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Mercenary get a nerf and more companion

draco1915draco1915 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
yeah, Mercenary is dead now for dps... hit for 600 and 2000 dmg max... WTF and not only him. i have 42k GS...


  • helder06#8498 helder06 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Why does crypt do this? without telling us?
    The mercenary was not a stolen companion. So much invested for this.
    I just upgraded mercenary to mythic.

  • armadeonxarmadeonx Member Posts: 4,894 Arc User
    And the Lightfoot Thief...
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  • thany#4351 thany Member Posts: 200 Arc User
    edited June 15
    Ninja nerfs in the dead game B)
  • walker#8832 walker Member Posts: 75 Arc User
    Awwww not my poor Lightfoot Thief! 😥
  • johnnystranger#5900 johnnystranger Member Posts: 345 Arc User
    I wouldn’t say it’s funny , it’s demoralizing!
  • miraclegaming#9971 miraclegaming Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    I wonder why they never tell us that there were changes on the damage on some companions. They should make all companions deal the same damage instead of the one companion to rule them all.
  • regenerderegenerde Member Posts: 2,929 Arc User
    edited June 23
    Well, i think they should go back to the Defender/Healer/Striker companion classification days. With defenders being able to hold aggro on regular enemies, healers being able to heal for reasonable amounts, and with strikers dealing noticeable damage.

    Instead of trying to make everything the HAMSTER same, give us some different options here, and let us pick whatever we want to play around with. And while companions of one category should deal equal damage or heal for similar amounts, there should still be some differences in their behaviour/styles...

    Anyway, would be nice to see something else then just one nerf after the other here.
    Post edited by regenerde on
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  • myles08807myles08807 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 406 Arc User
    So, aside from Xuna (who, I'm sure, will be nerfed soon enough), who are the best damaging companions?
  • amascus#1899 amascus Member Posts: 71 Arc User
    Merc was not the best, top 5 if i remember right. I honestly don't think it was intentional. There was no reason to nerf a middle of the road companion that much. He must be one of the very lowest DPS comps now.
  • vastano#2343 vastano Member Posts: 169 Arc User

    So, aside from Xuna (who, I'm sure, will be nerfed soon enough), who are the best damaging companions?

    i am 100% cetain she will be
    but tbh doesnt matter to m,e anymore i left playing with the nerf to mirage cpled with the anouncement of level dropping to 20 same day
    sorry to disapiont the 'can i have your stuff' brigade bit tis already been given away
    as to why i still looking at forums its in the vauge hope that maybe just maybe things might change
    BUT this is cryptic we are talking about so i very very much doubt they will

  • silente07#2597 silente07 Member Posts: 210 Arc User
    Can we get him unerfed? People paid Zen for him.
    He doesn’t have to be the best, just back to his old self.
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