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  • Oh awesome :D!!! Thank you so much!
  • I just looked at my old charge rewards and it still lists my old characters (I had forgotten their names) that I redeemed them to so maybe I can still access my old main character after all?
  • The link to ecatomb said that there would be pictures of the new evolved pets but there arn't :(...I want to be able to see what the evolved forms look like before deciding to get a pet to lvl 100..is there anywhere else that has pictures?
  • Its your personal preference, but I think kowlins go for around 1 mill. I really love big cats so I chose to keep mine, plus they are really fast and are great for luring. Say the monster that you need to kill is in the middle of a mob and you don't want that argo, just use the kowlin for the lure technique, cause its…
  • Thank you very much :)
  • I heard that there is some new fashion in these packs but I can't find a picture of them
  • Ditto, thanks sooo much for the guide :D
  • Where can I find pictures of the new purple, gold, and other colored unicorns?
  • So I do the wait for two hours while the new version uploads. Then it tells me that I need directx. I downloaded directx and restarted my computer, but PW is still telling me that I need directxb:cry
  • Mushroom Kingdom! Snow in arch: Just wanted to take a pic of the snow in arch.. Waitin..: Me and a fellow low leveled guild member waiting while the rest of our squad kicks *** in FC (also fellow guild members)
  • Fox mount in arch: Fox mount in sunrise: Rainbow in the rain: Happened to be riding through and I noticed that the auora's colors showed up better in the rain Don't get eaten by the crocs!: Pet doesn't stay in water long before automatically returning to my bag, so I have to take these quick Glitch: Not sure what happened…
  • I have a question with regards to my veno..when I first started out I followed the pure mage build (and magic skill set) and wear AA. Now I'm lvl 60 and have some magic skills maxed out (venomous scarab, bramble, ironwood scrab, etc) while others are lvl 5-8. I'd like to start getting and playing around with the fox set of…
  • 0_0, I didn't know you could do that, thanks! Thanks for the input, I'll play around with the background settings.
  • Don't fly any higher!: Desert sky:
  • Invisible flying sword: **It's not really invisible, just at a weird angle where I couldn't see it, heh. Halloween outfit with Halloween-ish pet ^-^: (will probably try to get a better picture of this soon) Sun rising: Grey Night: Flying in the rain:
  • Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!! I've been trying for forever to figure out where my screenshots have hidden themselves on my computer. b:victory
  • I know!! When I saw the vampyric thresher lord I was sooo disappointed that it was not tamable, it looks soo cool. The only reason that I have a water pet is because I keep dying on water based quests due to my lousy defense, of course my abysmal turtle is like only lvl 20 while my character is lvl 50 0_0...need to lvl…
  • Well, aside for the standard pets for stats (glacial walker, petite sawfly, etc) my favorite tamable pets are the wolf based ones. I currently have a bitter wolf in my pet bag (chose that one over others because of its bluish color) and even though its under-leveled compared to my character, I still use it on various…
  • Alright, I read the guide but there are a lot of basics that I don't understand. I have a lvl 50 veno and I never bothered using the genie that I got, but now that I am leveling up a new blademaster I figured that I might as well give it a shot. So as I just mentioned my new character is a blademaster and I plan on using…
  • I have a question regarding the skill tree. I wear AA Armour and use the mage attack skill, putting most of my points into my magic stat. What I want to know is how far I can go (in the correct proportion) into the fox tree skills. I have fox form and like the idea of gaining defense while in that form, but to use it I'd…
  • How do I get screenshots from PW to my computer? I get that F9 brings up the button where you can click "screenshot" or whatever it is. But after that how do I get it on my computer? Once in photoshop I have tried ctrl V (which is usually my paste button) but nothing comes up.
  • Ah, sorry....I have about 34 ish points that I have not yet assigned to a stat yet (wanted to double check on my build). So looks like I should put the majority of them into my magic stat then. Hm, so I guess I'll figure out the fox form later when I'm higher lvl and less of a noob. As for the aggro, I'll attack from a…
  • I just have a few questions..I just joined this game and I am at the City of Lost (?) and am currently a venomancer at lvl 4. I just recently got my first pet (the wolf one, when you get to choose between that one and a scorpion) and these are my questions.. 1) Does the pets hunger level go down when it is stored/not…