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  • This law is not in the ToS. Most laws can be easily found, not like this one. They own our tools, they can do everything. Yes, we know. Thanks for saying the obvious. They could do differently though. Like they could write something this important into the Notice at the character choosing window. Or not banning years+…
  • I don't know the exact number of her accs but it's not so insanely high. I am sure it's under 10. And non of mine friends knew about this 2 acc/person law before. Hell, most of them don't even read this forum and that law is in a 8 years old forum post anyway. Last time I checked this forum wasn't a requirement to play the…
  • I guess you can destroy them at the PW Promotions Agent. I am not sure though.
  • Ah, we are talking about 2 different combo. At least you failed to read something too :p The DOT skills need for the green glyphed Soul Degeneration skill. Which is the basic element for the combo I was talking about in the first place. I fhought you answered for that but you are clearly not. Yeah, now it makes more sense.…
  • If you are able to tank a sin damage for 60 sec tidal then either he is a terrible sin or seriously undergeared compared to you. And yet if you still manage this somehow he will just go stealth/use ulti till tidal is ready again. Your combo also burns up almost the entire duration of the bewitch and you haven't even used…
  • I was testing the green gylphed Soul Degeneration (can't be healed) combined with the red gylphed Crush Vigor (chi steal or damage in case of 0 chi). You need at least 2 silver gylphed skills to make this combo working. Silver gylphed skills don't do any damage though (like 180 k without it and 30 k with it) and the…
  • I would like to get some fast skill on my veno finally. Any other char hits me at least 2 times before I cast my fastes basic skill. And the veno ulti doesn't help much either with its 5 sec cast time. Sometimes people just simply walking out of it before the skill ends. On the other hand, improving 2nd reborn nuema set…
  • We need a JDH video next :D
  • Someone could explain me the meaning of "FMI" in the new quest chain?
  • Shopcheese's comment from the "Spotted Felis pet egg" topic just under this: "Regardless what skills it have it cant be worth it. It cant even be evolved. Buying it will be purely for the look which is a shame. It would have been better as all class pet. " I wouldn't be suprised if nobody would buy a totally useless pet…
  • Pets have different element types in the new pet system and we already know that: Earth > Water > Fire > Metal > Wood > Earth But this doesn't seem to work all the time. Like in my last battle, enemy pet (wood) got tha advance against my pet (water).
  • Astrospira Pearl lvl 1 x 800 Holy Pill x 740 Mystical Pill x 1410 Reflective shard x 4000 Attendance Sheet x 1100 Sadness Card x 92 Fairy Box Key x 5000 Full r8r gear (Melodich Prophet's Tunic/Sandals/Leggings/Bangle) 60 War Avatar Cards (1 S card + 59 A cards) Destroyer: General Helian (S) x 1 Overseer Aeban (A) x 2 Pet…
  • Astrospira Pearl lvl 1 x 800 Holy Pill x 740 Mystical Pill x 1410 Reflective shard x 4000 Attendance Sheet x 1100 Fairy Box Key x 5000 Full r8r gear (Melodich Prophet's Tunic/Sandals/Leggings/Bangle) 60 War Avatar Cards (1 S card + 59 A cards) Destroyer: General Helian (S) x 1 Overseer Aeban (A) x 2 Pet Skill Trainer Tsu…
  • Astrospira Pearl lvl*800 Reflective Shard*4000 Vacuity Powder*500 Full r8r gear (Melodic Prophet's Tunic/Sandals/Leggings/Bangle) rorifan Dawnglory
  • Full r8r gear. Melodic Prophet's Tunic/Sandals/Leggings/Bangle. rorifan dawnglory
  • Boss should have way less HP. 5 min invulnerability or something like that would be way more challenging and g16 and r9 people should do almost the same. This new UP will be the same link weap, nuke boss or gtfo as the first one. Most of the players doesn't even know anything about the bosses because squads fall apart as…
  • As a veno, my best solution is to use all bramble at once as soon as I see a duskblade. Because the multihit skills, the duskblade are usually dead before he could notice anything. Or at least they go into shadow form or in worst case they use sleep+tank a few hit for stuns/para after. Sadly it's not work at openworld.…
  • A server without any GM? That sounds a regular server to me. In Dawnglory you can basicaly do whatever you want. Like naming and shaming on world chat for hours. I don't care about open pvp so much because the pay to win factor but a new server with actual GMs would be nice.
  • That was because Sly Foxes' have a really good magic defense and poor physical defense. Otherwise you could kill them without pet. Actually you can if you attack them in fox form or with Arcane Antinomy. Choosing Harpy against them was a terrible decision to be begin with. I still can see the Battlebot's usefulness though.…
  • I tried aps on my Monkey in FSP for a few times and he only makes real damage if he uses Rule the World or Heavy Load. May you used Harpy at the test? Because she only uses skills so that would make sense.
  • I don't know, I tested the new Venomous Scarab's damage and it wasn't so bad for me. My noncrit damage was about 135 k with the old skill, 160 k with the new, and 180 k with a Monkey near by me. So it is about +20-35% damage which I don't find so bad. (I use a magic sword btw so my damage is pretty stable.)
  • 1 normal NW and 1 cross NW / week would be the best solution in my opinion.
  • You don't know how this commander thing works. You need much money just to get the possibility to be elected. He simple buy all the slots and you can choose between his main and alts. So that is why we don't vote.
  • http://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/pwi#/discussion/1203147/title-quest-guide/p1
  • Or just drop 1 coin and trade the book like everyone does on Dawnglory? :p
    in BH FSP Comment by srovarie April 2016
  • (1/216)*6=6/216 Now you happy? True, I forgot to put that round bracket but it was pretty obvious anyway. Especially because those odds are from your post (1/216 - 6/216). I didn't use them in my math at all I just explained what is the real meaning of them.
  • By the way, your math is completely broken at some parts. 1/6 x 1/6 x 1/6 = 1/216 is the chance that one guy (Peter) get 3 eoo from 3 run. 1/216*6 is the chance that someone (Peter or Helga or...) get 3 eoo from 3 run. Try with binomial distribution instead of that. (6!/3!*3!)*(5/6)^3*(1/6)^3=0,05 ==> 5 % chance that one…
  • Anyone was able download the evolvable pet list from ecatomb?
  • Yeah, I just wasn't sure that you can get the same mood at rerol or not. So if I have "Seasoned mood" with empty star, is it possible to get the same mood with full star? And looks like it is. Sorry for my english by the way :D
  • After almost one year, I finaly was able to buy a Monkey King pet. I saved more than 2000 Feral Soul. Well, I still got pretty decent inherit and mood but at least I could find out that you can get the same mood with the same level. So I think that you can get the same mood with other level too. Sorry if someone already…