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Tank's Role

I was recently in a dungeon and the tank was on the scoreboard as not absorbing any damage. I mean 0 damage. This got me wondering about the role the tank does. The tank took a lot of damage though. Is it for damage taken or damage absorbed? When a Pali blocks, damage is absorbed, so i don't know how a 0 was possible.


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    bumhug#4005 bumhug Member Posts: 92 Arc User
    The scoreboard also told that a dps had healed a lot more than a good healer, only because the dps run with xuna or chicken.
    So give a f**** about the scoreboard
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    rev#7881 rev Member Posts: 343 Arc User
    i've seen a couple of barbarians "outheal" warlocks and paladins on the scoreboard due to their self healing with bloodletter+healing from insignia powers, so the scoreboard is kinda HAMSTER.
    But yes if you have enough resistances and don't take dmg, it won't show on the scoreboard as dmg taken.
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    rikitakirikitaki Member Posts: 926 Arc User
    edited March 2021
    @rev tbh bloodletter now barely heals anything at all - if you drink one potion, it heals you more than ten bloodletters in a row. Outhealing a healer is easy though - in the healing scoreboard is included "companion revival", so if your companion has a tendency to stand in red, or even better: to jump down the cliffs, no healer can match such numbers. And suicidal companions aren't exactly rare.

    OP: absorbed 0 is actually easy for a tank - if you do not block, you do not add anything to the "absorb statistics". It is a bad tanking probably, but if the healer can compensate tanks inability to press shift, it is tolerable.
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    cfears#6513 cfears Member Posts: 17 Arc User
    Just keep that aggro red.....position boss to give other players combat advantage. Stay alive. Screw the scoreboard.
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