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[Community Feedback] Trickster Rogue Stealth Changes on the Horizon



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    k9madrushk9madrush Member Posts: 534 Bounty Hunter
    edited January 2015
    Quote Originally Posted by vaulwyn View Post
    You just proposed that Tr should be able to attack people and the attacker should not be allowed to attack back aka defend themselves. Talk about selfish and pathetic. Individuals like you are why finding balance in PvP is so hard.

    this guy needs nasal packing
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    zakragezakrage Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited May 2015
    Stealth is part of being a rogue. as of mod 5-6 we are just over rated wanta be rangers now. The only people complaining about TRs perma stealth being OP were the glass cannon CWs that are still stun- 1-2 skill killing every thing. With Palis intering the arena it wont matter if perma stealth is back or not. We should never have lost it in the first place.
    If i wanted to be a ranger i would have rolled one.
    Perma Stealth helped TRs balance the field they are still deadly 1 v 1 but that was never our design, we were ment to raise hell and cause confusion through out a match.
    Get this cast off me already so i can do my job correctly! Please.
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