Mods getting annually rewarded.

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So I was thinking since 95% of the community are open to the idea that mods get rewarded for their work I though that PWI could make a system where for each year a mod is moderating on PWI's forum the mods get a gift and depending on the amount of years it could be a different gift.


1 year: An all-class pet of the choice.

2 years: A mount of the choice.

3 years: A fashion set of the choice.

4 years: A flyer of the choice.

5 years: GM fashion.

6 years: R9 ring.


Rewards could be change and discuss ofc, those are just examples. So that way mods get rewarded for their worki, but not something too much that everyone will apply as mod just for the gifts, but enough so the mods feel appreciated.

The idea come from the recent events and also from the fact that a lot of companies reward their employees after 5, 10, 15 ... years of work and give them a gift to thank them. Of course going by 5 years would be to long for PWI, but I think each year of ''service'' as mod is decent.

I know mods will probably reply that they don't do it for rewards and we know it, but I think it could be nice to have that kind of system. Cause I think they deserve it. (retroactive or not would be to be discuss too I guess)

Any opinions or ideas about my suggestion?

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    So I was thinking since 95% of the community are open to the idea that mods get rewarded for their work.

    It's actually 5%b:laugh

    idk, why not, it's quite a good idea

    it's definitely better than giving them capes without anyone's knowledgeb:cute

    not that I really cared about that cape *cough* but that was kinda ****

    would agree more if I spent more time on this forum and they had to deal with my trolling
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    If you have any serious issue with anything, then you need to PM me directly so I can help you. Starting threads like this with no proof, and only rumor, is going to create nothing but anger and flamebaiting in the community. We don't need that.

    Once again, I'm going to close this thread and ask that my mods do the same when another one like this pops up again. If you have an issue and you feel it warrants a response, PM me. I love helping you guys out where I can, but there is no need for these types of threads.

    Thank you.

    Cleaning up the forums.