Rollback... Yes or No???



  • DixonTuDeep - Sanctuary
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    Nothing in Games, or RL is fair. As for people taking advantage of free items, it is unfortunate that people will not school themselves to be gracious and thankful for the allotted amount and allow others the same opportunity, without taking them all. And the player base wonders why PWI doesn't do things like this often.

    I would ask PWI to consider all aspects before making a decision.

    I am game for roll back if we get 5x exp and 5x drops, for the next 2 weeks!

    As for the SOTs and pack items won, take a screen shot now of what you have and send in a ticket for replacement of the item.
  • lincevolution
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    I did not vote because I do not blame the mistakes of pwi not have the guilt of having players who abuse the awards ... I'm not willing to lose the money I earned in a week because of this unfortunate event. punished who should be used more than once code
  • Geshwur - Raging Tide
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    Rollback is what got us here to begin with. Plus there's the charge rewards going on. Unless they backed up game immediately before posting the code then people will lose out on stuff from rewards from real cash. And what of the players who didn't intentionally abuse the glitch or only did because they either anticipated rollback or not a rollback and wanted to keep up with those who did. PWI is losing money either way, and a good chunk of the people on my server I noticed abusing the glitch were full r9rr+10+ to begin with. The orbs are bound and this they gained next to nothing. banning the heavy cash shoppers eats into their profits too.

    ALL THAT said, there's no real solution, and the problem is THEIRS. Stop QQing and wait for their response to the issue.
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  • vitoryxxxx
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    Ok let's try this way

    Rollback= more people agree and the other will QQ for a while after that and will eventually shut..
    No Rollback = Most of people will keep raging, MORE people will quit.

    Ban idiots that abused? ******* =.='' = 70% of pwi banned...well not a bright idea..
  • michlspielt
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    dear GM`s - nice u use a secure token - but think to all player they lives together have own acc but only 1 pc :-( why the **** i cant vote ? my boy friend was able to vote but i got a error-mess - i vote YES reroll server
  • Shaiij - Archosaur
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    You kidding me? I don't feel like getting punished for the deeds of others. I JUST got caught up from the last rollback. Would be absurd.
  • kermodian
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    Although I totally believe some did not abuse what was given there are those who have no respect for themselves or other and take everything they can with out caring about the consequences for everyone. I vote Rollback
  • VyperionV - Lost City
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    I do not have the patience to read all the lines so i guess what i am about to say has already been suggested by other people but still...i'm going to write what i am thinking:

    Probably a roll back is not the best solution but since most players agree with it... I think it's an easy fix for this inconvenience. Some people didn't even get the chance to use the code at least once....and that is the right thing in my opinion. Free +10 stuff are bad for the Perfect World Market.

    My personal suggestion is: Role back until last maintenance and don't implement free +10 orbs anymore because people who in the past payed for their refines with credit cards see this act as an insult from PWI team.

    Also i must express my disappointment in PWI system. It's not the first time such an abuse is reported...and in the past no measures were taken to correct the wrong that has been done...or to prevent it from happening again.

    I look forward to a response that will please the players.
  • aegonvi87
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    Rollback ofc is the only option now..but I don't believe you have any courage to do anything. Bye bye pwi! :)
  • Deceptistar - Sanctuary
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    As much as i find it pretty crappy,
    - the +10 orbs can only be used on bound items,
    - most active players already have +10 or above refines
    - PWI isnt about building a personal army so even if you have 10 characters +10'd, theres only so much you need to take with you to play resourcefully. (aka max 2 characters is enough to farm)

    I find it funny how the pple argueing how "ITS NOT FAIR ROLL BACK BAN THEM!" are pretty much doing the same thing as PWI telling one group to "SUCK IT UP" if in the case of a 'ban' there will be tons of collateral dmg as many pple have gotten multiple orbs just by 1 click. Selfish.
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    I wont play today untill something happen.
    Ill gust park south arch & look goodb:laugh
  • Green_john - Lost City
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    If it roll back. what is the date we will "respawn" ? I dont want loose all my exp im nearly 100 QQ
  • Balfrit - Raging Tide
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    I voted no to rollback simply because I did not intend to abuse award redeem code if I clicked redeem once if there was something going on that wasn't supposed to be wasn't my fault I was just after what i thought was free dragon orb
    Thank You
  • kar469
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    rollback wont solve anything look at whats happened you mess up

    you roll back

    you give compenstaion

    you mess uop again

    you rollback

    so many people will rage quit because of this

  • darknes051
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    roll back now
  • Milfhound - Harshlands
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    I voted no. I don't want to lose days of grinding exp.
  • trufflles
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    Thanks for your quick response on this!
    I'm going to the engineers now personally to get it back up.

    GM Rollback!!b:victory
  • Serpistica - Sanctuary
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    Yes to rollback.

    What happened is just unfair, if you don't rollback, at least let ALL the players keep abusing the code until WE ALL get +10. It's unfair for cashshoppers to. I mean they spent HARD earned Real Life money to be OP, and then some people just go click refresh every 10 min and get as far as cashshoppers and farmers... pfft (and yes i have bought zen, for R8 and herc, and man, I regret it lol).

    And no, I Really would like to keep farming the stuff than to get it for just clicking refresh. I played on a private server before and it sucked, to boring to get R9+12 in a few minutes. I prefer to farm, even if it takes a full year o more.
  • Zeelia - Raging Tide
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    I want a rollback but...

    I was deleting dead chars from my account and they go in like 2 hours.
    I don't wanna wait again.
    That's my only issue.
    I'm a simple lady.
  • perdon0512
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    so pwi will rollback or not? i want farm and i'm w8 for answer
  • NC_Kitty - Sanctuary
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    Should there be a rollback?? this is not a QQ thread, simply a vote
    i think there should be a reroll because it's not fair to those that didnt get anything. That's just wrong.
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    metalmana wrote: »

    Rollback The Servers Please

    This ^
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    PWI got drunk on Christmas Spirit and did an Oprah.
    10* Dragon orb for you!
    10* Dragon orbs for all of you!!

    Then they passed out.
  • lacrimesa
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    PWI got drunk on Christmas Spirit and did an Oprah.
    10* Dragon orb for you!
    10* Dragon orbs for all of you!!

    Then they passed out.

  • Desdi - Sanctuary
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    Don't fall for the troll ;o
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    Don't fall for the troll ;o

    Let's hope we reach 200 o:
  • Bragepage - Sanctuary
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    I vote Pedro ! Wait that's not an option ROLLBACK to 1969
  • phixion9999
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    yes to roll back
  • payazo05
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    rollback will be a good idea for those who abused the codes.
  • Zsw - Dreamweaver
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    The best way to get the highest approval rating among those who play the game would be to ban everyone who used the code.

    As you can see, right now it is a loose-loose situation.

    1. If you roll back, people will complain about having too many roll backs
    2. If you do not roll back, people will complain the code gave unfair advantages

    By banning everyone who used the code, it will not be necessary to roll back, making Group 1 happy. Additionally, no one will have an unfair advantage, making Group 2 happy.

    Thus, you managed to make both groups happy, and will get a 100% approval rating.

    As for the people who got banned, they are unable to play the game, and therefore cannot be a part of the statistics. Thus, your approval rating will still be 100%.
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