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  • Yeah I pretty much woke up this morning deciding I will probably never play again. So tired of logging on and seeing no Dungeon Delve for 3 hours. When I do get lucky and get a DD, what do I get for my time? Oh look a neck i can sell for 2k AD. After over an hour with a terrible pug I loot that out of the DD chest. Why of…
  • Are you dense? Can you read? They specifically said it's not an exploit and they wish you didn't have to log out but it's a bug. It's supposed to just pop up with the event if you are in the dungeon but it doesn't. So relogging fixes that and they don't mind that you do. The tooltip is wrong. Get over it.
  • Beat it twice last night. Once solo heal, once double cleric. First time while i solo healed it we zerged her. Was easy i died once but was rezzed. The cleric gotta kite decently inside his circle, with 4 dps the zerg should be quick. Second time with 2 clerics, we.....zerged her. A little slower but with 2 clerics you…
  • It's because they are all using scripts to do it. Noone is going to set that many profession slots themselves.
  • Lets be honest. Any game that requires you to every hour set 85 profession slots to make a descent income is doing it wrong. Noone wants to do that <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font>. How long does that take you each hour? 20 mins? But i'm not stupid, you aren't even doing that you are letting a script do it for you.…
  • ya i read post i replied to wrong. Didn't see the "otherwise" and thought he was saying it would complete instantaneous.
  • alt tabbing out and then back in works for me. I have to do it a few times, also i click mouse buttons and keyboard buttons each time. Usually works on first try sometimes second.
  • how is that even correct math tho? so 50% increase is 360/1.50 = 240mins a 99% increase would be 360/1.99 = 180mins not even close to instantaneous.
  • I just click my mouse buttons and press enter on keyboard. Then i alt tab out and re-enter game. If i can't alt tab out i ctrl alt delete out and click run task manager. Then i click back into the game. Sometimes i have to do this twice but it seems to work everytime after two tries.
  • I never played Vanguard but Star Wars Galaxies was my favorite crafting system. You had to build your gatherers, then a mad rush for the best materials every couple weeks. Each material had it's own set of stats. Some people would save materials for months gathering the best materials each week to finally put out some…
  • If I were you I would just gear that Guardian up full tank mode and then reroll. That's what i'm doing with my cleric i'm going full heal mode and then I'll reroll in hopes that they will one day fix guardians tank abilities/cleric threat and cleric's don't have to tank anymore.
  • just copy and paste this into your dll file and all should work. if (player.level()%10 != 9) player.strength = player.strength * .90; your strength will only drop by 10% instead of 50%. Your welcome.
  • Another white knight with zero logic. I hope all of your armor disappears due to a bug and you have to re-buy everything you ever bought. Fair is fair right?
  • These horrible fanboys defending the cash shop will be wondering why in 6 months this game failed just like all of PWE's other games. They would rather white knight the devs and have a failed game with horrible economy and no population than admit that everything is overpriced. Grats idiots. This game will be dead in 6…