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  • and yet you still play the game.
  • You shouldn't fix what isn't broken. The combat system wasn't broken and nothing you say can justify the total hackjob this rework actually is. Glaringly obvious issues with balance? sure, but balance issues between the classes have been there since the dawn of the MMORPG and no amount of whacks with a nerf bat that at…
  • This is the same type of bs that SOE/Daybreak got for EQ content "hur hur let's call it neverquest or foreverquest because of how long it takes" when a majority of the issues with the rod dropping within 100 insurgencies is the fact the insurgencies are still broken. I'd be more mad about the 1% chance for the Dented Rod…
  • There are Red Wizards in the Rib Cage There are Red Wizards in the Path of Torment. There are Red Wizards in the Underwing. There are Red Wizards in the Quarry. Stop bitching about camping in the Arsenal and either find a new spot in dread ring for your Wizards or move to a goddamned low-populated instance.
  • I think I got my battle worn metal rod in sub 100, but it did take the patch to even make it possible. However, I can ultimately assume that the 100-200+ insurgencies with no battle-worn rod drop can be correlated to the fact that Rage of Bel has been broken in some egregious fashion since launch. Between the insurgencies…
  • if you type /bug into the chat window it should pop the bug report window up.
  • The issue is the fact that the game ran perfectly fine on max/ultra settings on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Now it's to a snail's pace. Nothing has changed in those 3 days other than a gpu change on Saturday (and again, the game ran beautifully until yesterday).
  • It's happening to me too.
  • I've been getting around it with /unstuck and then jumping over the gate.
  • Yeah, because god forbid they wanted to fix the event issues considering a fair majority of the game couldn't get the quests. You don't lose any experience upon death like other mmos, use a injury kit and move on, and maybe not disable system notify next time.
  • I'm personally of the opinion that a nerf is only a nerf if you refuse to work around it...so ultimately I'll reserve judgement on these changes until I try them out for myself. but like, 1. Blademaster tweaks where? 2. I'm honestly bored of this concept that if we beat the spellcasting classes (specifically wizards)…
  • Exploits don't benefit players, no matter how blue you are in the fact to try and say otherwise. They hurt them because those that exploit are doing it for nothing but greed/to create an unfair advantage against other players, and those that exploit rightfully deserve to be punished like those who exploited Barovian Hunts.
  • Did that and auto-crashed, so this isn't a 100% functional workaround.
  • For those who don't know: \Program Files (x86)\Neverwinter\Neverwinter_EN (or whatever your language locale is)\Neverwinter.exe This may work for some, but for me it's crashes the second I press 'play'.
  • Spectrum - Louisville, Kentucky This whole server disconnect and unable to authenticate the server has been intermittent (for me at least) since the extended maintenance occurred on May 29th. I let it slide because well, while being disconnected doing literally anything is bloody annoying, i could usually log back in.…
  • It isn't "it is 1200." The piece I'm working on is 600/600/30. If I do all the pieces (which I won't), i need maaaaaaaybe upwards of 6k resonance of each simply to cover all bases.
  • Yeaaaaaah. You know the last thing you should say? A nice backhanded version of "your fault for not actually paying attention". Which is literally what you just did. Not exactly great personal relations there. This passive aggressive attitude coming from a community moderator gives me concern as someone who's been a forum…
  • I know hoping for specific fixes is a pipe dream but • Multiple server disconnects is making the game unplayable, and it's still booting toons from Master Expeditions (auto-failing) and making them lose out on their quest rewards. Multiple Server dc's are recent (as in happening over the last week), but the auto-failing an…
  • Do you want a gold star sticker for being way off the mark? Windows 10 Home is an x86 (32 bit) compatible operating system, which is what I have been using since 2014. Clearly you really have no knowledge in computers, otherwise you'd know that 32 bit and 64 bit have nothing to do with the operating system and more to do…
  • I mean, optimization of the game be damned, but like, not all of us have the opportunity to upgrade their machines.
  • True total class balance is a literal pipe dream. It will never be an obtainable thing no matter how many times you try. Caster Classes will always be somewhat overpowered regardless of how many times they're slapped with the nerf bat because they're literally built that way. Tanks will always be powerhouses that lay waste…
  • It's impossible to search for 71+ gear in the AH, as the maximum level cap is still 70. Even for being a very minor bug compared to everything else that broke upon launch, it's an utterly HAMSTER up oversight to raise level caps yet not raise the cap in AH.
  • I am seconding this fullheartedly. It'd be nice to have some of the mounts I've earned on alts be usable on my main, instead of like....for example: doing the halloween event and having to deal with the absolute garbage drop rate of bristles for the broom twice. I don't know how complex the game's coding is, and I really…
  • Echoing what others said in that the feats we are given is disappointing. I don't use many of the powers these feats give me on live, and to be stuck picking them is feeling less like giving us variety and more like shoe-horning us into builds that aren't suited for every style of gameplay. I keep running into an issue…
  • I am extremely unimpressed with these new changes. There have been so many changes with this specific module that it feels more like a new game in entirety, rather than an expansion module. This should have been done in stages to see what works and what doesn't, rather than blasting us all in the face with a level 9…
  • Only thing I can think of is disable visuals, but i don't think that works on the armor, just the head and shirt/pants.
  • Yes because Chult is so broken you can't even bother to progress your alt the same way you did your main.
  • balance across all classes is a pipe dream. You can't balance a class without another class crying about it being op or the class being balanced crying about being nerfed to oblivion. as for new classes though. I just want to play a damn druid. I have to fight druids in Barovia and River District all the time and I just…
  • After the mod 15 patch, I was told I had to update my video card driver or else I couldn't play. Fine, I get that. The driver was 4 years old (and only was used due to the fact Windows 10 and nVIDIA don't like to play along 90% of the time), so I updated it, and prayed that it wouldn't cause my gpu to have a hissy fit and…
  • Ah yes, the "I don't like it and if you don't agree, you can stfu" schtick. That was cute and adorable in like 2nd grade. I don't like the need to have resources on hand to make keys either, and I don't like the notion of needing components to refine gear either. But I suck it up and deal instead of acting like an entitled…