced to do it. Hopefully this isn't how events are going to be from now on otherwise I won't bother with that either.
  • Not to mention they would have to get permission from the people who made that Foundry mission due to copyright laws
  • I was excited for the ships when I saw they were goig to be science ships but the ships are hideous and looks like they were inspired by the horrendous Star Trek show Discovery especially with the spore weapon. So will give them a miss and the KDF ship doesn't even look Klingon at all.
  • Although not a fan of Discovery for a variety of reasons the mission is not all that bad. You can do the pool thing in two to three trips. I also kind of like some of the patrols. There not as long as a TFO and mission but tie into the story quite a bit hopefully in the future when new story lines start we can get more…
  • Is the elachi ship accout unlock once you do this or do you have to unlock it on each character?
  • He is not wrong if that is his opinion that Discovery is bad there is about 50/50 of the fanbase half like it. half hate it. It is there taste in what they watch. I don't even class Discovery as Star Trek never have and never will. But I would never call someone wrong because they like a show. Let them like what they like…
  • I Watched Season 2 and the only part I enjoyed was Pike the whole bearded Spock and red angel things was to annoying to me. This season was only slightly better than season 2. I also doubt if there is a season 3 that I will tune in. I'm just going to focus on Picard
  • I bet you still have a 20 hour cooldown on the per character. but would be nice to just grind the points for as long as you need as some people cannot log in every day
  • which is why I never buy these. save our Ec and buy of the exchange but I would love to see all the ships put onto the zen store, Unfortunately this will never happen
  • It will be possibly a R and D or lockbox ship