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  • I haven't gotten it yet. Im going to with the next event. My choice is going to be the Disco Enterprise. Already got every other class of ship to bear the name, need that one too. But might get the mirror one.
  • Well I too would like this. Because while at the battle of Sector 001, yes there was an Admiral in command of the fleet, he wasn't on the bridge. Infact in some space operas like Star Trek(and in real life) there is what is called a "Flag Bridge". Basically meaning when the ship is in combat or at battlestations and is…
  • Nice to see Reyan continue his crusade for a tier 6 nova. Hey Cryptic, want that wallet to open, that T6 nova is a great way to do it.
  • Well I know when J'Ula came in, it gave them the perfect excuse to do so since they wanted to integrate her into the arc. Which I don't begrudge them for. I just miss some of those missions. I just wish they'd get back to it already. But if hopes and dreams were money, I'd be a very rich man.
  • I might get the Arbiter. I did enjoy my tier 5 Avenger for a LONG time.
  • > @warpangel said: > patrickngo wrote: » > > Let's stop griping about percieved inactivity, and once again turn our eyes to 'where is this going?' > > the crew at Cryptic have pretty much eradicated the following as possible threats; > > Borg > Cardassians (True Way and others) > Dominion > Fek'Ihri > Hur'q > Iconians >…
  • > @sophlogimo said: > talonxv wrote: » > > [...] > I actually had a duel with a mk 15 gold Vengeance vs my older mk 12 Esquiline. > > I handed the Vengance his tail. Repeatedly. It's always gunny to me when someone thinks they have the biggest and baddest around and then a science ship waltzes in and smacks it around like…
  • > @reyan01 said: > peterconnorfirst wrote: » > > reyan01 wrote: » > > peterconnorfirst wrote: » > > reyan01 wrote: » > > without meaning to sound boastful > > > > > > > Yuss! >:) > > > > > :D > > To be fair, one point on this: Only on Advanced. I'm still no Elite level player - just someone who has become a little more…
  • > @ihatepwe735 said: > seaofsorrows wrote: » > > coldnapalm wrote: » > > So no, if you delete a toon, it is not theft on cryptic's part...it is YOU throwing something away. So...yeah once again NO. > > > > > Bingo! > > If you're too dumb to realize this, then there is just no helping you. Calling it 'theft' is beyond…
  • > @markhawkman said: > asuran14 wrote: » > > Some more additions to both melee weapons, as well as modules that are useful with melee weapons. Right now the only career type that has actual melee oriented modules is tactical, though science an engineering have some modules that are useful with melee weapons like the mine…
  • I honestly don't even know on my main toon with my top ship what my DPS is to begin with.
  • > @mustrumridcully0 said: > Hmm, maybe they'll use the concept for a new variant, kinda like they did for the Ambassador Refit. > > While that would be fine, I'd think it would be a bit boring, since it'S so similar. > > For example, one thing I'd like to see might be downward swept Pylons, making it more like a…
  • > @sarvour0 said: > In the meantime, why not enable the existing Novas/Rhode Islands to have access to Discovery Materials. To tide us over while they work on the Quality Pass & T6 on the back burner? Since Everything but the Winter Event is back burner to DSC right now... > reyan01 wrote: » > > brian334 wrote: » > >…
  • > @warpangel said: > kiralyn wrote: » > > Would it be nice for them to give us a drop-down menu where we could pick which of the "ranks" we're actually addressed by? Sure. Because, again - they're cosmetic. They don't mean anything in the grand scheme of the game. > > > > We already have a drop-down menu where we can pick…
  • > @brian334 said: > You can only call yourself a Trekkie if you go to Star Trek conventions in drag. Otherwise, you're a Trekker or Trek Fan. > > We worked hard to make those labels stick in the 1970s and I will not have you young whippersnappers with your 'energy drinks' and your 'vegan diets' coming along and messing up…
  • > @captainhunter1 said: > This horse left the barn long ago. > > They should have divorced Rank from Level (simply 'unlocking' rank titles as you progressed). They should have capped rank titles at Captain or Fleet Captain, with Admiral unlocked only by Fleet leaders. > > But someone somewhere at Cryptic was bound and…
  • One if cryptic's biggest money makers? NEVER. GONNA. HAPPEN. EVER.
  • > @angrytarg said: > Nice shot @reyan01 . But it also displays one of STOs more annoying issues: The Crossfield class has some swirly nonsensical effect on the engines (probably the Bozeman ones?) which ruins the whole shot ​​ Well there are other factors, but I won't nitpick them.
  • > @"connormckeith#7288" said: > The take away I get here is "Stay away from romulans" after 50... > :) Fyi, you will get a free tier 5 at lol 61 or 62 IIRC.
  • > @kelador said: > Honestly I give STO 12 months before it closes down its been heading that way for a few years now and the sub-par content and what appears to be even less content next year just screams the game is in trouble. Oh boy here we go. DOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!
  • > @rattler2 said: > I can see them making the components for a torpedo easily, so the limited torpedos is not really an issue. Same goes for tricorders and other tools. But for repairing holes in the hull... that I do find to be a pretty big stretch. > > The only way I can even headcanon that away is to assume that they…
  • > @starswordc said: > rattler2 wrote: » > > talonxv wrote: » > > It's not so much a matter of resupply, find a nice asteroid field and then replicators can take the matter from there. > > > > > You're assuming Voyager has INDUSTRIAL replicators. Yea going up to an asteroid field might be viable if that was the case, but as…
  • > @baddmoonrizin said: > I can't help but notice that this thread seems to not be discussing STO anymore, and is debating the various shows/movies. Can we please get back on the subject of the thread? Thank you. Where's the fun in that?! /sarcasm
  • > @artan42 said: > 'Could have been'.​​ Damn it man. I'm a US Marine/Truck driver! Not an English teacher!
  • > @rattler2 said: > starswordc wrote: » > > We may not know specifically what Starfleet considers a "long range" mission but it's definite canon that they sometimes send ships into deep space well away from the Federation for years at a time (USS Olympia [sp?] in "The Sound of Her Voice" to name one). The problem is that…
  • > @rattler2 said: > Long range perhaps, but not 70k Lightyears. > > And the main thing that bugs me about people bashing Voyager is resupply. Like you said they were able to trade, but some are so strict that apparently even TRADE in a SURVIVAL situation is banned by the Prime Directive. Pretty sure a Tricorder can be…