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  • Not sure about this most of those items are in the pheonix lockbox if they are charging dilithium or zen and its cheaper than regular store items, then I might be ok with this but if they start asking 3000 zen for a pheonix lockbox ship and 1000 zen for the dino pet then this will be very scummy. These also must be account…
  • From ingame when you go to purchase Zen during the checkout process steam will allow you to change the payment source do that and select your steam balance by default steam uses your primary payment source.
  • Have you checked in the event reclaim menu's as that is where mine appeared they did not auto complete and go into my inventory, I had to actually go a reclaim them.
  • To be fair with a basic set of story rewarded consoles, space/beams sets and maybe 1 or 2 cheap consoles and traits of the market doing advanced Q should be a breaze.
  • I really hope this big change is a bug as it makes the game twice as grindy for no good reason if its intended...
  • Most likely you will just start to stock up on tokens you could spend on ships they add to the pack at a later date.
  • If we guess based on their past actions they don't tend to grandfather things so people that say have gotten pheonix/lockbox ships that were bound to the character would need to get the ship again to unlock it with the new account wide unlock I REALLY hope if they decide to make these type of ships account wide that they…
  • Some people have every single c-store ship too things like that never tend to get factored into free giveaway events otherwise they would never do them, all I'm saying is dont be shocked if the next PC event we get after this current one is a pheonix lock box ship like the consoles as end of the day the current event costs…
  • This makes more bussiness sense than allowing people to claim a free C-Store Zen store ships as the pheonix ships dont really make them any money mostly being a free lockbox system, I'm surprised they didn't do this on the PC I guess somebody pointed this out after the fact meaning future events will most likely be like…
  • Just posted a suggestion of them being removed from the inventory and just be like marks we can see how many we have in the rep tabs so we dont need an actual item in our inventory so they should just be like marks a number we can see.
  • I use the ambush turrets alot they are fun only down side is they only last like 30 seconds and they have a long summon time/animation would be nice if they was instant summon as that would be closer to the show and fit the theme of being ambush turrets better. They look like smaller phaser turrets with a shorter barrel.
  • At the very least I would like to see an account shared dry dock so you can use lockbox/lobi ships between characters.
  • The modules you get from the TOS tuturial area are character bind on pickup and you can get them from the fleet K-13 station and I think those ones are bind on equipe which is why they are expensive on the exchange due to the Dil and fleet credit costs,
  • Agreed but I think the decline started before DR can't remember what update it was or even if it had a name but around the time they did the sandbox update that started the power creep on weapons and moving away from the holy-trinity balancing approach this made everything about chasing the DPS numbers and grinding reps…
  • Best to just sell the keys and buy it off the exchange its price is stable around 200Mil so thats around 45 keys which is better than using like 100+ keys and still not getting the ship.
  • Its not as simple as that either what they will be looking at is the sale of keys and the patterns for example there will be customers who buy keys to sell on the Exchange to fund buying a ship, there will be customers who do that and buy the same ship for mulitple characters, there will be customers who buy keys and just…
  • Most if not all? the missions that got removed from the Episode list are still playable from the Availible list Cryptic decided to remove them from the Episode list when they was streamlining things and revamping certain arc's to make it a better experience for new players.
  • Game is alive has managed to keep a constistant level of players too not that I have figures to prove that just always fills like there is plenty of people playing at weekends there is alot more people has thats when the servers tend to lag and rubberband the most lol, when it comes to META this and that I've always been…
  • Seems like wishful thinking but given how bad performance is any little will help... I know I might be in the minority but I wouldn't mind a content drought for a few months if they want to spend time on a UI and performance overhaul....They could just spend 6 month re-running few old events each month.
  • > @kaithan1975 said: > Did you check your visuals slot? Yeah checked everywhere it's gone.. and the reclaim is bugged as it thinks I still have it... Support asked me to post a bug report here as they cannot look into it without this post.. I did post in the pinned topic as that's what that topic says to do but support…
  • Missing Item: Pink vanity shield: Switched ships and later noticed the shield had gone and is not anywhere in inventory or storage and cannot reclaim from promotions tab as it says I already have it. Date: 31/10/2019 around 10am GMT
  • On the flip side this move would hurt RWT sales which is a good thing as it would encourage people to buy ships in a more legit way and it would also change the exchange econmeny as ship prices would rise due to the account wide unlock adding value so prices will go up.
  • Would love this but never going to happen... Cryptic would loose money on the people that buy multiples of things for alts that being said I would be happy and dont see a problem with them making Lobi items account wide or even account unlocks thats something we know they can do as there has been items in the past that had…
  • Exploration clusters, the old skill system, more stable servers and builds being more diverse/varied power creep has made this game all about DPS and thats not trek and not fun I really wish they stuck with the trinity system and balanced the game around that instead of around DPS as that would of opened up the activities…
  • They have never been great at advertising but they don't really need to do much these days and TV is a waste of a lot! of money its a dieing industry and doubtful it would bring in many new players. They do tend to crop up on the MMO sites and forums from time to time normally when they release new content and do some sort…
  • Yep forgot the walker stopped using as out leveled it on my discovery toon... just a shame that most of them are gamblebox ships right now.
  • Normally yeah but this is Discovery and thats now part of the timeline and to be honest they need more C-Store ships that are STO themed as currently we have 1 T6 ship the other 3 are lockbox ships and 1 is an event ship so might be C-Store ship.
  • Sorry cannot tell you that time travel code you know the drill.
  • Yeah thats fine just marketing talk urks me.... Dont say there is a giveaway everyday if there is not going to be.... put a number.... its not hard....