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  • Same problmem here. Since the death of the gateway, every evening, starting at around an hour ago, thinks get so laggy, that i cant run any serious content, like pvp or FBI, which is annoying, since i only have time at the weekends to play earlier.
  • Sluggish is a good way to describe it. The wolfes on the stronghold map, for example, charge and try to circle you. On SKT i sometimes aggro a wolf and he sits there for some time, doing nothing.
  • Actually i tested a bit more and i noticed, sometimes they even miss you with the throw attack if you dont even move at all, like they can probably judge the distance to the target.
  • Hmm, i had the white dragon heart, the other artifacts where oghmas token of free movement and the gf class artifact. But i have been running this setup at least since mod 6, with the only difference, that i used oghma as primary artifact. But it always stayed at 60 secs cooldown.
  • Fr some reason, while i was running FBI today, my mythic Forgehammer of gond (who i usually dont use as primary artefact, so maybe never noticed before) had a constant 34 sec cooldown, although its description put it 45 secs.
  • In my experience "Everybody" is rather a minority, at least considering the "kicking" part and i have played quite a number of games in the soloque event. If players get kicked, it is usually because they are afk at camp. And the syncing problem can easily be solved by creating the teams, after everyone as accepted the…
  • I really like the option to soloque, an option i have been wishing for quite some time. Now the premades can fight each other as they usually prefer (and yes i have run premades with large pvp guilds and in my experience they prefer fair fights to one sided slaughter) and low geared players have a better chance for some…
  • Thanks! I went for the axe beak and i am quite happy with the results :smile:
  • Has anyone an idea, how big the damage bonus from Comanding strike is? Edit: Is it more usefull to increase arp, crit or power? I have got now around 20k power, 6k crit and 8k arp (around 90% res ignored) Trying to decide what mount bonus to chose. Right now i use the 4k def from the emp beetle
  • Its mod 3 all over again *sigh* But after around 4 hours of farming i have 16 lanolin anf one pair of boots for 2 chars. HAMSTER HEs, i am going to buy the lanolin i still need. I expect the prices to drop anyway in the next couple of days...
  • Hey thanks for the guide :smile: Some food for thought: Armor enchant: Personally i wouldnt leave the house without an elvenbattle enchant anymore, especially with the current rise of the HR, and i havent seen top PVP GFs with negation in quite some time. Sure its nice to be able to take some more damage, but if you are…
  • Cool, give me a heds up, when you are done :smile: Would also be great if you manage to complete the guide before the double RP event ^^
  • Had the same problem several times now, but not only the ally chat, but sometimes the que group channel too. I had the feeling, that changing the instance fixed it. Just 2 hous ago i couldnt see the ally chat with my GF, when he was in the Protectors Enclave (and it also didnt appear in the chat settings). But after i…
  • Sad thing is, defenses and self healing, that every char can stack nowadays, often surpass the ability to deal damage. I think the best example i have recently seen was 2 BIS GWFs doing a one vs one and just hit each other, no movement, just rotation after rotation and no one came even close to winning. Even when i…
  • In my opinion, the simplest way would be to bring back the soft caps, though on a higher statlevel than before, maybe in combination with a DR and DR reduction soft or hardcap. Would solve most issues without having to try to deconstruct the whole gordic knot that is the interaction of buffs/debuffs, which i am fairly…
  • But the guild message of the day is still labeled with the channel "guild". This message isnt. Its the same channel, that for example, pops up, when you finish crafting tasks.
  • Dont be cruel. At least we got the leveling Dungeons, that everyone wanted!
  • You will get your items - eventually. Could take a week though.
  • Well the chart only reflects the players that log on via stream, which is suppose is the far smaller part of the players. But it nicely shows how the way is going (i have been following the chart for months).
  • Its an ongoing bug since the last module release. Basically after every patchday many items vanish if you try to find them using the subcategories. They will only show if you do a general search.
  • Honestly, i dont know why there isnt a greater outcry about this now for months ongoing bug. I have usually around 20+ items for sell in the AH and after each patchday i can remove and put them up again because they no longer appear in the search subcategories (refinemtent, consumables, etc.) and many people, who are not…
  • And again broken and again i have to repost everything. Can we please replace the gamedevelopers again and get the original team back please? At least they where knowing what they where doing... Ok, not completly broken, some items appear as normal in the search, others (like action point or stamina jewels) do not
  • This will not effect me or my guildies as we have 3k+ chars running with the lower IL chars, but it will hurt new players, it will hurt small guilds and it will hurt solo players. Remember we had a decent GF before OP we do not have that anymore a GF that is not 3k+ is worthless for a PUG party and how many 3k+ GF's will…
  • Oh it has come up?! Oh well its all right then, no matter that this is the 4th or 5th time that the AH "resets" and i had just now to manually put down and repost around 35 items. Again. You know if i wherent vip and had to pay the AH fee i would be really pissed.
  • Oh dear, finally one mechanic, that reminds players again, that its the tanks role to initiate fights and you remove it? Really, the finger of death attack is only a problem, if overconfident non tank party members happily jump into Orcus direction, before the tank starts the fight. Though, considering that the difficulty…
  • Its not a rumor, and it has happened to me for the last 3-4 patches too. The items no longer appear if you search for them in sup categories, only if you do a general search through the AH. Case in point, i just had to put down a number of items from the AH and put them back in because of this bug. Also expired items wont…
  • The funny thing is, that i guess, that the damage charts will barely change at all, as all dps classes seem to be hit by the nerf pretty equally. It will just take longer to do that damage, so dungeons will take a bit longer and be a bit more challenging. And i am fine with that. And i own a 3,7k renegade CW with Lostmauth…
  • I voted mod 1, but could just as well have gone with mod 2, both where great, offering a new map, dungeons and skirmishes. Also PVP was still fun, as the powergap between players wasnt that large and the pvp community was thriving. Also class ballances where frequent, though never perfect. With mod 3 NW started to decline.…
  • Stronghold boons are in my eyes the biggest offenders concerning breaking PVP (at least if we are only talking about boons and items, not class mechanics). Drain marks where very bad when the first guilds got them. I have a pvp GF on near BIS level, but still oldschool build for support. You know what a stamina drain does…
  • I think you forgot one of my biggest gripes, guild boons. While i agree with all the issues posted above, guild boons are the one thing a member of a large guild will always have as a powerfully advantage over a member of a small guild (or guildless). Usually, you can get your own drain marks, or wards. There are guilds…