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Hi Rivenleah, It actually was a total misunderstanding. You were actually hired. Here's the response from our recruitment officer: "I had actually accepted it at first, but when I went to add him to the guild in-game he was listed as already in another guild. I don't think I mis-typed anything as I did a copy of his @name and his char name is pretty short... But that is why I marked it as declined with a reason of joined another guild. I am more than happy to have it re-opened and the application accepted if I was wrong about the other guild thing as he seemed like a good fit :)" Our guild site has a dropdown with reasons for a decline so if you didnt get it then something must have happened between point A and B (your spam folder or maybe the network never sent it) So there ya have it! :) I read your app and thought you'd be a terrific fit so MUCH APOLOGIES and if you are still interested in joining -- we'd LOVE to have ya join us! PS: I re-opened and accepted your app! :)


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