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  • PWE as a company have had many chances over the years to correct simple mistakes made to keep that balance of happiness and playability in the game. I personally believe that the line was crossed some time ago and it can no longer be saved from the rush endgame high-end high-cs PvP TWs that is all that remains. -Removed-…
  • Just thought id say, on the previous system i had (the Q6600) i had never once, ever in the 3 years i played PWI, crashed or had any kind of graphical malfunction that wasn't caused server end.
  • Just to add abit of personal experience to this as i know your asking this question for your Youtube channel which i watch and I've done countless videos with this spec; I used the Q6600 for a good three years and i would agree in the fact the proformance does seem to match up to more high-end processors these days, my…
  • AD Fiddle is were it is broz on a side note, ITS MA BIRTHDAY TODAY!
  • Quit playing game =/= typing on a forum, I'm just avoiding the money sink, time wasting time that happens with PWI besides i just wanted to say hi. Things are boring between g.w.2 betas, university doesn't start till September and there's only so much AP Yi you can play.
  • Its mainly because ive gotton so much and met so many friends from my time on PWI, ive even been to USA, Canada and Germany numerous times just to meet friends ive met ingame. It feels like a part of me died when i realized the game is dead, and its not the players who killed it it was the management, just like…
  • Yea with any luck ill still be able to play that till september, seems to require alot less time investing then PWI does.
  • To be honest i was hoping this expansion or content adding as it should be called lol, would give the game a new take on PvE and general things to do, but all I've noticed it do (at least reading the forums) is destroy token prices temporary (soon to be permanent) and because its tokens it will directly effects gold, so…
  • :/ that's like adding in guild base faction wars and calling it new content and hyping it up. 90% of the stuff in this patch should of been done at the correct time, not 4 months down the line as a new "massive content update"
  • Am i right in saying PWE is trying to hype up adding general game content? i mean website posts, GMs counting down for a small game update which should be done every week but hasn't been because they've been without game updates since the patch after the expansion. This type of update was done weekly a year ago and now…
  • For the Question: Stebbie HANDS DOWN and everyone here will agree with me. For the Quote: WTB Patch note server merging Archosaur into Raging Tides (answers both questions!) P.S Hi everyone! b:cute
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yI0E2G7axL4 is the other PvP video i made from all the clips b:victory
  • sorry but because the $8 you'd spend on a cinema ticket is $8 PWE potentally could take from you, your not allowed to speak about this on the forums... HAIL PWE
  • I played Te.ra in the CBs and yea i didn't like the targeting system too, i felt melees really suffered with the lack of lock-ons, and requirement of them being dead in the front of you vs other classes like Sorcerer and Mystic who could just lock-on from miles away and **** the **** out of you. GW.2 has the same system…
  • I thought i did :O but in-case i didn't, yea at any level you can press H i think it is, go to PvP and instantly enter the other kind of PvP which is like king of the hill, 3 points on the map one close to your spawn point one close to there's and one in the center. Stand in it for couple seconds to capture, each point you…
  • miss you Anss! b:sad
  • With the way the forums been heading, its not long before people start screaming for compensation, i mean if servers are like 10 mins late coming up after maintenance people start screaming for compensation b:surrender
  • None of this was my doing Archy fools i swear! b:surrender
  • Going into the game, i was extremely skeptical firstly because i had played PWI for such a long time, and because there had been so much hype, bigging up and talk about how good it was i didn't think it would live up to it, but i can gladly say it did and did much more. The PvE system is pretty amazing, it has a quest…
  • Naaa GMs do exist, except they purely post on matters to protect the game and there income and completely avoid genuine threads that need responses but put the game in a bad light to other players in the hope the thread disappears.
  • wow why am i not surprised noone has posted one thing in 3 days in Archosaur forums o.O Couple videos i took of War of the Guild to the power of 2 weekend beta! Necromancer PvP Video Closing Beta Critter Hunt Video b:cute
  • I heard about those two guilds, i hear they will be playing on the US server on the Henge of Denravi world in like, 8 hours time! b:chuckle
  • You do obviously, or you wouldn't reply to the thread b:laugh and you pointed it out because you know this means west arch gates will be safe for you to go white name now b:chuckle
  • US Server : World Henge of Denravi is were the action is at and alot of people from here! b:chuckle I do think PWE games as a whole has hit there End-Game of no content, no support and pure money milking sales that do not help the continuing growth of the game, for example as alot of people pointed out all the people who…
  • Dude, get with the rhythm of PWI, if its OP then i recommend the following steps; 1) Complain on the forums (check) 2) Nothing Happens (check) 3) Re-roll a ****-stick 4) Spend $4,000 on R9, +10 ish full, gems the lot. 5) Kill people to the point they get mad 6) Watch them complain on forums 7) Laugh when nothing happens.…