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  • they dont care.these forums are a grave site.
  • are people complaining about sales because its all this game cares about is updating the market place..where you guys been at for the past 14 years..
  • lol this is some funny ****. I understand this stuff for china version but our version is like a dance at the old folks home..nothing much happening here.
  • game is going on 15 years lost its gas power.So this is expected in a game like it is today.
    in GM'S Comment by deathbytuna February 28
  • this game is that gas station on the edge of town..people rarely go to it but its there.
  • games are judged by their forums and this forum is leaning on the almost dead even after the update(ape boy).
  • once i got to 105 and was able to get that jive..the thrill was over and i rarely go back into that realm..its kinda like space,its really no purpose to explore really...and usually a gimmick comes along with the place
  • awww look i been off for over 3 weeks and i came back on yesterday and its still the same stuff,gamble winnings in red text,afking toons,same daily instances being ran..your not missing anything.
  • aww come on guys you all know that before the bh/active points got reworked they paid for r9 gears/etc lol..people were making billions off alts with the arena method..
  • the problem with the whole issue is the player base itself.Im sure most here has been exploiting something but now look at ya all lol.
  • alexis hun..your not missing much..just invest in a new game.
  • they prob close it because some people prob exploiting you know pw they just close stuff down as usual.
  • do TT's the bosses drop tons of oht materials..hell we dont even pick them up :/
  • The only updates this game gets is..drum roll..charge rewards added back to the purchase. To be honest this game is on auto pilot. to the post way up there about the game ,you are exactly right. cant get good fash unless its some random pack,or have to buy fash for 200mill+ LOL wow mounts and fash and pets costing more…
  • Its a game made from china..what do you expect?
  • from my few times playing the class..NAY..its jsut another class banging away spamming ****..really nothing useful of a class imo..its jsut a new class for a old game and for the people who jsut have cash/dont give a ****/or just saved a ton of coin from the bh glitch to play around with. This game is just a closet being…
  • yeah i done had to delete a rax2 tech to make a edge,deleted the edge rax2 to make a monkey..guess lucky i didnt play the edge or the tech much due to them just being bland.
  • maybe a actual change will happen to the game.Maybe like totally remake the main map..these 2008 graphics with low poly's,out of date structures,instances that no one ever see's anymore...its just a trash fest with random ideas thrown out there..redo it..make something happen to the main map..i know for sure when people…
  • need not to worry guys your not missing to much.
  • oh they were bots lol i got the screen shot.They come in like a line of workers to sell junk to the blacksmith npc and head back out ..well if they dont get stuck. take down image if not allowed..though its of bots.​​
  • mobile looks better,looks simular..but its bland to me and i hate playing on phones and i cant get emersed into the game..sad its not on PC..this pw is outdated ..they add junk and leave junk from previous junk..this game has gone down hill.
  • You guys act like you all have a 1mill repair bill on a daily basis. I have 14 alt YES 14 ALTS! I play each one on a daily basis and I don't even worry about repair cost because I repair after each toon I use unless I forget witch is rarely,and I don't even bot. Botting was a machine for massive coin a machine to abuse and…
  • Preach it man preach it!! Yeah the negative people who wil lrespond are the ones that is going to be cashing.
  • Could deal with ram,or video,or cpu could be bogging.I got info from here to get minimum wich can run this game at 35kb(seen lower) instead of a gig or so.Video may have to turn some settings down or if you have a card maybe check Overclock settings to see if you have anything overclocked on.Cpu..well this game is just a…
  • That's a bot and yes its annoying and to be honest no thread that 4 months old should be a necro..maybe one that's a year old. Anyways Just apply yourself more you seem to lag behind on how to gain exp.Do All dailies and ****,afk bot grind while you gone from game..use hyper on everything..etc etc.
  • You might get a red white and green dye sale since it's geared to this holiday colors but asking about a sale they won't say.
  • Then fight in honor!
  • How can you get bored from a account?Just make another stupid toon on the same account to start over on something else.Or make a whole new account and use the other account as a store or more bh stuff or something.Are you that poor ingame and desperate?The answer for you is no,but would be a cool thing to do if toons could…
  • dude if your anything like tt99 gold still your a one shot for anyone now man.Reawaken nix/hercs,armors and weapons,r9rr,etc etc,skills blah blahhhh,you think it was bad with nixes lol now its just pure chaos!And im sure the shards you had compaired to now were pretty bad :/ if your talkin bout 2009ish style.
  • My wiz I started it when game first launched and I took a break from it for a couple years.So then I done lvled a few other toons to 100 before the wiz.Now I finally got it to RA1,but my other arcane toon a psy(psy's are just so awesome)I done RA2'ed it,got it over 101,all skills saged (accept for aqua and spirit blast)…