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  • Stunning through antistun is designed to be anti-purify spell, which was also considered (and still is by many on my server) to have been gamebreaking as far as PvP... And over the years, PWI introduces something, PWI determines it needs nerf, so they introduce something MORE OP to counter the OP, which needs a counter by…
  • Lol, telling him to come to RAGING Tides to avoid scary dreams at night. Logic! What are you doing?! Logic! Stahp!
  • From what I can tell the same can be said of T2vs R9RR bow proc >.>
  • Welcome Sparkie =D Uhhmmm. I'm bad at welcomes so... On to business! =D I know it's been said a lot of times, but.... Us TB classes dun have access to all our books 'cause some only drop in SoT/Aba at like a .024 rate or something like that >.< I hear EG have the same problem? Halp D=
  • Site Your Sources For This Blasphemy!
  • it is possible, though required a LOT of time in FC/PV (100-102 is pretty easy in a few days if you do it right) but 102+ gets far less exp than 99-101 in FC, so because he was "101" in FC he could get exp in book demon faster than 102+ BUT that fast is still quite astonishing...
  • Yeah, psys and EG have same problem, while all old classes get the same level books in Brim/Eden. But none the less, all old classes books are also craftable. Simply put, after-market classes so to speak got screwed. I say move all the drop only books to Eden/Brim at the very least. Or make old versions of SoT/Aba still…
  • Seems to be all East Coast servers b:sad PWI Why can't you keep servers running smoothly? b:angry
  • Rollback is what got us here to begin with. Plus there's the charge rewards going on. Unless they backed up game immediately before posting the code then people will lose out on stuff from rewards from real cash. And what of the players who didn't intentionally abuse the glitch or only did because they either anticipated…
  • Well, I've played both demon AND sage (had two different sins), I eventually rolled my demon into a sage also, I prefer it both PvP AND PvE, more DPH, and if played well more DPS. Better BP is also an AMAZING bonus in PvE. Sage also gets the better tidal and focused mind as far as if you KNOW which benefit you want,…
  • Figured as much, meh. I figured gaining 9 more dex and getting a massive DPH boost was too good to be true when my DPH is already pretty massive x.x
  • not even technically does it HAVE to be "the long run" i.e. mats don't drop below half normal price (usually) and they get on average 2x the number of mats they usually would, meaning that if they farm NOT during 2x they make less even with stabilized prices, than they do farming in 2x even if they sell at 2x prices.
  • Skai should 1v1 Dissy a few times =D That'd be a GREAT example of fighting a VERY tanky seeker... Not to mention, I'd like to see that fight b:cute
  • Well, I will admit, I didn't realize that the timing on jailing was random, I had assumed it was random intervals. But in that video Astrelle wasn't using Cauterize, she merely mentioned she SHOULD (i.e it IS soloable without it.) Unfortunately my timing isn't the best, I'll admit XD But AD/Sparking I SHOULD be able to…
  • Fun in TW with Dew of Star, link a catabarb, and lol when clueless casters kill their own barb XD
  • I didn't say HELLFIRE was unsoloable, just extremely amped. The unsoloable one, is the puppeteer in Aba, as he will jail SOMEONE at SOME POINT, and if you're the only person in squad, he will jail YOU. (Yes, I have tested this many times) Also, do you know how long it takes to kill teh phys immune tower relying on…
  • Low chance to get ANY book, which is part of why I HATE that they did what they did with Aba/SoT (have to do a non-soloable boss in Aba before you can get to peach, and have to do an EXTREMELY amped version of Hellfire in SoT) Which means the drop only books are going to go FAR up in price... :/ IMO they need to make OLD…
  • The best use I would realy have for more ranged skills is to oneshot the squishies ganking me in NW while I'm going after someone else... Sure knife throw is nice for one of em, but when I've got 8-10 on me it'd be nice to be able to remove 2-3 more...
  • QQme this season
  • in all the TT series, there are 2 bosses in solo mode that can drop golds, Wurlord in 2-1(And 2-2 I believe) and Deathflow in 3-2. And in solo mode, the drop rate of gold mats on these bosses is TERRIBAD. Unless ofc something changed in 2 years since I actually farmed solo mode XD (Side Note: I've been soloing 3-3 squad…
  • Until RT abuses the ticketing process to get opposing factions banned like they did with the .ini editing and PWI gives up on the rules and just change em.
  • Agreed! I was looking at some of the Morai Skills and a LOT of them I don't see people using in NW or anything... But most of them seem REALLY useful, so I decided to do some testing with my toons to see how i like each skill and some of them with even half to 2/3 of the max are OP, let alone the full amount...
  • #1 thing I don't like about new SoT and Aba... Takes away book farming QQ
  • A good tactic I've found on my archer (though most BMs will QQ, and it's innefective in TW/NW) is to use your wings to kite. Kite him up a ways popping metal skills and Stun, PERSONALLY I feel that aim low is innefective due to long cast time and their real in/disarm abilities. If they get too close to you let off your…
  • BebesKids got Delamari's Rapture got Loliance's Now... Someone tell me who got valk's D=
  • You guise remember that time that the DQ page went down? And the blessings page?! Wait... I think those happen more often than 2x or 10* sales... xD
  • Steal an archer's range skill-set on my sin to take out those pesky bramble-nubs b:cute OR a veno's debuff+purge skillset.... Purge + Amp + Stealth all in one class? Yes please!
  • This is just a common example of sins who think they're tanky, but can't actually tank. So, this goes to all you sins who want to pull SoT... Unless you're well geared, don't. And by "well geared" I mean geared for tanking, not APS. Such as T3vana or R9+ with decent refines and shards... Also, if you DO pull... For God's…
  • With the number of rerolls it takes on average for -int on R8R (ESPECIALLY the boots) you could sell/save for full R9RR with decent refines... I started working on R8R armors for 5APS once I got my R9RR daggers, but shortly decided after looking at the numbers to improve all my armor thus earning more in NW, thus making it…