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  • Down time = Loss of Revenue, So I am thinking they are working very hard to get it back up as soon as possible? :/ Oh? this thing says I am a Neverwinter User, I think I played it like maybe twice and Champs twice. LOL
  • There is lag on almost each map I visit from Risa to ESD to New Romulus. Try to find an Instants that is not very populated if available. Sometimes that helps or maybe it is just my perception?
  • What these guys said. ^^^ I just ran my DR's to Risa to unlock the store. Then I pulled down all ships that are unlocked, which is all but the new one. So now I have to pony up for more ship slots or not :( Dam my need to collect ships on every to…
  • Male toons - Hugh Jackman because Hugh Jackman! Female toons - Scarlett Johansson because ITS Freaking Scarlett Johansson!!!
  • Carry a large stack of Hypos. Get Fluidic Antigens ground trait for bug hunt. Keybind 4th mouse button with all your buffs that don't have long cool downs. You know like spacebar in space, but on your mouse. Make a max ground spec Cat/ Engineer. …
  • IMO. Level 57 to 60 is most fun ever and the players love it. There is your leveling too fast problem. I have 25 toons level 60. I have no "Life". How do you kill a man with "No Life"? Take away his "Saved up Pearls"…
  • 1. Main Toon - Park on Risa 2. Main Toon - Use Floater 5 minutes 3. Main Toon - Get New "Pearls" 4. Main Toon - Rinse and Repeat 1-3 for 25 days 5. Main Toon - Collect Ship 6. Main Toon - Leave Risa - Total time on Risa 125 minutes 7. 25 …
  • Can we beat this DEAD Horse in the ground anymore. I personally have spent what pearls I had saved from running the event last year more than that required to get last years ship. I have Rock and Roll and a Metric Ton of Plekton to make more groun…
  • Well at least my DR's get ships from previous years. I will have to buy more ship slots. Dang it Cryptic you do want to drain my bank account don't you? LOL:cool:
  • This is going to be the BEST summer event Ever and the players will love it!!! Marketing knows the metrics and what the players want, so they are giving it to us. I changed my mind, I hope everyone has space emotes and shows them off cause that is…
  • On topic of Pearl conversion, what has more value spec points or upgrades/ R&D? Oh forgot some ppl want hand jesters above their ships!! Lol. The only jester I want to emote is bandwd. Ha ha.
  • Not sure why ppl attack folks that are actually stong advocates for general player base. That does not help fortifie their point. I am not fan of decision, but the bosses that make the calls you will never hear from them directly. Like going to Wa…
  • So folks that have 1000 pearls, Q-graphs, and Q-versery currency can jump 15 spec points. Lol. I feel a 17x nerf in future!!! Ha ha Edit: Above and Beyond comes to mind. Were is my Popcorn?
  • If tech upgrades are character bound and I use them on account bound weapons upgrades does that make weapon character bound?
  • The conversion is for Pearls, they will not be handing out anymore pearls. So why do folks think they will be stockpiling for a conversion. You either have pearls or you don't. And they are changing the currency each event in the future, right. So…
  • Everybody says "Free Ship" is it really "Free"? More ships to claim "could" mean more ship slot sales. I know I am running out of ships to delete that can be reclaimed. These ships are character bound. I know some pe…
  • If only you all knew how much this tread has sapped my 25 toons will to continue the fight against the Iconians :/ Rock and Roll here I come!!!
  • Going for post 100 overall. And this "Topic" is as good as it gets! I know most die hards will fill their metrics most likely myself included after the dust settles. I will only do the floater on one toon 25x, so less than 4-5 min per d…
  • Delta toons that would slot old summer ships might have to spend Zen on ship slots? No? I can only speak for myself of course, but my two Fed Delta toons with 14 ship slots have 10 T6 ships (no T6 escort), 3 T5-U ships ( Atrox, Steamrunner, and Exce…
  • HOLD ON!!! At least they let us know about this change a month a head of time. They could have just waited to announce the change after the event started... Oh, nvm... To soon??
  • I was looking forward to the Summer Event, but not so much now. Get your ship as soon as possible and then relax and have a virtual vacation on a tropical island. But it seems only thing people care about is getting a Space Emote?? <Confused Loo…
  • I did like to collect ships on all my toons, but I would have to buy ship slots on most. Guess I don't have to worry about buying more ship slots to make room. Good Deal. Thank you.
  • I am not a happy camper! This is total ......! Take that to the Zen Vault. :(
  • But, but ... but .. I bind everything to spacebar... One key to rule them all. Well I did remove fire all phasers and shield redistribute finally. meh. It killed me but DPS Gawds demand sacrifices. :rolleyes:
  • It was toooo many ppl on Kobali Prime that caused glitch!! LOL:)
  • Same got kicked, know waiting on account server response??
  • 5 items in Account bank - mk 11-12 cap shields uncommon. use for new BOs untill can get them better. i knew i should have spun them thru the upgrade thing but not actually upgrade them. @captainkron the account slots are worth more than the actu…
  • Same issue submitted ticket #3,348,304 on Character "Delta [email protected]" Alien Rom/Kdf male eng. I forgot that I had already claimed that from Flotilla. I was at level 41 and started to claim some stuff and got stuck. Now besides th…