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  • Any update on this on Xbox? I still don't see it in the store.
  • i've been checking on and off for 2 weeks now since it was released. Now I have been checking multiple times a day since they updated the release date to the 16th. i know these things are limited time so I want to make sure I get in on it. But I agree with habs...it's getting annoying now. They've done this stuff…
  • I believe I have found a permanent workaround on the xbox. I have been flying the defiant with the stealth fighter set. There is no CD after the cloak and a 15s CD on decloak. I have been able to cloak and decloak whenever. In the middle of battle or not. The ONLY time I have seen an issue with cloak is if I am actively…
  • I let the game sit for an hour then logged back in with the stuck toon. I was able to get back in and was on the step "gre'thor" with no way to continue. I was outside in sector space. I abandoned the mission so I am good to go but I'm not touching that quest until we get some update on the bug.
  • as a side note, I decided to try something different. I have the legendary defiant with stealth fighter set which gives you battle cloak. I have yet to see his break at all. I'm actually trying to break it but the noticeable difference is that there is no CD when you initially cloak.
  • I realize that but part of this is that it is super easy to have clear language around this stuff. These questions come up ALL the time for the last 11 years. People ALWAYS want to know if it is an account unlock or single unlock or if it binds to the character that claims it. Over the last 11 years, there have been…
  • Thank you! ...just watched. For others interested, the worf boff is at 1:31:33.
  • thank you for this. i guess i mean why wouldn't they post these things on the announcement? Seems pretty standard. Also - all ground traits? no space traits? What is Superior honor Warrior?
  • patchserver.crypticstudios.com is the servername. My tracert shows a timeout on a hop and the last 3 cryptic servers show 100+ ms each.
  • 2400ms lag. totally unable to move. market doesnt display anything. Speed tests look good with no latency. anyone know server names so I can tracert or ping
  • I have seen posts on this that are over a year old. I haven't tried the III version yet but the I version cannot be trained on my Jem'Hadar.
  • Can you update the title of this post to be more descriptive? New Update - Instant Crash or something like that? I'm having the same problem but I thought it may be a Series X problem. It doesn't seem to be unless everyone here has a series x. Also, I've seen a few people saying they are aware of the problem. How do you…
  • I submitted a ticket months ago and they told me I had to come here. My account is still broken. Almost 3 months now. I'm going to submit another ticket.
  • noticed the same
  • My account is still broken
  • I've noticed the same issue. thought it was just me. 8k per complete.
  • I have 15 toons and 13 are broken. I am bit new-tooned out if you know what I mean. The core of any MMO is the character, progression, and items. My characters are broken and this just feels like a strange way to get a broken account fixed.
  • Just checking in on this. It been weeks now that almost all of my characters are broken. I don't want to advance any of them for fear that I will lose any of that additional progress and materials. I don't want this to come off as too harsh but forward moving progress in an MMO is critical. Losing items is one thing but…
  • I play on the XB1. I look at the news nearly every day. While I don't pay a ton of attention to the PC stuff anymore I do occasionally read it. The XB1 news and updates is not as good as the PC. We are mainly an afterthought. I'm pretty plugged into this game and I have never heard this before. Searches on this still talk…
  • I have 11 alts. I made them all last night for the alts. Created a spreadsheet to track, etc etc. Spent a bunch of time just creating everything not to mention how long it took to get that many marks.
  • I think it is a good change...but it doesn't make me happy that I just dumped 10k marks. That's a ton of wasted effort.
  • Ugh...I just made about 100 sponsorship tokens last night. Have I just totally blown 10,000 marks for no reason? Are they refundable or worth anything? I still have them.
  • I actually bought the LTS on PC and XB1. If you play a lot or plan to play for a long period of time, LTS on the PC is an amazing deal as it comes with 500 ZEN/month. I just assumed LTS included ZEN on XB1 but it does not. That is the biggest problem in my mind and a HUGE disappointment. The only reason you may want LTS on…
  • Please keep doing this! Don't need a ton of details but keeping this up is a great way to keep us engaged. I LOVE IT!
  • Thanks for the replies. The vanguard pack was claimable on my other toons and I got the ev suit even after support said it was only claimable on one toon. I have 2 JH toons. One that has the ev suit and the other that doesn't. The one that doesn't is NOT able to claim the vanguard pack or the starter pack. I don't think I…
  • I think I had a code for the starter pack then I bought the vanguard pack. Cant remember...maybe I did on the PC. Anyway, support is telling me that it is a one time claim. Anyone on Xbox or PS4 claim this on alts?
  • I actually have both which is what I think the problem is. I talked to support and they are telling me it is a single claim only. I showed them the link that says it is for all toons but they said I should just come here. So I will contact them again and let them know that there are people that can claim on all toons. Just…
  • I just want to make sure I am clear. Some of you have been able to claim the EV suit on multiple toons? These items are usually account unlocks so I know you can't for a whole away team but the romulan pack I got an ev suit for every toon. You claimed it separately. But with this one, I have claimed the pack on all my…
  • Well chat on the console isn't really an option. it's too clunky and not many people read it. Also the CC event is going on right now so everyone is doing it. Random queueing won't solve event queues. I feel like there is a bug or that the way I'm queueing through the main images at the top just doesn't always work.
  • The fleet doesn't exist at all is what I am saying. It's not that I have been kicked out. It is totally gone. It doesn't exist. Is it possible they renamed it? Can you rename a fleet? Does PWE disband fleets for any reason? I would imagine if someone did something bad enough to get the entire fleet disbanded that they…