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  • Pointless. Levels in RPG games are mainly to get you through a story line, starting zone, next zone, next chapter etc. Most MMORPG's do realise that players want to play the game in all aspect and don't want to be hold up in a tedious leveling experience before they can enjoy all the content. So we need short intro-game…
  • The future of the Klingon Empire? It is obvious. I have made a Klingo with the name P'Murt House of Mag'a. He is going to make the Klingon Empire great again. The name of his ship is M'Kega. So the best has yet to come.
  • This. We put a lot of time in our character and our ship just to have it as we want it and we don't do it play something else. It is a pity, because overall the story telling in this game is in my view very good.
  • You should look for a t5 ship with a console that forms a set with its t6 version.
  • Do you use combo's? Because you must with melee. 1-1-2 and 2 is a critical hit. Buffed, it really hits hard. I like melee and do it a lot. You can practice in the Defera invasion zone. All single hands have lunge which make them superior to two-hands. The lunge neglects roots. BTW the dual hand mak'leths have a short…
  • No, no, no. Do not change a thing. Group content is in most games boring and STO is no exception. Beat a bunch of trash mobs, beat a boss, rinse and repeat. The faster it is over, the better. People that want a different experience, make your own group, tweak, twink, I don't know what, but leave things for the pugs as it…
  • I do not use loadouts. When I change a ship on a character I keep using for a while. Recently I expereinced this bug however. A new trait is replaced by an older one, as if the traits reset themselves to a former setup or, the traits are removed, having empty slots for space and ship traits. It also looks like the bug…
  • The Elachi seem to appear when you have used the rift. I use the set on many of my characters, but as long as I do not use the rift feature, they won't appear. I did use the rift on some occasions and the Elachi did appear. It is not clear to me how you can get rid of them. I removed the set/part of the set, left and…
  • The klingons have this dog from the mission Manhunt. It is a combat pet. Now if you have the walker, the dog and the targ, equip it on your boffs, you have complete mini army.
  • The other day I beamed down to Defera invasion zone to do a daily and they also beamed down, followed me and began to fight the drones, lol.
  • It is right now on sale until 10th december. If you are like me, an altaholic, I can advise it. It also looks like more stuff is getting account unlocks. I love my LTS, but I would only buy it on sale and on PC for the monthly stipend.
  • I also have this bug, of course. Yet, I see there is a work arround. Nice. But there are more issues with the tailor. All my characters have these edges, so it is very hard to see details. It is a graphical issue.
  • It is a problem with the cosmetic tab that you can throw away items when you decommision a ship. I got rid of an aegis shield this way. I make a habit of sending ships thirst to the shipyard.
  • We have ship configuration which we can save and it would be nice if we could have something for a character. I like the talent tree in itself, but the mechanic is horrible and it shows now you have to do it for all your characters. My complaints are. If you allocate a point wrongly, you have start all over. Once you have…
  • Me too. Mobs keep coming, but the bar stands still.
  • But the last time I was there, which was BTW also the first time, I killed everybody.
  • It will be days of lots of clicking. All my characters have the same spec. You may laugh at it and yes, it is a jack-of-all-trade spec, but I do so the character can step into any ship and perform decently. It happens very rarely that I respec and once I clicked wrong and could start all over, blowing a token. There was a…
  • The reward weapon is awesome. A sniper rifle with an insane range (a bug?) and the melee attack has a lunge.
  • This feature gives the most bang for the buck on a 'weak' ship. I am thinking of the BoP. You can also think of the ships that has sets of consoles, the temporal raider, dreadnaught and science ship. I am not in a hurry.
  • Vanity shields should be lower in the tier or be a project that is unlocked for the account when you complete tier 6 on a character. The shields are helpful on ships with few skin options, but only accessible for characters that has tier 6 of a reputation completed. That is just a litle QoL for a lot of work.
  • This can very well be a bug. I once died about twenty times in 'A Step between the Stars' fighting the Undine ships, because my allies, Bortasq'ue and Llisset did not engage in the fight and I stood on my own. There is also this game mechanic that NPC's, space and ground, do not take damage. If that mechanic glitches, you…
  • Carriers are not my first to go ships. I do fly them mainly for a trait. The Vorgon carrier is a good example. I stick to the standard weapons (tetryon) and put some consoles on it. Then I burn through content as it is nothing. The ship is ugly so I don't want to fly it on a regular basis, but it is a hell of a ship.
  • You can make it louder/softer in the audiosettings. It is not only cooldown beeps, but almost every system sound such as the sound from the Omega particle game. Turned of it is very difficult te play. However you only play it during the event of course.
  • As some people responded, it does not work with stealth. I used it with the B'Rel which have enhanced battle cloak. You can use science abillities with enhanced battle cloak and this was the reason I thought it could work with demolition team. As a matter of fact, if it would work you could make a fun-build, but it is also…
  • You should get a reward for taking capturing points and get a final bonus, based on your reward for the points, for taking down the T Rex. BTW before the cap raise, 50 - 60/65, people were already camping the T Rex, but they couldn't take it down so fast. Because of the power creep the Rex is gone in seconds.
  • I have two accounts, let's call them A and B Account A. Things I bought: Ferasan BO Targ pet Discovery starter pack Tardi combat pet. The only thing I can claim is the tardi combat pet. Account B Caitan BO Targ pet Romulan starter pack Discovery starter pack received as promo The only thing I can claim is the Cyborg BO…
  • Tailor, pick head-helmet. Then you can choose between 4 helmet types. However when you pick head again, to remove the helmet, you get a random head, not the head your character used to have. Save your head, before putting up the Breen helmet.
  • With the Breen costume, ships and cold skills, you can make your own Breen faction. I am setting a character up as a Breen team. With the refrigerator mask it doesn't matter which species you pick. For me the best option is a KDF alligned Reman. Remans have this eye-beam attack and I can have a big Gorn boff as an alpha…
  • I miss some forum posters from my early days when I began tp play this game. I started playing STO when it went free-to-play. They seem to me as veterans because they had played the game from Beta in most cases. There was Tyler Durden, who was heavy into PvP as I recall, Angrytarg, an Orion girl, who made good youtube…
  • The Elder Scrolls Online has this great advantage over other systems is the fact that you are no longer gambling to get an item, but you are gambling to get a discount on the item you want. Given the fact that there are legal restrictions on gambling and gambling in computer gaming, in peticular when minors are involved, I…