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  • this happened a lot on the old demo if you stayed there after finishing it for too long
  • Well one thing you forgot to mention is that on a random dungeon q and random skirmish queue you can get 4 people level 5 in your party, so imagine a player around 30k goes into that and get's a dungeon/skirmish he can't solo carry or even better goes in as a healer/tank and gets 4 people level 5 or bellow level 10, what…
  • Maybe 2022 will bring a wizard rework along with wizard staffs instead of orbs Edit: Can't Lol my own post...
  • I don't play much wizard, but at this point what the class needs is a complete rework... arcane empowerment daily as many people said, needs to go, because they need to take it into consideration when making adjustments to the class path Aoe encounters also have low magnitudes, all classes have at least 1 hard hiting aoe…
  • Funny thing about paladins and their divinity regen and solo capability, people have been complaining about it since mod 16 hit preview... Changes to tanking and healing were adressed on other posts already so i won't even bother to talk about them, a simple thing like changing cleasing touch to aoe, like it used to be,…
  • so the characters that already got to 20 will get their incentives or no? plus i also have the campaign button (on the top bar) lit up like a christmas tree on my cleric (and no, i don't have any rewards or tasks to claim/complete)
  • Queues are taking longer because people are not playing tanks in general, and the ones that do, either are new players or vets who play with only a pre made group. And the healing path, it wasn't really about healing, but about dmg mitigation... Now the problem is that they nerfed shields into oblivion and forgot to change…
  • well, they heard you, next week we will get the chicken pvp event, so you will be able to test your skill there!!! loooool
  • oh and i'll say it again, black ice weapons were removed a long time ago and there isn't a transmute that looks like them, you can see them on the same dude that sells the armor on Caer Koning, but that's it, you can't get them anymore unfortunately
  • that's a elk tribe weapon for rangers, i got the elk tribe great axe for the barbarian a couple months back
  • elk tribe drops from any BHE from icewind pass or dwarven valley, but the chances are low
  • the new braces from the seal vendor give outgoing healing (crone's braces or something), they give +459 OH (looooool)
  • Black ice weapons were removed a long time ago (some of the great transmutes long gone), now you can only get the elk tribe weapons from BHE's
  • go on youtube and search Aragon, he has a vid about it
  • Lol the troling is real, or you are completely dellusional or just... bad. Cleric doens't heal? Go try the paladin, i bet that will make you uninstall the game And btw i think you meant 30M? because 30k=30 000 ad and that gets you a couple of rank 9 runestones at best. But even with rank 9's you would still be the best…
  • i've seen a couple of barbarians "outheal" warlocks and paladins on the scoreboard due to their self healing with bloodletter+healing from insignia powers, so the scoreboard is kinda HAMSTER. But yes if you have enough resistances and don't take dmg, it won't show on the scoreboard as dmg taken.
  • you can, one time i even deleted the wrong character (too many with the same name) and they restored it And to the op, they won't give you the ad because you got something in return for the bondings (enchants packs), if you had discarded them they would most likely give them back.
  • there's also one near the that location above the gate, that keeps falling and teleporting to the wall above EDIT: it may be same one that walks around the ledge and falls on both sides, and then teleports to the ledge above
  • happens everywhere, you can go to PE and do the same with aimed strike
  • there were alot of people telling them stuff, but in case you don't know the company, they ignore 95% of what people say, and only listen to some that somewhat agree witrh their ideas... go check the old posts, most of the big changes have dozens/hundreds of pages with negative feedback, but they ignore pretty much all of…
  • The server has been down for what? 4 hours? I would have expected some sort of statment either on twitter, reddit or here by now, instead of the "We're having some issues, but we're working on it right now."
  • It's not only that -- red areas on the floor are also disappearing, happens a lot in tiamat (side note, i really don't know what is going on with the trial, sometimes if we don't kill the heads first time we have the cleric phase, sometimes we don't, the bar will just fill up by itself and no mobs will spawn) -- The gold…
  • The fact that they 1 shot people is not anything new, they have been doing that for a long time, multiple times reported already but nothing done. About having too much hp, maybe they forgot to change it
  • lol if they didn't nerf the shields into oblivion, maybe they would have their own niche To the OP: there was talk about it, in the end of last year during a stream but i don't know when or if they will actaully change anything
  • I've completed this in a pug, first time it bugged adn kiled us when the bar was at half, but the second time, it went smooth after i told them what to do, and they weren't that well geared. The problem is: 1 - most people don't have optimal stats... 2 - most people don't know the mechanics and when you should save…
  • this made me remember a time when i was healing on Tiamat and kept watching people run into the ice on the white head, die, respawn, run into the ice and die over and over again in the same exact way