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Interactive Poll: The Top 20 Fixes You'd Make to Neverwinter!



  • chrono0812chrono0812 Member, Neverwinter Beta Users, Neverwinter Guardian Users Posts: 501 Bounty Hunter
    edited July 2013
    Well, none of those, actually. They were quite receptive, and in fact some of these have already been coded. You will see more crossed off this list, mark my words.

    Good, the more the Developers cross off that list, the better it will turn out for this game in the long run.

    Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor.
    ~Sholom Aleichem
  • aandrethegiantaandrethegiant Member Posts: 3,364 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    chrono0812 wrote: »
    Good, the more the Developers cross off that list, the better it will turn out for this game in the long run.

    Not only were they receptive, but they'll be on the defense next NOCS, cause I will be checking in on the ones not done!! ;)

    .... so keep 'em coming...

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  • snorchysnorchy Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    1. Enable camera zooming (how is this not in a game in 2013)?
    2. Fix aggro on gf and clerics
    3. Remove debuff on clerics (what is this?)
    4. Remove million adds in boss fights
    5. Class balance
  • glyph69glyph69 Member, Neverwinter Beta Users Posts: 1
    edited July 2013
    .... so keep 'em coming...

    I'll bite, granted I'm sure 2/3rds of theses have already been mentioned.

    1) Communication. I'm not saying the forum admins and patch notes aren't nice, but it'd be nice to see more stuff on the ingame calendar and possibly a what we hope to get out for the month type deal. Also, some more Fury of the Feywild updates and developer discussions. Heck, I'm a sucker for silly things like devs talking about dungeons/foundary quests they love and hate and such.

    2) Better explanations of stats and what they do for a class in character creation. Like what you see when you hover over them after the character is created.

    3) Leveling slowed down. Some of us do want to experience things instead of race to level 60 and stand around on horses in Protector's Enclave.

    4) Allow skirmishes to be accessed like dungeons (when ever as long as you're willing to walk to it).

    5) More Classes.

    6) Player/Guild Housing and trophies, like you kill a dragon, you get to mount it's head on your wall or something.

    7) Rare mobs that drop trophies.

    8) The ability to choose the sex and race of your humanoid companions.

    9) Racial Mounts: Elven Steeds and Dwarven War Ponies (I wish I was joking).

    10) More Lore.

    11) Lore should never be an exclusive drop during a quest (Lore of Azmodai in helm's hold is a perfect example of what not to do).

    12) Lore that serves a purpose: Lore that you collect to give a bonus to a boss in a dungeon.

    13) Dungeon Quests that actually involve completing the dungeon off the storyline.

    14) More improvements to Protector's Enclave (it is still the only area that I consistently lag/lock up in).

    15) More cinematics.

    16) Quests that involve siege weapons (nothing more fun than shooting a ship with a cannon, or assaulting orcs with a catapult).

    17) More RP oriented areas: Like a Temple to the Gods and a Thieves Guild for Rogues to hang out in.

    18) More Paragon Paths, in particular the ones out of the Neverwinter and Forgotten Realms Campaign Guides.

    19) Genasi as a playable race.

    20) A bar that actually serves BEER.

    That's all I got for now, hehe.
  • pizzamuraipizzamurai Member, Neverwinter Beta Users, Neverwinter Hero Users, Neverwinter Guardian Users Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    Not only were they receptive, but they'll be on the defense next NOCS, cause I will be checking in on the ones not done!! ;)

    .... so keep 'em coming...

    Will be waiting to hear more then.
  • ordensmarschallordensmarschall Member, Neverwinter Beta Users, Neverwinter Guardian Users Posts: 1,060 Bounty Hunter
    edited July 2013
    My top three fixes from the list:
    5. Improve boss mechanics. Redesign bosses to have unique dynamics beyond "avoid the red spot," design bosses to be more thematic in attack structures and defences. Provide for monster vulnerabilities (ie: frost giants = especially susceptible and responsive to fire based attacks).
    6. Reduce trash mobs/ads in dungeons, strengthen what's left.
    7. Reduce XP granted by 25-75% across the board, thereby allowing more play of Foundry, skirmishes, and delves while leveling. Loosen current level cap to allow more questing. Minority strongly like XP way it is.

    Other things:
    - Make deities mean something.. create deity background Change (Deity, City), deity themed armor(Cloaks, Chest, Weapons) and add more deities (Evil as well).
    - Add two more paragon paths to all currently released classes, and ensure all classes released in the future have three paragon paths already.

    My own idea that for an improvement:
    Bring D&D character skills into the game. Thieving skills, Mage spellbooks that include the non-damaging spells, Clerical rituals/spells that invoke an aspect of their god(helps with above item), many gods grant spells specific to their portfolio. Other future classes such as the Ranger, Druid, Paladin, Bard, etc. have unique abilities/skills that can be taken advantage of.
  • cinj216cinj216 Banned Users Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    XP gains are fine. We already have enough nerfs as it is without making leveling a grind. If you want, remove the XP from professions and praying, maybe even nerf XP gain in foundry and skirmish, but that's all.

    I'd like to know where you get your idea that those who want XP to stay as it is are in the minority. Quite an odd notion that because a group of people aren't flocking to the forum and crying about something that hasn't even been done to the game yet it means that it's been established that there's a general consensus in favor of such a change. From my experiences, I find that the ones spending all their time on the forums being vocal and fighting to have the game catered to them tend to be the minority, the rest of us are actually playing the game or finding better things to do with our limited free time.
  • insomniacgluttoninsomniacglutton Member Posts: 63 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    1. easier way to delete mail from mailboxes (gets seriously annoying when you send items to yourself or when you're playing the AH)
    2. different dungeon mechanics
    3. more pvp maps
    4. make "epic" skirmishes, more things for lvl 60s to do, esp since many players had limited exposure to the skirmishes.
    5. Leadership board(for pvp or maybe for achievements, etc.). Create competition to motivates some more end game (maybe?)
    6. Change the lifesteal on the cleric's T2 PVP set
    7.Adjust foundry rewards
    8.make a raid chat for gauntelgrym
  • fablernfablern Member, Neverwinter Beta Users Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    1. Allow us to respec initial attribute rolls as well
    2. Allow us to revisit skirmishes that may have been missed due to leveling too fast
    3. Allow us to redo quest instances in case we missed any lore pieces or want to fight a mini boss again
    4. Easier way to collect items / AH AD from the mail system and delete bulk emails
    5. Reduce the rate at which experience is received through quests..... experience received through invoking is fine as we have a choice whether to invoke or not
    6. Ability to email AD & Gold
    7. Fix the queue system for skirmishes & delves... currently takes too long!!

  • cyberdoxcyberdox Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    My 2 cents:

    Shift: allow the shift key skill to break the casting animation of skills, too many times people have died due to not being able to escape from the high damaging hits.

    GG: the deciding factor of the dungeon they enter should be based on the pvp event of each individual instance, not shard wide. my guild is able to win about 1/2 of the GG PvP, but because the rest of the Blue teams are weak, we never get to do the T2 dungeon (guild is blue team on mindflyer shard). And imo, if this doesn't get fixed, then all the knowledgeable guilds will start joining red team (sry can't remember actual names) and then the balance will be way out of hand.

    GWF: make it so that they can kill 3 adds in less time than a equally equipped TR can kill 2, while it takes twice as long to kill 1 than a TR to kill that one... basically, more adds more damage! unlike the current more adds less damage to all -.-''

    GF: remove the dam 5 add hit limit... the amount of times my party dies because i cant aggro all the **** tiny adds off the cleric is ridiculous... and while im at it... why does GWF have 'come and get it (pulls all adds to them)' and GF have nothing of the sort ><''

    PVP: Change the K/D/A system to how doungens are done, where its most damage done(dps)/Time defending tower(tank)/most healed(clerics)/towers captured(smart people), then give best rewards to the person who is top of each of them, because atm, instigators that does most damage get assists while the Kill stealer (burst when enemy is almost dead) get the kill.

    2.5 ideas for just a cent each =p
  • lejdglejdg Member Posts: 79
    edited July 2013
    1. change bosss fight mechanics. the ones in place right now are just SO boring
    2. fix exploits for AH and Dungeons (i know they are working on it, but this HAS to be priority)
    3. new paragon trees (and feats that work as intended)
    4. feats and powers tooltips a lot clearer
    5. improve queue system and generally make it more desireable for people to use the queue mechanic so they dont have to rely on horrible zone-chat "lfg" chat bullcrap
    6. Gauntle chests NEED to drop at least double the coins + t1 or t2 loot, depending on the dungeon you are clearing.
    7. hire 3 times the support team you got at the moment..
    8. unbinding gear after 1-2 week of not using it
    9. release drow for normal mortals
    10. new classes... this sould probably be nr 3... ah, never mind
    11. add good old DnD feel by small things like buying ale in the tavern or similar actions
    12. really HARD bosses and dungeons. (and i dont mean 300 monbs with knockback and AOE dmg... maybe something where you need to think)
    13. new tier gear
    14. a lot more visual upgrades all over the place... why does GWF armor have to look so <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> when the GF one is sweet? a LOT more options..
    15. make gold useable in late game scenarios
    16. add a flying dragon mount called "monty"
    17. add extra incentive to play foundry (purple drops)
    18. give foudry makers more freedom
    19. stop selling the founders package
    20. have different pvp tiers... no fun smashing 6k gs people with my 13k gs toon.. no fun for anybody.
  • moerevolvermoerevolver Member Posts: 128 Bounty Hunter
    edited July 2013
    Fix the unstoppable bug for GWF in PVP/PVE where it becomes unusable until you relog. It happened to me 5 times today in PVP, I just dropped out of those matches.
  • cesmode8cesmode8 Member Posts: 384 Bounty Hunter
    edited July 2013
    In no order...

    1. Fix bugs (I haven't seen many...but Im sure they are there)
    2. Make each boss in a dungeon worth killing. A few tokens isn't cutting it. And if you can't down the last boss, at least the prior few bosses in the dungeon were worth the trip.
    3. Tone down some of the T2 last bosses.
    4. Add a daily skirmish for AD quest for lvl 60.
    5. Add more lvl 60 skirmishes
    6. Player housing(not just guild housing).
    7. Solo dungeons. Tier these in difficulty and length. Make the bosses semi challenging. Make the rewards worth it.
    6. Represent or Do not represent guild function.
    7. More guild content. Its not an opinion that gauntlygrym was/is a waste and failed.
    8. Do not force players into PVP or PVE for end game content if they want to participate(gauntlgrym).
    9. Make running foundry quests more rewarding for level 60 players. Not just daily rewards, but the chest rewards. Allow the rewards of the chest scale via average time it takes to complete and difficulty. If this is already done, its done extremely poorly.
    10. More classes...quickly.
    11. More paragon paths.
    12. Balance the racial traits of the races. Humans and dwarves are great GF, orcs and humans are great GWF, etc. This should not be the case.
    13. Make exploration a little more worthwhile and rewarding.
    14. Add in jumping puzzles. This game has semi-decent platforming(when you aren't trying to cross a small invisi wall).
    15. Add in more unique music to zones, foundry, and dungeons.
    16. Reduce the number of adds in most of the dungeon boss fights.
    17. Reduce the number of adds in most of the dungeon boss fights.
    18. Reduce the number of adds in most of the dungeon boss fights.
    19. Give us a few boss fights that do not have adds, but has interesting boss/encounter mechanics.
    20. Reduce the number of adds in most of the dungeon boss fights.
  • lejdglejdg Member Posts: 79
    edited July 2013
    Solo Dungeons at 60!! yeah, that would be awesome!
  • sh4dowrunn3rsh4dowrunn3r Member, Neverwinter Beta Users Posts: 17 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    - each feat being worth taking, giving real choice in feat selection instead of "just avoid useless/broken feats"

    - making every power useful, giving real choice which powers to use instead of always using the same ones (by buffing all powers that almost never used or giving them extra utility, making them useful in certain situations)

    - RANDOM gear including purples or otherwise many different sets with totally different stats on them not just stats in different amounts that all end up being exactly the same soft-capped build in end (non-set random purples get extra stat on them to compensate for set bonuses... and really random gear generated on the spot not list of premade items)

    - full respec of everything including ability scores re-roll, maybe even race change

    - class based reward for every team member for every dungeon run (can be stuff other then gear, level 5 enchants ? but make it worth running dungeon when DD is not on, still keep DD event for better queues)

    - x100 all gold drops in dungeons

    - pvp rankings, rankings based matchmaking, separate solo queues and party queues

    - change potions in pvp to one-time heal of a set amount of health (10k ? - not based on % of total hp because that makes it unfair) (atm you're making someone nearly immortal for prolonged periods of time, even damage inflicted after he picked up potion gets healed)

    - foundry seals / vendor (each foundry gives seals based on duration, you spent them to buy stuff at vendor)

    - raids

    - guild pvp over territory

    - more ways to spend glory

    - professions / crafting need work to make it fun... risks, chances... You send mercenaries to raid something chance for them to succeed, fail and randomized rewards - not just stupid box, but actual reward unknown until they get back. Very small chance to earn purple rewards etc. Risk part is that whoever you send has chance to die... so you can send a hero and get much better chances to succeed and get better reward but you risk losing him or he is injured and must spend time on "hospital" task.

    - crafting professions ability to craft random level 60 gear (goes nicely with randomized gear suggestion above) not knowing what you'll get (you decide on class and gear slot)... chance to craft anything from green, blue to purple(low chances). This makes crafting permanent thing instead of one time thing after you level it up and then forget it.

    - difficulty levels like you eventually implemented in STO would be nice... In STO they were needed because everything was so easy all non-casuals died from boredom... here is opposite they are needed for casuals to be able to enjoy the game (in STO drop chance is a little better for all drops in higher difficulty settings)

    - take a look at your caps... diminishing returns are good but they kick in too soon and force everyone to make a clone of each other - let people build characters the way they want to

    - please make any new dungeons fun and not a chore... you can even make some puzzle dungeons that require entire party to cooperate in order to solve them (randomize puzzles) should give you idea that you don't have to make all dungeons exactly the same with only different mobs and sorroundings
  • adinosiiadinosii Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 4,294 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    I don't know if this is too late to be of any use, but here is my list:

    1. Allow people to go back and do skirmishes that they might have skipped or missed, like you can do for dungeons. Just make a way to allow people to somehow (manually) enter a level-scaled version of the "skipped" skirmishes somehow, so they can get the achievement points.
    2. Reduce the XP awarded by quests, to encourage people to do more DDs, skirmishes and foundries. As it is, you simply level up too fast - it is far too easy.
    3. Reduce the number of adds in epic dungeons, make bosses smarter and force people to think.
    4. Add more paragon paths for all classes.
    5. Add training tomes for companions and make them (other than stone/cat) useful at lvl 60.
    6. Fix Foundry difficulty scaling. Foundry quests that were of appropriate difficulty at level 20 are absurdly hard by comparison when you are lvl 60.
    7. Add some (repeatable) solo content that has a reasonable reward/effort ratio (foundry does not, and that needs fixing too).
    8. Make more weapon/armor enhancements actually feasible for all classes - for DC the only ones that make sense are soulforged/vorpal. Give us more (feasible) choices.
    9. Rename items so you do not have multiple, different items with the same name. Case in point "High Prophet Helm".
    10. Make deity selection actually have some relevance - maybe add deity-specific quest chains, or make invocation results depend on your deity.
    11. Add more race/class-specific content (quests and such).
    12. Fix the dungeon delve queues/LFG system - it is broken in too many ways.
    13. Give people one free respec when they hit lvl 60
    14. Add more "social" outfits.
    15. Do something about the bots/exploiters that are selling multiple 99-stacks of level 5 enchants.
    16. Allow people to re-enter instances like the clockwork guild tomb to pick up lore they might have missed the first time around.
    17. Do not automatically dismount when traveling between zones.
    18. Allow people to set auto-pickup instead of having to press F for every piece of junk on the ground.
    19. Make crafting professions actually useful - other than making shirts and pants, they are pretty much useless.
    20. Add a separate trade channel - and maybe a LFG channel, unless the whole LFG issue gets solved properly (see #12 above)
    Hoping for improvements...
  • aandrethegiantaandrethegiant Member Posts: 3,364 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    NEVER too late! New comments will be reviewed and possibly brought up in my next podcast.

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  • nick0021nick0021 Member, Neverwinter Beta Users Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    #1 would be customer service. It is by far the worst i have ever dealt with. Alot of players including my self have cannot level alchemy due to a bug through the gate way. After filling out a ticket, a week later you get this response.

    Hello ,

    I understand you have a gameplay inquiry. Here are some resources that you have at your disposal:

    Our Neverwinter forums: http://nw-forum.perfectworld.com/forum.php

    Our Neverwinter Wiki: http://neverwinter.gamepedia.com/Neverwinter_Wiki

    Here at Customer Service, we work with players who have gameplay problems such as being stuck in the terrain or harassed by another player.

    Actual in-game strategies, NPC locations, item uses, etc.. are things that we leave up to the players to figure out themselves, so that they can enjoy the experience of discovery and become more capable players in the process.

    If you are reporting a bug, please use the in game bug report feature rather than Request GM Help.

    Thank you for this feedback and we hope to see you in game soon!

    After spending hundred on this game, I think people should be treated a little better than this.
  • chai23chai23 Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    Stop using automated discipline mechanics. Chatban or game ban without human review makes way too many mistakes. Its like people are guilty until proven innocent. The chatban system can also be abused. All a player has to do is tell everyone in their guild to report (@handle) as spam and that person cant chat for 24 hours.

    Stop closing emails down after 7 days with an automated message stating that if you still need help, submit another ticket. Of course the customer still needs help, their incident was not even responded to in the first place. The Right Now email system you guys use has multiple tools you may take advantage of in order to resolve issues with high trafic which do not require a company to blow off support inquiries after 7 days.
  • cipher9nemocipher9nemo Member, Neverwinter Beta Users Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    NEVER too late! New comments will be reviewed and possibly brought up in my next podcast.

    :) Awesome. I haven't posted my list yet.

    My top 20. You can tell I'm a Foundry author/user because they're mostly about the Foundry. In order of my personal priority...
    1. Game: prevent party leader from kicking party members after and during the final boss of a dungeon. Or vote to kick system.
    2. Game: fix companion AND encounter AI. Let them jump to catch up, fix pathing, don't let them willingly fall to their death, etc.
    3. Foundry Editor: Server issues, address server timeouts as they are extremely frustrating.
    4. Foundry Editor: Fix re-spec for switching Author characters so that we can apply stats, powers, etc. ~or~ Better yet, scrap the re-spec system entirely. Just let us choose level, power ups, etc. so that we can test better before publishing.
    5. Foundry Editor: Fix the UI issues with menus being behind other menus with large maps (1400+ details)
    6. Foundry Editor: Make as much of it offline as possible. Only authenticate when publishing, patching, etc. ~or~ Give us a way to save or backup our work on our own PCs. Many server crashes, hours of work lost, server issues, etc.
    7. Foundry Editor: Give us a real 3D editor without going to preview mode. Let us pan, rotate, zoom, etc.
    8. Foundry Quests: Add incentives for players to play Foundry quests. Possibly based on length of quest.
    9. Foundry Quests: Fix sorting, searching, ratings, and the For Review tab.
    10. Foundry Quests: Allow filtering by meta tags, let authors add their own meta tags, standard tags, etc.
    11. Foundry Editor: Make appropriate icons in the 2D editor for details and clusters instead of generic crates.
    12. Foundry Editor: Let all objects have the same options for triggers, including portals and markers, and give options to those triggers to show or hide with or without fade.
    13. Foundry Editor: Add timers to triggers.
    14. Foundry Editor: Add a random number generator.
    15. Foundry Editor: Add the ability to script detail movement just like encounter movement.
    16. Foundry Editor: Let us duplicate objects when multiples are selected instead of just copy.
    17. Foundry Editor: Fix portals and other objects that use radians for rotation instead of degrees.
    18. Foundry Editor: Let us position ALL objects in preview mode (traps, portals, etc.)
    19. Foundry Editor: Add 3D previews of all encounters (and all items, some don't have this).
    20. Game: improve character model appearances, both NPC and PC (they're horrible!). This is 2013, not 2005. I can understand if this was done by an indie company, but this is mainstream, supposed to be near AAA graphics comparable to other new MMOs. And don't excuse it as their "style" either. Even if they wanted them to be more cartoon-like, they're still ugly. The elf is the worse.
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  • clcmercyclcmercy Banned Users, Neverwinter Beta Users Posts: 308 Bounty Hunter
    edited July 2013
    You asked for it...and I don't have twenty. Sorry?

    7) Give us the mouse cursor. TERA has cursor and the aim system too. Why can't this game have it?

    6) Camera zoom. Without having to "pause" the game.

    5) Get rid of automated chat bans. Ignore is a perfectly fine feature without having to add chat banning by players into the mix.

    4) Account storage to transfer items among characters.

    3) Player housing. That WE can design, not pre-made maps like in Champions Online.

    2) Another year in closed beta testing, to totally rework every aspect of the game and to get rid of 4e.

    1) And the most important....sell off the IP to another game company so it can get done right. Craptic has good vision, but LOUSY implementation.

    Occam's Razor makes the cutting clean.
  • baronvonboombaronvonboom Member Posts: 536 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    Just a few for now...

    1. PvE Arena - Content already exists, just add a map location. Gradual increase in difficulty/bosses/monsters that eventually require parties to defeat them. Specific Arena Loot & Titles.

    2. PvP & PvE Open world area/zone - This could be a battlefield that is 2 separate zones where one PvP is on at all times and the other is PvE. Could be worked into the story as an actual battlefield between valindras troops & Neverwinters. PvP players could accept quests to kill 'x' amount of Adventurers for Valindras troops etc, while PvE is the more generic mission/quest zone.

    3. New Player Help (NPH) Channel - To free up zone chat and give us all a break from gold spammers etc.

    4. Guild Inactivity - Work in a feature where other members can vote out a leader if they have gone inactive rather than have to wait 3 weeks.

    5. Regular Comms with players - Either via an agreed weekly/monthly letter in the forums or some other way. The players need to know things are happening otherwise they lose faith very quickly.

    6. Fix Dungeons Bosses - No more adds please & maybe some creativity

    7. In game report functions - Increase for all possible reports, bots, hacks, trade etc..

    8. Fix the Queue System - Need I say more....

    9. Skirmish - Make all skirmishes available as Epics and also a manual entry point the same as dungeons.

    10. Character creation - Please fix this just please! More variation in 'dice rolls' more character customization..stances, facial appearances and make them actually stick in game rather than change back to a default stance like it currently does.

    11. Weapons Weapons Weapons... More of variety if you please, but no dwarves with golden repeater crossbows or blunderbusses !

    12. Shield or Crest - Please add an ability to add one to your character profile - maybe make certain crests unlock from quests etc and you can combine them to design your own crest.

    13. Auto Dismount at vendors/NPC - Errrmmm yes please

    14. PvP - Add more game types, even the basics like capture the flag or deathmatch would add something extra to it.

    15. PvP - Reduce match length/winning score needed, sometimes these matches can take 15mins and by the end of it your just gasping for air it's so dull.
  • artoahartoah Member Posts: 26 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    Companion unbinding to be fixed. This is number 1 for me in preparation for rangers to come :p I'm not actively playing until then really anyway.
  • zellexzellex Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    I have two #1 things to change
    1a. Make the zen store contain nothing that costs more than $10 for the very best of items... unless it's an awesome pack then use someone else's judgment on pricing not PW's
    1b. Flip the switch that allows us to upgrade our companions TODAY at a reasonable price.
    2. Make crafted dyes able to dye all three slots.
    3. Fix voice chat.
    4. Make foundry so that you can place x amount of crafting nodes per size at a required space apart.
    5. Make foundry so that a person can place x amount of chests per size of map at a required space apart.
    6. Make the TR ability to disarm traps matter.... as of now I have a TR and I just LOL @traps myself... i.e. just walk around them or through them and take a pot... they are of no consequence to the game whatsoever.
    7. Come up with some new models for dungeons.. seriously how many times can you reuse the same spiral stone staircase.
    8. Paragon Path choices... where the hell are they? Yeah... I know coming "soon."
    9. Add new races and classes... I know that's a big one and takes time...at least release drow and one class I know is stashed away for "later this summer."
    10. Make a button to auto input mail address to ourselves instead of typing in @amufluzhjsefkjHGSDFJHADFGKLUADFVBASDF every time...
    11. Oh, and let us send AD and gold to our alts.
    12. Fix in game ignore so people can't continue to spam invite you to guilds and groups after they have been ignored.
    13. Add some variety to armor that actually really stands out like maybe skull helms of a boss you killed or something...just a thought.
    14. Some cool titles maybe for achievements... ok now we know everyone is a troll slayer...or a slayer of something...and where they hail from... boring...
    16. Someone else mentioned better customization in the dice rolls at character creation...I noticed this my first character...annoying it's not even close to random.
    17. Make some sort of fix for idiots on their 110% speed mounts that train half the zone through where you are fighting and gives you the gift of 3x the mobs you were already fighting.
    18. Again cut the zen store prices way back... seriously it's absurd.
  • selenethialselenethial Member Posts: 18 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    My top 20:

    1. Fix the frequent crashing/patching
    2. More unique dungeon boss design (not only kill-the-adds)
    3. Add a very low chance to drop something of value in dungeon/skirmishes lvl 60 (i.e. coalescent wards, keys, respec tokens, mounts, mount training, companions, dyes)
    4. Vote kick system
    5. Pvp rankings, rankings based matchmaking and new pvp style games.
    6. Reducing prices for removing enchants/runestones
    7. New epic skirmishes
    8. Daily epic dungeon
    9. New tier gear
    10. Allow a party member to be replaced if they leave at anytime
    11. New inventory tab for enchantments. .
    12. Add a trade channel to chat.
    13. More Paragon paths.
    14. Put Mailboxes in each area
    15. Make Gold and AD account shared
    16. Drastically lower the Exp/Glory rewards for losing in PvP
    17. Add extra incentive to play foundry (purple drops)
    18. Allow people to set auto-pickup instead of having to press F for every piece of junk on the ground.
    19. Rename items so you do not have multiple but different items with the same name
    20. Add more classes (ranger & druid)
  • kerlaakerlaa Member, Neverwinter Beta Users, Neverwinter Guardian Users Posts: 0 Arc User
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    I guess my list would be as followed.

    Bold Italic=new ideas or added concepts to currently listed ideas

    1) Create a REAL LFG Looking-For-Group feature, such as in nearly every other MMO
    2) Fix the dungeon queue system so dropped players can be replaced.
    3) Improve boss mechanics. Redesign bosses to have unique dynamics beyond "avoid the red spot," design bosses to be more thematic in attack structures and defenses. Provide for monster vulnerabilities (ie: frost giants = especially susceptible and responsive to fire based attacks) with less reliance on adds.
    4) Reduce trash mobs/ads in dungeons, strengthen whats left or atleast add a reason to kill the trash mobs (increase enchantment drops or something) or a system that allows u to reduce the boss adds by clearing trash mobs.
    5) Reduce xp granted by 50% across the board, thereby allowing more play of Foundry, skirmishes, and delves while leveling. Loosen current level cap to allow more questing.
    6) Add a Trade, LFG, new player (lvls 1-10) help channel, freeing up general/zone chat.
    7) Add more powers and allow a custom character creation option and fix the current powers/feats (see DC and CW for example for broken skills/feats).
    8) Rework Need/Greed/Pass to prevent unjust looting. Reset NEED to BoP and GREED BoE.
    9). Add guild housing/player housing or Foundry material marked as GUILD/Non-Combat (no mobs/treasure) that can be used as Guild/player housing. See link for ideas
    10) Retool companions with better AI, more customization options, including adding inventory space to include Zen purchased skins.
    11) Make deities mean something.. create deity background Change (Deity, City), deity themed armor(Cloaks, Chest, Weapons) and add more deities (Evil as well).
    12) Add two more paragon paths to all currently released classes, and ensure all classes released in the future have three paragon paths already.
    13) New Foundry items/ability to add atleast 2-5 crafting nodes/monsters.
    14) More skins for armor/wpns/and cosmetic clothing.
    15) More customization (classes/races/looks/starting regions/etc)
    16) Rework/Rethink the DC healing ability. Why is it that a Pot can out heal a healer class.
    17) More classes, atleast 2 classes per category, couldn't hurt to have 1 class for ranged and 1 melee ranged role for (Leader/Striker/Defender/Controller).
    18) More uses for skills. See Link and that topic in general for ideas.
  • salnasalna Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 25 Arc User
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    5. I like more boss mechanics.
    6. yea make some mini objectives like spellplaguage but still reduce trash mob count.
    7. agree.
    12. agree.
    19. It will give advantages for premades.

    I don't mind pay Zen for:
    21. Additional switchable out of combat ability bars. on switch add at least 10 sec cool-down.
    22. Second out of combat switchable feat specs.
    23. Wardrobe.
    23. Account bound item conversation from character bound.
    25. Character starting stats re roll.
    Hear silence.
  • alpacalipsalpacalips Member, Neverwinter Beta Users, Neverwinter Guardian Users Posts: 2 Arc User
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    My, 'top-of-my-head' list:

    1. Fix pathing issues with pets and mobs in dungeons, that allow either to get hung up on floor traps. Pets are useless and mobs are an easy kill.

    2. Allow for pet control. I'd use my Dire Wolf more if I could send her into battle, to start things off, as opposed to hoping she'll actually attack at some point, during the fight.

    3. Schools for all classes. As oppose to releasing new, specific classes, why not open up the classic schools of magic, fighting, etc.? I'd love a Halfling Illusionist, or a mage schooled in Necromancy. How about a Rogue who's an archer? Paladin. Bezerker. Barbarian. All of these schools and sub-classes are available in the AD&D world. Don't completely break down the classes as they are, but expand upon them and allow for branching off in different sub-classes, to make your character even that much more unique.

    4. Bot-kicking. Majority rule bot kicking for PvP.

    5. Player Housing

    6. More RP toys. A .abc music system would be grand!

    7. More toys for rogues. Caltrops, Marbles, Claws, Grappling Hooks.....
  • iamthepiemaniamthepieman Member, Neverwinter Beta Users Posts: 9 Arc User
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    I want to see more fun utility skills,

    1. Add utility skills/feats such as
    a. feather fall
    b. bind to rez point/portal to rez point
    c. eagle eye (remote scouting)
    d. castable seer stone (lets you create an orb that floats above the ground and then you can see what the orb sees like a security camera, orb has low health and can be destroyed in one hit by enemy players or mobs)
    e. super jump or air walk (lets you get to balconies or high up places more easily)
    f. play dead (useful in PvP or as emergency escape from mobs or if you're the only player left after a boss encounter goes wrong.
    g. disguise (let you target a player or enemy NPC and have their name and character model for a short time - no skills available until spell ends or you cancel)
    h. pet swap - you swap positions with your pet

    Give these to the classes they would best be suited for. We should have skills that we can fool around with and have fun with. Right now everything is just combat based with very few skills useful outside of combat.
  • chai23chai23 Member Posts: 0 Arc User
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    Get rid of the need/greed loot system. Each person gets their own loot pull. No one else gets to see what each other person pulled.
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