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  • https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/neverwinter/news/detail/11496693-patch-notes%3A-version%3A-nw.131.20210803b.22 As per the Patch Notes: Storm King’s Thunder: The campaign currency can once again be purchased via Genie’s Gifts. While currency purchased via Genie’s Gifts is not intended to be doubled by Double Campaign…
  • No you don't have to have musical knowledge to play the class. Think more of say a 'Mortal Kombat' type Combo button press thing. The buttons needed to activate the songs show in the powers screen when you highlight each song. And you van have 2 songs on Quickplay slots that will negate the need to do the numerous button…
  • Yeah I agree. The tooltip still says Common/Rare/Epic Gears up to level 60 and Leg/Mythic at 70. I mean many tooltips are wrong in game, but if highest rank gear now being 20 clearly doesn't meet the threshold stated. I am now stuck with my next upgrade as I am short of Surplus and have no way to donate
  • I truly hope you are right, but considering that the same issue of having to 'spam' the D-pad occurs with activating mount combat powers, I suspect the issue goes beyond the potion tray.
  • The biggest issue I see is the Dpad. Take Blaze Flamenco as an example. On PC the keybind for that song is 686686 On Xbox Flamenco will be all on the Dpad Dpad R,L,R,R,L,R Now Many Xbox players will confirm just how hard it is most of the time, just to get 1 shot of a health stone (Potion Tray Item) off from the Dpad. This…
  • Northside was a CCP.... then he left the program.
  • Groupees are supposed to be adding an additional code for the 500TB to our accounts on their system, however mine hasn't come through yet. Maybe submit a ticket to Groupees and ask when your code will be added to our account as I have just done.
  • I am a CCP currently and play on Xbox and have done since Day 1 Launch on there in 2015... Nova also has a console account, so there are Console CCPs
  • Only tested on my PC toons up to now. On first going to the Workshop, (before entering an Event Instance), on a toon that hasn't done Fest before, the worker did NOT pop. I then travelled to Summer Fest Instance, did the intro quests, returned to my workshop and the Artisan popped. EDIT: Also tested on Xbox on my main toon…
  • 1st 'Bug' On getting to PE, I received an in game mail inviting me to Icewind Dale...on my new Bard at Level 1.
  • Ahhh, so it is still happening on PC. Ok, good know. Thanks for that @pitshade
  • Someone from PC suggested to me we were killing the mobs too quickly. Tried killing mobs slow, as have many others.. had a couple try and stay out of combat specifically for the Dryads too, nothing seems to solve right now In fact, in a couple of my runs today, there were just 2 of us doing it.. and it still bugged out, so…
  • @nitocris83 With this patch just hitting Xbox this week, this bug is also happening there.
  • Sadly even after patching since the original post, this bug is still happening
  • Bug Performance Mode, out of Combat General playing - 4 Flat ( 4 and the Down Cursor Key) produces no sound at all
  • BUG On Entering PE for the first time at Level 1, I didnt talk to Makos before entering the Adventurers Guild. When I then spoke to Sgt, Knox gave me the Cloaked Ascencency opener Quest - The Dead * The Defeated