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  • Doing my once or twice a year 'poke my head in and see if anything's changed', what mystifies me about some of the posts is... really? NOW things have gone too far? NOW the game seems inactive and not living up to its potential?? Some people are slow to process, I guess. (Hi, bye, see you in another 3-6 months)
  • Back when I was Gold, I had a water themed character. After a few experiments, I decided on mostly Wind, with quicksand (muddy puddle!) and TK shield (which looks very watery). I think I also took bioarmor, which looks like a watery coating. Travel power: metallic ooze, colored blue. Looks a lot like changing into water…
  • If you can tolerate the game enough to get a character up to level 15-20, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Neverwinter Foundry. The engine is significantly more advanced than STO's, and people have done some astounding stuff with it. Strangely, the rewards seem more sensibly designed in STO. Examples: In STO, you can rotate…
  • It's a business run by a very large company (Perfect World, International). They have PLENTY of money, they just don't think it's worth the risk. The problem with Foundry is that it's an investment that's impossible to demonstrate ROI. If they put in the resources and released Foundry, anything that happens next would be…
  • As I've said many times in the past... It is a _crying shame_ that this game doesn't have Foundry. As much as Cryptic tends to develop something and then walk away and never touch it again, I'd be totally cool with an abandoned Foundry like in NW or STO with the huge range of options possible in CO. sigh
  • I think if FF were a lot cheaper (and had power coloring) I'd feel better about this game. As it is, it feels like squeezing blood from a stone.
  • The power design in DCUO is utterly baffling. Ice is default/main tank? There's no Brick powerset? Man wut? The travel powers are awesome, as is the integration of travel 'moves.' The controls are, again, utterly wonky (at least for PC play). And chat... Uh. DCUO is better supported and the graphics are awesome, though.
  • Or how the entire starting mission of the game leads up to you helping deliver Ironclad to the enemy ship. In other words, you start off as being nothing more than a plot device to get the NPC into the action. Now, mind you, DCUO is much more in your face about it. In CO you have more missions unrelated to Champions or…
  • There are a lot of really significant flaws with this game, which is disappointing, because it could be really awesome. But it's still better than the alternatives. Tell me how that constitutes a troll when the OP is asking folks' opinions on the game. Also, 'still here,' actually I pop on about once a month to see if…
  • CO is a terrible game that was never maintained or polished or built as it should be. At this point, the lack of attention pretty much speaks volumes about how little regard Cryptic has for this game. That said, the other options manage to be even more horrible. So, yes, this is the best superhero mmo.
  • The kindest thing to do might be to discourage them. :)
  • You guys are far better community than Cryptic deserves.
  • I was going to say 'you should thank your bank!' but it looks like the LTS went through. Bummer, dude. :/
  • When questionite appeared, I assumed it was a simple oversight, that they just didn't get around to adding Q rewards for pvp and that would be fixed within a week, maybe a month. It's... really, really REALLY dumb that there are no Q rewards for PvP. Astonishingly dumb, and, well, mean to a group of players, in a game that…
  • For me, it's Foundry (and they actually don't f it up) Still waiting.
  • Unrealisticly high expectations? CO fails to come close to the expectations of Cyptic's other games, let alone those of other companies. The description of CO's handling is utterly on point, and taking snipes at supposed motives has the stench of desperate rationalization.
  • Only if they gave any indication they'd actually support the stupid thing rather than abandoning it half-done like everything else. Then, sure! I'd love to play a game Cryptic actually actively supported.
  • Theoretically the effort to start over and import elements as needed might be easier than trying to substantially fix what they already have. But it's more likely that's not the case.
  • Um. STO Foundry has been all but abandoned, and NW Foundry isn't faring that much better. Cryptic has a long track-record of giving up on systems and moving on. On the plus side, that might be a point in favor of CO2!
  • I find it interesting that the fans are tearing into the OP ... when all the OP said is what fans generally tell complainers. The OP is right -- if you want to accept CO, take it as it is. Don't expect it to ever change, don't look for ways for it to improve. If it DOES get better, wonderful, but if you aren't happy with…
  • People don't need a right to complain when things are clearly wrong. And you don't know how many of them would actually spend money if they felt the game deserved it. Where do you get off? It'd be one thing if they were wrong, or if it were more up to debate. At best people can argue about REASONS and whether things are…
  • I think it's more 's*t or get off the pot.' Either target vehicle development on making them more interesting and widely attractive to people, or give up on a lost cause and move on to something more of us want. That's not an incoherent position.
  • Yeeees? So? I'm glad they are trying hard. I'm not glad Cryptic only has three flippin devs working on this game, and I'm really POd that PWE won't give Cryptic more backing to do more with CO. I mean, if I go to a restaurant and they only have one server for a full house and the cook is new and the regular cook quit a…
  • No one's picked on them. And they aren't doing anywhere near their best, they are doing minimal work which would be mocked anywhere else. Now, the REASON for that is because they aren't given anywhere near the resources to DO their best, but this isn't a charity.
  • Any time they say it's not possible, they really mean 'with the amount of work we are prepared to spend.'
  • It may shock people, but I actually sympathize with Cryptic's predicament. A lot of these factors are impossible to nail down without god-like powers, and trying to figure out what the best course of action is, well... yeah. Dart board. What I'm less sympathetic about is the lack of faith and vision -- PWE needs to step…
  • It's trickier than that, even. How many people have left due to things like vehicles (and other abandoned stuff, like Nemeses)? How many people might come back if they shifted focus?
  • Yeah, another problem I have with vehicles is that they are so specifically supertech (or maybe alien tech), which is inappropriate for large numbers of characters. 'I'm Ghost Cowboy, what are my options?' "Well, there's this grav tank..." '... Do you have a horse? Maybe even a robot horse?' "Swoop bike?" '... meh.' Same…
  • Oh please, $100 is plenty. If Cryptic got an extra ten thousand people lining up to spend $100, I think they'd be plenty happy... The point is that I certainly have the money and willingness to spend money on MMOs. Cryptic MMOs, even! I also spent $80 on Neverwinter, for that matter, and my interest died there, too. So...…
  • I'll note that I would be substantially less annoyed if vehicles were simply Become devices with Flight power scaled like normal Flight. So, you want to fly but your core character shouldn't be able to? Maybe he can turn into a Ghost! Maybe he rides a flying motorcycle! Maybe he gets a secondary flight disk! It's all good!…
  • I've spent hundreds of dollars in STO buying various ships and such. I'm not sure I qualify as a full-scale whale, but I'm a valuable target. I have NOT spent hundreds of dollars in CO, probably a little less than $100 in subscription fees since it began. If the game was thriving and there were items I felt more worth…
  • We've tried everything else and it hasn't gotten attention or results, so, you know, what else is there to do? As for the childish 'what have YOU spent,' plenty of us have spent plenty.
  • This isn't the only reason I've stopped playing, but it's a big part of it. I have 0 faith in PWE's ability to understand what's going on with their games or have any coherent game vision, so ... /signed, for all the good it will do.
  • I personally don't think FF and power coloring should be paid for at all, but I'm off in the mountains with that view. Given how many people apparently pay for absurd things like that, I guess PWE knows their market better than I do.
  • There seems to be a surge of sandboxy stuff, like Project Spark (which is amazing but not a MMO). I want to be able to cobble together spaceships, bases, and so on in a MMO.
  • ... you spent $750 on FF slots??? Instead of going Lifetime?? I have to assume you ground Q for that, but that actually frightens me more...
  • Like STO and NW Foundry, there isn't a clear ROI for a wiki, so moneysuits refuse to back it.
  • Yeah, but... here's the thing. If stupidity and disorganization leads to a situation that profits a company, there's a disincentive to actually smarten up and get more organized about it. So while I don't think Cryptic intentionally set things up this way, I think it's their fault for creating the situation (and not…
  • Heck, if Cryptic just set up a wiki space and selected a few unpaid wiki managers from the customer base, they'd be ahead. But I suspect this will be one of those 'if we do it, it has to be done RIGHT. but we never get around to having the time to do it.'
  • There's also a question in that if poor QA and lazy development effectively increases profits... then Cryptic isn't exactly greatly motivated to fix their problems, are they? It doesn't have to be conscious or calculated to have an effect.
  • Another thing in the sandbox bloom is Project Spark. It's not a MMO, but basically a REALLY powerful 'make your own game' engine letting people swap all sorts of things.
  • I think 'finding physically suitable actors' is really small-minded. It's important to make the character live and breathe, and that isn't limited to 'does this person happen to look exactly like this drawing?' Look at Hugh Jackman, or Halle Berry- Hugh Jackman was WAY too small. But he made it work because of his energy…
  • There is. My fervent hope is that A) it has a very flexible genre, B) it has very flexible character appearance, and C) it has Foundry, and maybe this time they'll learn from the last 3 years of Foundry feedback. pleasepleasepleaseplease
  • It's not really homework, though -- a lot of stuff, you only really get a feel for when you actually try it. Another on the long list of 'penny wise, pound foolish' elements of this game.
  • Well, there are many other games I no longer enjoy playing, and I don't post on their forums or stay attentive to developments. Whatever problems I have with CO, what it does well, it does astronomically better than every other MMO on the market. (Namely, customization)
  • Yes. I will readily admit that CO isn't in maintenance mode and they are spending SOME effort on it. But it would be nice if Cryptic could improve to the point of actually, you know, testing stuff.
  • I didn't call Cryptic an idiot, just that this is part of a very very very very long pattern of lack of attention (or interest) in details and proper QA. Also a lack of documentation and communication -- I have no idea if this is even intended. Maybe Cryptic doesn't think healers should get points toward drops because it's…
  • Character and power customization are amazing. I wish power customization was more available to silver players, but that horse is nothing but a stain at this point. I don't know what would make me play again. Foundry, if they didn't mess it up like the other two games -- but even a half-donkey version of Foundry is pretty…