Gold drop rate lowered or removed?

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Ive done 52 solo runs over the past 3 days of TT3-2 solo mode and haven't gained one gold mat where as last 2x i was getting a drop every 3-4 runs.

Have they removed the gold mats from single mode?
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    If you are doing solo mode instead of squad mode, there were no gold mats that dropped. Here's the site that gives the most information about the bosses, what they drop, what TT they are in, etc. etc.

    I really hope this help.

    And no, they have not nerfed gold mats dropping. They just added more to the drop table. In squad mode.

    Edit: Since the Stolen Knowledge wiki doesn't show it, those are Squad mode based mats. I'm looking up the Solo mode boss tables for you now.

    Super edit: Solo mode, since I have not done it in over 6 months, only has the first three bosses. The only boss that drops golds in squad is Deathflow. There are three "Deathflow"s in the database, one for each of the 3-series solo. Looks like you've just been unlucky. Sorry, hon.
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  • valdisman
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    PW Wiki says Deathflow is only boss to drop Gold mats and does so in solo mode (3-2). I farmed about 7 last 2x in under 120 subs..

    Just wondered if they took out the gold mats as im now at 71 runs without a drop..
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    Just unlucky this time, and lucky last time. With a drop rate of .3333% for the gold mat, you have only a 75.9% chance of getting at least 1 gold mat in 71 runs during double drops.
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  • Geshwur - Raging Tide
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    in all the TT series, there are 2 bosses in solo mode that can drop golds, Wurlord in 2-1(And 2-2 I believe) and Deathflow in 3-2. And in solo mode, the drop rate of gold mats on these bosses is TERRIBAD.

    Unless ofc something changed in 2 years since I actually farmed solo mode XD

    (Side Note: I've been soloing 3-3 squad mode this 2x and have had TERRIBLE luck getting gold mats, and I will admit I have actually wondered if somewhere in the coding something got skewed in the TT drops...)
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