Best moment ever in PWI?



  • wushih14
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    The moment I got my Dark Lord wings. I was soooo excited that time I spent like half a day just flying around with it.b:laugh

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  • SaphirHealer - Archosaur
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    Winning server champs :) even if people are trying to get me and a long list of others wrongfully banned for a dumb ToS rule. I enjoyed the 2 way and 3 and 4 way ganks we recieved over the past 2 to 4 months and look forward to it again...b:bye
  • Lucrecia - Momaganon
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    pking on my cleric with my friends on sactuary, everyone 90-100 and im only 68 .... And im the only one who stayed alive xD Cleric bonus yay b:laugh
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  • Svaarog - Sanctuary
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    Hey, remember when they messed up all the icons?

    That was pretty fun!
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  • Antigone - Momaganon
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    Definitly cannot remember all but here are some:

    -After months of hard work, finally being able to mary first time (was only 3kk back these days but still a bunch of money for a lil Veno <70)

    -Restatting, so I can finally wear my TT 60 *-*

    -Meeting and marrying my (now since over 2 years...) rl-boyfriend.

    -Opening 40 out of 60 orb packs...and get TWO +12 orbs...

    -Finishing my R9-3-armor :D
  • Geshwur - Raging Tide
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    You guise remember that time that the DQ page went down? And the blessings page?!

    Wait... I think those happen more often than 2x or 10* sales... xD
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