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  • We have this alliance thing since the Iconian War, but the Klingons practicing Mok'bara still hiss at people who are not from the KDF. Luckily, Risa has amazing views and other great spots for Mok'bara practice To get that daily fix of adrenaline Or just relax by building something nice --- while your bird laughs its a**…
  • * Be sure you hit all the checkpoints * hit the red gate on the beach either with the board or on foot; never activate floater before that -- race coordinator even chimes in to remind you These kept me from getting disqualified so far
  • Yeah I know X) But I still want my keyboard at the helm, set up my own scene, take my own shots >.< Mmm... from certain angles, it looks like a dagger. :o And the colors... them curves! ... ... ... ... ... still thinking about them curves XD
  • The magic word is DemoRecord :smile: In a nutshell, you instruct the game client to record what you are doing, and then tell it to play it back. During playback, you can detach the camera, move around with it, and take some cool shots :smile: For more examples, if you roll back this thread to page 103, I have another…
  • Since the start of the lohlunat festival, each time I'm on the southern beach, I can't help but stop and briefly stare at the Ryn'kodan hanging up in the sky After about a day, I couldn't take it anymore, and decided to get a closer look at it Nope, much closer... First impression: HUGE! And it casts an impressive shadow…
  • Prototype Dreadnought Cruiser and the NX Escort Refit... *q* Those ships look majestic! :scream: ^^
  • Most of the article is about the elachi ship updates. As for the kelvin ones, they're 1:1 from the kelvin lock box: -->> kelvin ship stats Couple seconds of google-fu. You're welcome.
  • Not exactly how I imagined them, but I'm looking forward to give them an olive branch :smile: Or knock their ships around a bit if they decide to try the ankle-bite :smiley:
  • More winter adventures :smile: I've had so many good laughs with the emotes and the fish that I decided to take a few shots of that too XD This time around I decided to get to know our master ice fisherman with some friends "A new way to prosper" -- Spock would have our heads, I think... or he'd just raise an eyebrow and…
  • Ezri? THE Dax that left Starfleet out of protest because of the Federation - Klingon war? She's back from retirement?! O.O Somewhere, out there, a Sisko must be like
  • Pictures of some more winter adventures :smile: "Air Shot" Ice Fishing 101: Step 0: Confirm that there are fish in the water :smile: (maybe I should've turned off the shadows -- oh well ^^) Yes, the ice is actually semi-transparent and those are 3D fishes swimming down there. They are hard to notice, but large kudos to the…
  • On Risa, the Klingons always had that special spot (yeah that stone arch with an amazing view from the top O.O) where they could practice Mok'bara during the day :smile: I think I just found a winter equivalent for the Federation :) Scotty, I need a flag down here, this instant!
  • I was wandering around Alliance Command (Jenolan Dyson Sphere [ground]) when I noticed a Romulan "Away Team Equipment" vendor, that was wearing something I (at first) couldn't recognize. Upon closer inspection it dawned on me that it was a jacket from the winter event (slightly modified maybe). So this got me thinking: how…
  • [update] Sweet geebus O.O
  • No idea where the market will be in the future but I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw this O.O
  • I was wondering whether these ships would ever get a refit or not :smile: Looking forward to taking her out for a spin! :smile:
  • If this pans out the way I think it is, then hats off :smile: Brilliant move!
  • Congrats on the advancement, Trendy :smile: Clear horizons, calm waters, steady course!
  • I can chip in with some Archon shots too :smile: For the record, I have to admit, when I sat down to customize her, I really considered taking these shots with the Regent nacelles. Now I'm convinced that these nacelles fit her perfectly :smile: Launch day: Still in the Cradle Cleared for Departure Under the Light of Sol…
  • Uh I just noticed something on the Archon screenshots :S On the ventral side of the saucer -- the ship ID... looks like it's been rotated by 180° XD
  • @kurumimorishita I think it's a marvelous ship :smile: A worthy successor to the Regent. Still, I think I'll carry over the nacelles from the Regent though XD
  • Okay, corrected >.<
  • Looks like I didn't >.< My fault; will try to watch Who some more. I hope at least the shots are good. :smile:
  • Okay so, by the looks of it, this is the intel version: The Archon http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/10266883 Personally, I think it looks cooler than the Vizier :smile: Also, "Power overwhelming!" XD
  • Continued experimenting with DemoRecord :smile: Here are a few more shots. note: If you haven't played Echoes of Time yet, be warned, the screenshots contain SPOILERS! Exploration-101 The Plaza What Lies Beyond Ground Zero Fighting Profiteering [fanfic alert!] Connected to the last one, here's how I think Echoes of Light…
  • If they'd add both versions to the zen store (and maybe bundle it with the Regent class) that would be like a tiny piece of heaven :3 But I'm not buying a paperweight (not into AW), and I'm certainly not buying a plane ticket to do so. I'll leave that to the collectors. I'll just pocket the intel variant :smile:
  • When the Intel version comes out, I'll probably grab it while it's on 1st week sale :smiley: (saved up some arc points anyway) But I'm skipping the command version.
  • [update] Just putting it in here, in case someone doesn't check the news section very often: The article for the t6 command sovereign is out. Behold, the Vizier class :smile: http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/10264233 No news on when the zen version will turn up though :confused: But the console…
  • Ah yes, Jayce's Navy Interstellar... the future equivalent of today's sports car magazines XD. Where can I subscribe to this paper anyway? (kidding, I know it's a kind of a hobby thing) Great screenies! Saved! :smile:
  • The Sovereign and "torpedo shots" (where you capture a ship as it lets off a torpedo) -- these get me every time XD To top it off, the "torpedo shots" are a little more difficult now, because the non-targetable torpedoes fly faster (= more tweaking with DemoRecord to get the best frames) Great shots :smile: