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  • I've had the same experience - I bought the package about day 3, have defeated Wilfred and I'm now locked out. I did not receive a second token.
  • Yes, I've run into the bug where you claim the gathering resource from the collections box and it doesn't progress the tutorial. A little frustrating
  • those re-roll tokens should make grinding for UESs and blood rubies in Cradle interesting during a double event. I can forsee some serious AH impacts there.
  • There is a reason we are "Fair Dinkum 2.0" = the original guild was hacked just before Strongholds started. A rank 7 was hacked (or went rogue) and we were all kicked in the middle of the Aussie night. We had to rebuild from scratch. You have my sympathies. The account that stole the guild was well-known and belonged to…
  • Fair Dinkum's roster is almost full. We are saving the remaining spots for returning guildies and Australians/people living in the South Pacific. (Our purpose is to provide a friendship group active during the same time zone.) If you're wanting to join our awesome alliance and you don't live in our time zone, please…
  • Fair Dinkum still has a few places available in our Stronghold 20 guild. We're part of the Cloaks Alliance, currently helmed by Wraithguard, and we can offer a low-demand, friendly guild. PM me in game or send a mail message to @melindaoz to join us.
  • Do you folks know you can convert the lumens into RP? And use the lights of simril to buy boxes of lumens to convert into RP? You could get a heck of a lot of free RP just by doing the lantern parties. And the pres wards and scrolls of life are nice too. (I got 4 bound forgehammers last year. On alts that don't do…
  • Wow, if you're not the recruitment officer for your guild, you should be :)
  • Fair Dinkum has achieved all of our stronghold goals, and we are retiring from helm to give Wraithguard the privilege (and the huge building discount.) Thank you to all our allies. We still have space in our roster if you are looking for a new home with some nice boons to help you play (Temple, Stables, Barracks, Explorers…
  • Anything being done about the final boss at TONG not dropping loot? I get seals, but no AD and no drops.
  • Guild Name: Fair Dinkum Guild Leader: @melindaoz Guild Contact: any guild member until we reach 140 accounts, then @melindaoz as we approach cap. Guild Website: we use a Facebook members page Guild Currently Recruiting: Yes. Any level, any age, English speaking, active. Current Guild Size: 120 accounts, trimmed every 6…
  • If anyone is seeing this ancient post, we rebuilt Fair Dinkum. Fair Dinkum 2.0 is building Stronghold rank 18, are the current helms of the Tredicium Alliance (The Greycloaks) and have space for new members. contact any guild member in game if you want an invite.
  • I have one level 70 of each class geared up to run almost all of the content. It allows me to swap around if I get bored or if the guild needs a **whatever class** etc to run a dungeon. I've had to focus on 3 (DC, OP, GWF) because it's too hard to push so many characters through all the campaigns. Yes, I can do weeklies on…
  • Fair Dinkum is pleased to announce we are the new leaders of the Tredicium (Greycloaks) alliance as of today. We are about to reach SH18 on the way to SH20 and have some places available for people who are willing to join us, have fun and help improve our stronghold and alliance. Want to join us? PM me here or contact an…
  • Fair Dinkum has added Warbearers to our Gauntlets, completing the roster. Welcome Warbearers and thank you to those who showed interest in joining us.
  • Will do, Kreatyve, thanks :)
  • I spent Zen on that deal 1 year+ ago to get the scorpion and death slaad companions. The companions were eventually unlocked account wide and were available for my newer characters months ago. I created 2 more baggage mules during the previous double exp event and they could not claim the scorpion or death slaad. The…
  • Hmm. I don't have a free bag to collect. Does it consider the one we claimed last year as being the same bag?
  • Oh how lovely, it worked :)
  • I sold a couple of unicorn statues for 1.5 mil during the first week, but now they're not selling for even 800K. Made some blue chandeliers for Fair Dinkum, but the cost of making a lot of the rugs makes me go Nope! I'd rather make other stuff to sell and buy stronghold packs for the guild. Most of my guild don't even go…
  • Good point Becky - I should put in a bug report. I do find the slaad and scorpion useful companions for squishy baggage mules during influence runs. Sadly, even after I went through the customer service conversations, I still didn't get given enough credits for the owlbear. But it wasn't worth getting stressed.
  • I was one of the people who bought the companions offer, which included the death slaad and scorpion. That offer was a complete stuff-up that took months to be finalised. I created 2 more alts (baggage mules) last month and those extra companions are no longer available from the claims reward. And during the last offer, I…
  • I'd honestly like the professions merchants to cost half, too. We're pushing hard to get our Explorers Guild to rank 6 before the double professions event and I won't even be able to summon the leadership vendor this week because I can't spare the stone resources which is all we need for EG6. (please don't tell me to…
  • (our sharks eat internet cables. I mean, really, we're doomed over here)
  • I ran Marauders twice yesterday in Fair Dinkum with characters who had run the event 5 days previously and 2 days previously (just before weekly reset.) I was able to get influence on both alts. The only person who failed to get influence in those runs consistently crashes out during Marauders - it kills her (admittedly…
  • I got double resources from old maps today, so I think it's fixed
  • My alliance is currently announcing "bring an alt to the Marauders skirmish" runs. We show up for 5 waves, grab the influence and go. The reward for more waves just isn't worth the extra effort. Is that really what was intended? This event had the potential to encourage allies to work together, teach them good tactics and…
  • It seems to be fixed now. Got double resources in Lonelywood