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Item level vs scaling - the ongoing and upcoming issues

dracory1#6808 dracory1 Member Posts: 74 Arc User
edited June 7 in PvE Discussion
So, as mod 21 is approaching, I'd like to mention something that will be an issue. And a big one at that.
The item level is crawling up, I checked myself after maxing out insignia and collars on preview - above 60k item level. Then I looked at my stats.




EDIT: I have noticed that I had the wrong boon equipped on Live server. But the overall loss is still 1.8-2.2% to all.

I have lost 7% accuracy when compared to Live, only a bit due to the nerf to potions.

I didn't place it in preview shard as it is an ongoing problem. In scaled instances, end game players deal the same damage as everyone else and get the same HP - but in case of DPS their defensive stats just don't go up.

Scaling is bad at the moment, it needs fixing. Badly. Otherwise we will end up with people who have higher item level just going in with no enchants, no collars, no insignia, to counter the loss of stats.

And before someone says "but you get more damage and HP in non-scaled instances" - HP won't matter, only damage will go up. The loss in defensive stats will be worse than HP loss because the damage taken will still be multiplicative. 2% less defense, minus another 2-3% in both crit avoidance and awareness, less deflects... you will take more damage than person with lower item level in a non-scaled instance due to those cumulative factors.

Critical Hit! Elven Warrior Nothing Personal's you for 725054 damage~ live server already


  • lantern22lantern22 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,103 Arc User
    haven't got anything good to say about scaling
  • sagakaiyume#0847 sagakaiyume Member Posts: 337 Arc User
    Its really easy for them to fix "scaling" if they wanted to. The biggest issue has been the forte tied to ratings, it just shouldn't be. Make it a clear cut 50%, not effected by ratings and everything that adds forte be percentage. This way there is no double dip loss on forte stats. Since we're not encouraged to invest in forte, overtime forte dropping results in huge stat losses (starts 45%, drops around 30% as you increase IL resulting in 7.5% loss in main stat, 3.75% in two other stats along with double dipping loss in those stats when upgrading something else.).

    Boons need to be made worthwhile, seriously. Companions giving more stats than boons is a joke, we were promised and told the whole point of the rework was to make companion stats less relevant and our character's progress more important. The whole game revolves around campaigns, why are boons such low value? In a thread we were told it would be looked into changes but never heard anything afterwards.

    Collars need to stop being a joke for the investment they cost and make them 75% of the rating at least. Half the ratings kill your stats. The response from devs saying "oh well, some people will remove stuff to optimize stats" is a spit in our faces as the scaling was reworked as they claim to stop people from unequipping to gain higher stats when scaled down.

  • dracory1#6808 dracory1 Member Posts: 74 Arc User
    It's not even about your own class ratings. DPS will have DPS stats up correctly, tanks will have their stats... but in scaled instances either lose on defensive or offensive ratings while getting less damage and less HP due to being scaled down. In the new VoS people will have to take off useless items to get their defensive stats up - a.k.a. collars for the most part. at the moment if I take 3 of them down I will get 0.9% to all of my % with no penalty whatsoever, the game rewards me for having less stuff on than more, which is completely reversed logic from everything.
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