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  • I'm glad to see that the fire hasn't burned out yet!
  • I thought that this had to be a necro, but wow, I guess not. Seeing as how the OP hasn't even replied to this thread makes me think he's just trolling. By the way, hi everyone! Long time no see b:cute
  • SweetieBot, give me a pony!
  • For the record, please don't post requests that are blatantly against the forum rules. The rules can be found in any of the moderator's signatures. This includes things that are basically NSFW, as SweetieBot does not know any better yet. >.>
  • There's also an item from a quest that has a dragon-like animation that hits you but doesn't do any damage. That might be it too.
  • I don't see this thread going anywhere but down. -Closed.
  • This is an interesting turn of events.
  • Happy three years everyone! I know I've been away for over half a year, but I do plan to come back to make at least one more video. I don't have a video for my three year anniversary on YouTube, as I have been swamped with work wrapping up my undergraduate studies. To give some scope of what I've had to do: work with a…
  • There is really no purpose to goodbye threads on this subforum. If you need purpose, such as saying goodbye to your friends and such in your specific server, there are server subforums to do that. -Closed
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  • SweetieBot show me a picture of Skaitavia!
  • You have already stated that you have left the game. If you do not have anything worthy of contributing to the forums other than posts like these, then please refrain from posting, as they fall into the category of breaking Rule 6 of the General Forum Rules of Conduct; specifically in the "...annoying messages on the…
  • Well, once you've used your genie to do something like AD/Faith, you might as well use the rest constantly spamming Celestial Sword with a purge weapon. It'll tick a P def charm, and has a higher chance to purge, so why not?
  • Well, if I had to be honest, us mods get notice regarding events such as this a LOT faster than the CM and GMs do, since they have other things they have to tend to in their work environment. On top of this, sending in a ticket or messaging a CM/GM on the forums from an account that is considered "normal" would not speed…
  • Yup! We have a direct line to other GMs that don't actively check these forums, as well as the CM when he is not on the forums.
  • As stated in the short red message that pops up on every server every now and then, never go to any websites that are not specifically PWI related (,, as they are most likely phishing/scamming websites! If anyone knows who the culprit is in particular, please send me…
  • Also, please do know that when forum rules are broken, the thread where the rule is broken will be locked and edited, especially if it's naming and shaming. The rules can be found here: I hope this helps. If there are other problems, please PM the moderator in…
  • Cleaning up the forums.
  • Everything other than the moderators getting their cape is just as it is, a rumor, and rumor threads always end up getting out of hand~
  • xD To be honest I haven't met any of the other mods in game before (even if it's making a toon on their server and meeting up with them). But yeah, out of all the current mods, I would struggle the most at having a low profile, which is not surprising this thread showed up with me first.
  • So apparently this cape is making me invincible in PvE compared to using another -int cape.
  • As per requested of the original poster, this thread can now be closed~ I'm glad that the responses given were extremely helpful! b:cute
  • Actually no, it wasn't 100% a mod choice. We did give them the entire runthrough that it was not obtainable in the game currently, because of the reasons that were repeatedly stated in this thread thus far. They discussed this for over a month before they came to a consensus.
  • Depending on the type of the card, you won't get any benefits from the card if it's put in the wrong slot. So if you put a Soulprime card into a Battle slot, then you won't get any of the Soulprime card's benefits. At least that's what I have noticed.
  • We also never asked for the gift package, but because it was their way of showing appreciation, we were, as Venus stated, floored by their generosity. And to clarify what Venus said, we weren't ordered to "keep it a secret and not disclose it to the general public," we were told to just play normally, but to be careful of…
  • Wow this surprisingly showed up when all of the moderators were away from the forums. This whole week was full of project deadlines, job interviews, midterms, and presentations. xD; While I am busy with real life at the moment, I am not surprised that I am the first of the mods to be seen with this, especially when I…