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  • Most that I know added exterior gear like that. WoW comes to mind there, and between Cataclysm and Legion where it made the acquisition of gear and game easier, it cost them half their subscriptions. But there the best items still come from dungeons and raids. Just like SWTOR still has the generic vendors versus dropped…
  • Most other games also limit the gear you can get. If you want dungeon gear, you go do dungeons. If you want raid gear, you go do raids. And hope they drop. If you want pvp gear, you go pvp. So being able to craft gear to to cover those gaps is the balance. STO just says, "Here's some marks. Go get the same gear as everyone…
  • This is what happens when the newer TFO's are built around AFKing them. Starbase One for example, to get your reward, all you really need to do is wait 11 minutes for the time be up, collect your reward, and move on with your day. This is how they are built. Not sure on the older ones. I know they're supposed to have a do…
  • Makes it quite the opposite really. Ground combat has been boring for years. To the point of I just equip my boffs and let them kill everything while I do the clicky stuff. I already didn't need to do anything. This just reinforces the fact that I don't need to do anything, except click that over there.
  • None of the ships in the cash shop, lock boxes or promo pack interest me. I never got attached to the "legendary" ones. I followed the story of the crew that was on them, not the ship. Without the crew the ships and stations are just floating hunks of metal waiting to be recycled.
  • I asked this when the released the sword on console last year. Does it come with Scorpion screaming "GET OVER HERE!"?
  • Something along those line, yes. I mean the outfits were a good idea. But, the max cost of 3000 zen at 500 dil is 1,500,000. The outfits that are in there, cost more than a T6 ship. So meaningful, also includes cost. I mean they could add lobi coupons to it. You know limited time, reoccurring items. LIke a Lobi costume…
  • Yes, but if you take the phoenix box out of the dil store, then it becomes like the GPL store, just kind of there for no reason. Other than maybe a specialization module here and there. So they need to actually add a meaningful use for dil. Not just keep dong things to jack up the dilex. All that does is keep a lot of the…
  • Wait for them to add the next time-gated powercreep gain. Whether that be something similar to endeavors, or another rep, or perhaps a fleet holding.
  • Think back to the beginning of the a year here. The Dilex was down to almost 350 per. Then sale, sale, sale, sale, sale, sale, sale, sale, sale, well you get the picture.
  • I'd expect the Voyager-J to get a huge fan response. The other two are iffy at best.
  • A nanopulse targ. Ok.. with this STO has completely crossed over into the realm of stupid. The targ handlers weapon. Does this also come with Scorpion saying, "Get over here!"?
  • Yeah, they didn't even itch my Maquis. Don't think my shields were ever fully depleted. However on the transporter, takign damage and firing weapons doesn't end the process. The small area you have to do both though... yeah... hence my previous park and pew comment. You can fly out of range pretty easily. Also, when doing…
  • Run down of this one. Move to beam up point, Park and Pew while beaming up. Move to transport. Park and Pew while beaming to transport. Rinse and Repeat. Pew to defend transport at the end. The reason I'm saying Park and Pew, is because the beam up and down areas are super small. I fly a Maquis Raider and I can fly out of…
  • Force verify fixes neither of these problem.
  • I've noticed this. I've also noticed that the Event Campaign buyout isn't working. Waiting on a force verify currently to see if that fixes either of these two.
  • I'll add my notice of this annoyance. Usually a quick refresh fixes it though.
  • You know, you could just slot the Hegh and the Romulan Rep ship and get the 100/100/100 pretyy easily. Only time I bothw itht his though is on the 10/10 daily. Most times at the higher number ones like that, I just toss a single ship or pass token at them, unless they have a 1000 or 2000 dil reward on them. The missions to…
  • For Steam, it's C: ~> Program FIles x86 ~>Steam ~> Steamapps ~> Star Trek Online ~> Star Trek Online. AS for the Arc files. No clue there. I uninstalled the Arc version back when they did away with Arc quests.
  • Well, with the ability to gain/lose prestige. A leaver's/afk penalty is actually rather simple. You lose double the amount of prestige you would have won, had you actually won the match. Then you get a stacking dishonorable debuff. For this we can make is a stack of four. The first stack cuts your prestige gain by 25%,…
  • That's kind of where I was aiming with the Tiered system. Not so much forced random grouping. It just doesn't scale to level, you have to work your way up to max tier. The only divorce between the the two I'm putting in there is the skill/trait side of it. Basically just a mirror of what we have. So you get a PvP and a PvE…
  • It's like your mentioning, just without Faction 0. It's a rebalancing act of it back to vanilla. You start at Tier 1, which gives you access to T1 ships and VR Mk XII gear. It also limits the traits and skills you can use to that level. So Tier 1 would the same as level 10 skill/trait wise. Then as you level up in Tier it…
  • First, I'd never advise anyone to turn off their firewall. If this is a concern, instead open your antivirus software and whitelist the game, i.e. ad to the exceptions part. This will work the same as disabling your firewall, as it won't scan the exceptions. Second, since it seems to be an arc problem. Go into your C: and…
  • This proposal sounds a good deal like the Tiered system I mentioned the last time it was brought up. Just with a Faction 0 setting.
  • No, not really ignoring it. The reason they have next to no value to most is simple. You can only sell keys and R&D packs from the c-store. If you could trade or sell everything, except ships with other players, then it would have value.
  • If Cryptic was really intent on making money. Then they'd be better off moving away from account-wide unlocks. For example, leaving the event stuff as account unlocks, and making everything else character unlocks. Granted, this would mean reducing the prices of ships and such in the c-store. But then, 3000zen for a ship…
  • You could try not attacking. Been a couple times I just flew around saving borg without shooting anything. Just letting the NPCs do they're thing. Only have to worry about fighting the first phase. Once the others start joining in, it becomes easier to just save the borg and do nothing else.
  • Well, can't blame you on not wanting to redo that mission. However, which platform are you on? So that resident bug hunters can go and see if it's a bug or not. From what you're saying, I'd have to call it one.
  • The Prime Universe for Star Trek is from the Time Travel aspect. Remove that aspect of it, and the real time line takes over. Earth just wouldn't exist in it. Which makes Star Trek an alternate universe to the actual time line of the galaxy. So you have the Alpha time line, where Earth gets destroyed, and a Prime Universe…
  • The map transfer fail happens at times. Generally, it's the system losing some packets, or in the current case Akami, that the game tries to find. It's one of those hiccups of the game that has been around for years. When it happens, just log back in. This happens to me occasionally doing TFOs. As far as it not letting you…