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  • Screen shot for details of my Graphics Card https://i.imgur.com/CIXpyXd.jpg I am logging off now. I am soo angry and upset. May be by tomorrow someone here would have an answer to this mess
  • Scan shows I have DIRECTX 11installed. So, why is it still not working? Message says DIRECTX 10.0 or higher Here is a screenshot for the driver scan report https://i.imgur.com/XLMwSy5.jpg
  • I put PC into SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING and Launcher started With this message: https://i.imgur.com/YQ9U4mD.jpg Same is for Star Trek Online launcher: https://i.imgur.com/3xNVAvf.jpg What update did developers do? Here was no patch notes nothing. What did they updated that now I get this? What a I going to do to fix this?…
  • I can't do force verify cuz this is done on the launcher window. And launcher would not launch.
  • How did files got corrupted? I finished all playing at about noon UK time. Logged off and shut pc down I switched PC on again at about 7PM UK TIME That was already after maintenance. I go and launch it and it happened I been using Launcher file from the gaming folder for like 8 month now. After severe trouble with ARC on…
  • Neverwinter gives message: Unable to authenticate: Connection to the account server timed out Star Trek Online the same. That is exactly WHY I don't like new mods - something gets broken. It been like this all day. Last time I was online was at about 1:00 Eastern Time for USA or 6:00 AM in the morning GMT. The bit of…
  • Can't abandon. Hoping on another char tomorrow
  • I logged in using exe file. But it knocks me out every time I relog character. It gives message: Arc Client Not Found. You are automatically logged out
  • I am too. I Logged game last time after maintenance at about 6:30 GMT to empty workshop delivvery boxes. Then it was kinda slow. Now it time out every time. I go look for exe file.
  • NEW INFO: I tried gathering item lev 75 as a test and it failed. So that ain't gonna work
  • I have no problem with storage. Storage bag is the same size. We won't need more then 10-12 slots for something specific any ways I only need stuff for new tools and I can't even get that SO ANNOYING I guess I will get stuff to level jewel crafting and alchemy in mean while
  • May I remind you that MOD 6 still had salvage and old professions. In my humble view this mod 15 is the worst.
  • I am not talking about masterwork Is it true or not that at level 3 and 4 you get uncommon rare and epic applications? I don't do masterwork at all I just want to find out if higher workshop level gives you other quality of applications other then just common
  • I managed before to play dungeons and make some things. Now I am tied to the delivery chest lol But OK I can live without dungeons for a while
  • He was probably selling items used to be sold for upgrade credit on the day. A few I know also doing it.
  • Power Potions are no more? PFFF. I really liked those for my AC DCs
  • I only noticed that reset tonight when I tried to sell Elmsilver necks to the girl. I live in UK and for me the refresh is at 1:00 am UK TIME. When I am often at work or sleeping after night shift. I had to sell for silvers like 200+ of them and I can't leave making current items on menu to run over night because I am…
  • Does it mean it be just deleted and not fixed to be sold? At last fix it to sell it to someone for coppers
  • -75% speed Does it mean that a task that runs for 1h now will then run 5-6h? Now with common worker gathering task is 8h each Then with common worker and -75% speed 1 gathering will be like whole day or longer?
  • Are 8 artisans max enough to make stuff for credit to increase rank toT2? Or could I use all of my chars to make rank up items and trade them via account? Unless those items be char bound My friend saying it be RNG+RNG+RNG+COSTS+NERVES+GRIND before anything sellable can come out He is crafting things now - Then he must…
  • OMG :( I was soo hoping it wasn't true What the hell are they doing? 3 TASKS AT ONCE DOWN FROM 9 What is a point to get work to T4 with 32 slots? 7 professions x3 tasks each = 21 slots and 11 slots will always be empty. And probably rest of professions I wouldn't even need Why are they doing it? I can't see the reasoning.…
  • Thank You Very Much nunya for an excellent explanation I would rather buy artisans and choose what I want to get I remembered 1 more thing I forgot to put in here Right now we can run x9 identical tasks in professions. Then could I run in Gathering x12 identical tasks? Or x12 polishing tasks? Some say it is x3 maximum. 32…
  • I have may be 9000 gold total Probably not enought But here should be sources of Gold some where. And 7-day shops that you can get at SH - are they gonna sell new materials ready made like they are now selling old ones?
  • This is horrible. How can this be an upgrade to current system? Randomly - VERY randomly - get application from a better worker. So, upgrade scroll was a mistake. Tools the same? Tools can't upgrade? Artisans cannot be leveled to get better results? WHAT IS A REASON to ruin the system? I am sorry I know you said that story…
  • What do they expect guild to get surplus and gems from? Black opal polishing I expect would cost a lot of gold to gather or polish or all together.
  • TY VM I hope you get the answer if they are still be able to be donatable. I have a lot of Gem boxes I don't want to be wasted.
  • If I understand correctly - they done 3 things. 1. Over-complicated the process adding host of new things that at the same time reduced chances for good outcomes 2. Severally nerfed amount of items that can be produced in ordinary workshop ( not masterworks ) 3. Added a lot of RNG including some random scroll for currency…
  • Is it true then then white-quality worker cannot be upgraded to green/rare/epic using just experience? Buddy tells me it be only some kind of workshop lock box that randomly drops scroll of upgrading for workers. That I can only get for currency that I need to make some materials for to sell inside workshop. This new…
  • I should of stayed in BAROVIA... Now no idea when I can do the dailies
  • GRRR I was just past turtle in FBI Alliance run when it crashed :( Still crashed here. May be SERVER HAMSTERS were watching football and started drinking in England's celebration lololo