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  • I'm sorry, but when you had a much older game like Dark Age of Camelot that could support 100 v 100 pvp battles easily, yet somehow this game cant support 25 people in a zone, something is just wrong. This raid used to be the end game, and still feels epic to me. Nerfing it into the ground like this is just a bad decision…
  • I have the Haunted Hides of the Hall equipped, that is probably it.
  • 1. Why the disengenousness with the watcher set? Why tell players it was in the game, lead them on with false red herrings, then later patch it in? 2. When is scaling within undermountain encounters going to be fixed? Grey-con level 72 mobs should not be able to 1 shot a level 80. Why give such a big advantage to ranged…
  • I've noticed a couple of things: 1. Small HE's are very difficult to do solo. Not worth the effort for what little you get for the quests. 2. A high percentage of mobs in the zone are marked as epic, almost like the entire zone is an HE. You have to be careful what you engage with, especially if trying to do the "kill X"…
  • There is a reason to run them - the chance to get a piece of level 1000 gear from the merchant underneath the stairs. I've received two so far. Other than that, not much, and definitely nothing to use the seals on.
  • The 1 shot death was definitely coming from her attack, not from the ring or the ice. The hypothermia used to be mitigated by standing by one group member. Having the entire group there is just not going to happen. That level of coordination in a PUG ... nope. Probably not even in a pre-made. It did not used to be extended…
    in FBI Bugs Comment by hercules125 May 2019
  • It would be nice to have the option to buy rough astral diamonds with them.
  • I absolutely do not agree with the tired old trope that MMOs have to have healers, dps, and tanks - and that's it. Controllers and buffers/debuffers make any game much more interesting, and taking that out of this game, at least as far as buffing was a big mistake. Forcing some DC players into a role that they have zero…
  • I think the cocoon should just be a timed DOT/hold, which you can die from with no heals, and leave out the explosion part. One of the stated goals of the devs was to eliminate the one shot kill, which is what this is - you die from one application of one of her powers. There should be no "1 death and you're out" in any…
  • dunno, 22k might not be elite enough, might want to bump that to 23k. ;)
  • They need to eliminate the cap, this is ridiculous.
  • I reported this on preview weeks ago. Apparently ignored by the devs, as were many other things.
  • For a mod that purportedly was supposed to do away with the "1 shot kill", there is a lot more 1 shot kills from that first boss encounter than I've ever seen in any other dungeon. It's not just the red cocoon thing, which bypasses the 2 deaths and your out design, but also various attacks which killed several of us,…
  • Seems like a dodgy design. Having a "random" queue with only 1 entry... it should be based on relative difficulty, not on release date of the content.
  • Good grief. I wish they would just roll everything back to mod 15, and take 6 months to do this right.
  • Two issues that I think are contributing to this: 1. The thousands of warlock abandoned companions that are not being despawned. This was reported on the preview server, and apparantly ignored. 2. The increase of the player soft cap per instance from 20 to 30. It needs to go back down to 20, and number of instances…
  • More players in this case is not resulting in more instances. It used to cap at 20 before creating a new instance. You had to get someone to invite you to such an instance for dragon runs, back when those were popular. Now I'm seeing 23-30 players per instance.
  • I agree. When playing my melee ranger, I've pretty much given up on trying to close to combat - just spam my ranged at-wills. As melee, you are also subject to more of the annoying parts, such as the tidal pools or tornados. This entire concept is a failure, making people compete for resources is never a good design.
  • I don't see why there couldn't be two variants. Variant 1: What we have now, limited to 3 runs for chest rewards. Variant 2: Queued. No end chest reward, you get what you can from drops only. Maybe have 3 levels of difficulty, with the rewards scaled as such.
  • My experience with random queues over the past few days: 1. Tiamat - not possible 2. Throne of Dwarven Gods - doable if you get teammates who actually participate. Hulks appear to be fixed. 3. Manycoins - completely broken, results in many deaths. I usually wait for someone to abandon. 4. Demogorgan - too difficult and IMO…
  • The biggest thing they could do to gain any credibility is to restore the old classes and undo the scaling, otherwise it's just words. Just empty words. Not holding my breath.
  • As long as the scaling system implements a hard cap, there is nothing you can do to fix it. Punishing players for being a higher level than the zone they're in is not the way to go. I'm been playing an alt the last few days - trying to progress through the Chult campaign, and I can feel the character getting progressively…
  • I have to agree. I played my paladin all the way to 80 on preview. There was absolutely nothing about the new class mechanics that were enjoyable. Nothing. I've seen posts stating that you need to play more like a GF, to which I respond - if I wanted to play like a GF, I'd actually play that class. My OP will now join…
    in Paladin Comment by hercules125 May 2019
  • Poorly implemented scaling is the major issue in the game at the moment. My two latest examples encountered: 1. Replaying missions in the underdark campaign can result in me being scaled to level 60, while the mobs are level 80+. 2. IG in a random queue is very unbalanced. Even a simple fire patch takes my health down…
  • Just ran my first regular demogorgon, post mod 16. This is supposed to have been fixed???? I'd hate to see what it was like before they fixed it. The difficulty IMO was significantly higher than edemo in mod 15. I had 3 deaths in this run, vs zero on all my runs prior to mod 16.
  • nope. claim valuable link never highlighted until they provided this new pack.
  • From what I'm seeing, healing companions can maybe mitigate 5-10% of the damage you're taking - at best. The intent may have been to eliminate 1 hit deaths, but the end result is much more common death through a thousand cuts. Poorly thought out and even more poorly implemented.
  • Tiamat and Manycoins are still ridiculous - need a fix asap.