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Spider-guard, spider-guard, does everything that a spider-guard can.

tanais58cranetanais58crane Member Posts: 111 Arc User
edited February 2021 in Bug Reports (PC)

Neverwinter, the safest city in Faerûn. Where the guard patrol everywhere, with no street, wall, or door frame left unpatrolled.

Don't ask about the explored areas. I took a boat.
The stars are falling, and the old gods silent as death, with the blood sworn to rip you down from the night sky, what cost will pose too high?


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    rev#7881 rev Member Posts: 343 Arc User
    edited February 2021
    there's also one near the that location above the gate, that keeps falling and teleporting to the wall above

    EDIT: it may be same one that walks around the ledge and falls on both sides, and then teleports to the ledge above
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    eladonwarps#6040 eladonwarps Member Posts: 97 Arc User
    Warning: Containment Breach Detected!

    Unauthorized Transport of Neverwinter Guard from Toril to station Deep Space 9. Violation of General Order 1.

    (looks like same behavior as some of the NPCs on Star Trek Online, the crew on DS9 has been acting like that for years now.)
    Call me El, she/her only. Currently Professions-only until the next combat change fixes this mess.
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