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  • Must have been too busy writing out the last list of extensive patch notes to respond in this thread.
  • Not sure that pissing people off will worry them, in fact that would probably make it more likely to happen.
  • That would require one of the Cryptic team to give a HAMSTER about the online forum. Only time they can be bothered is when they are using the players to beta test their half cooked additions deletions to the game
  • Pretty funny really.
  • Valid question. Surely can't be that hard to create a class section for Bard. Lazy imo.
  • and it is terrible. No immersion, no fun. I couldn't even be bothered finishing Neverdeath with my Bard. I was exclusively playing NWO for around 7 years or so and now they have turned it into something that I don't want to play for more than 5 mins. Great job, done a great job of destroying what was a good game. If the…
  • good point but you know what I mean
    in Fighter Comment by lantern22 July 29
  • you can do a spear / lance / pole arm and shield - ie. Spear of the Fey or whatever the undermountain one was. Although admittedly it still gets used like a sword. So as long as you are not a ugly born you can get a "300" legionarre look by combining one of the spears and the Shield of the mighty. Note Spear of the Fey is…
    in Fighter Comment by lantern22 July 9
  • This pretty much sums me up as well and also sums up probably 60-80% of the veteran players in our guild. I am intending to log back in and check out the next Mod with the bard but tbh I'm not expecting the game experience of mindless boring grind grind grind to change. After playing this game exclusively for 7-8 years, I…
  • This is getting closer. If you tracked the time it took for a zen order to go through and the amount of Zen requested in the Queue at the time of placing the order, then you could work out how much Zen was being converted to AD every day. Then you need to estimate: How much Zen is being bought and not converted to AD -…
  • lol more devs so they can remove old content faster
  • I can't see them rolling back NWO to pre mod 16 and I doubt MTG failing will have any positive effect on NWO. I haven't played MTG but let me guess, they created a game that wasn't fun to play, felt like working a second job and expected you to pay $$ for some HAMSTER RNG chance at getting something. A game should = fun to…
  • well yes, that makes sense game seems to be turning into a remake of the old 1985 game called Gauntlet :( pity really
  • Scrooge redeemed himself in the end. If I open 10-20 and no ward, I stop and try it again another day
  • Dont go for the best, that is only short term solution because whatever is performing best will definitely get a nerf. For medium term - go for 2nd best For med-long term go for third best Devs are best at nerfing, if it is fun or performing well . . . . gone
  • I agree. There used to be pages and pages of feedback on changes in the past, now after over a month, there is hardly anything. On General discussion PC, hardly any discussion. Virtually nothing in the class forums for 6 months. No builds to be found anywhere. They have ripped out the heart of this game and left something…
  • This is how it always works, they either don't know how to subtly balance items or this is a strategy. Add me into the list of people who are wondering "why even bother". Ive got Zen but cant even be bothered spending it during the sale. Not even going to bother renewing VIP as it will save me from having to log in once…
  • haven't got anything good to say about scaling
  • Not really worth it for me. Ive got around 150mil AD and couldn't be bothered upgrading my chars. Probably because of scaling. To me its like all the fun is being stripped out of the game
    in Worth it? Comment by lantern22 June 9
  • To the OP - easy mode and hard mode is something this game needs badly. They used to have it and it worked well (as long as the rewards are structured suitably).
  • Also I posted for another lot of 25K on the 12th. Not expecting that for 6+ months but that's ok cause Im not really playing NWO anymore anyway
  • Got my Zen on the 9th -posted on 15th Dec
  • Will probably be a great weapon fighter. Cross between barbarian and fighter except it will have two DPS paragons, no tank option. Will be bis DPS for next 15 mods.
    in Classes Comment by lantern22 May 8
  • true, but takes forever that way
    in Companions ? Comment by lantern22 May 8
  • Yeah I wouldn't get too excited. Now to max out your companion(s) you need to spend in the order of 25-35mil AD
    in Companions ? Comment by lantern22 May 8
  • I need to retract this comment - I tried and wasn't going to work unless I used health potions, probably not even then, maybe if I was on tank build and fully buffed the companion
  • No you are being told that it is playable, and that on some classes with certain loadouts, it is easy. Having to use some potions isn't the end of the world and the rewards from this event are pretty good (noting micky1p00's point about the legendary mount is spot on - it needs to be upgraded to mythic imo). Fighter is…
  • Ohh and kudos to the devs for making you exit back at the top of PE at almost the furthest point away and forcing us to travel back to collect the quest completion you can't troll them in the forums, but they can troll us all in the game
  • 50K fighter tbh very easy run - used one health pot at the start because I forgot to equip second wind. After that didn't need pots or the powerups is boring tho and you need to make sure you position yourself to avoid CA damage
  • Maybe, not sure about anyone else. But I wonder how much resourcing and Magic: Legends affected things. I think some crappy cards may have been dealt. But all conjecture, no actual knowledge.