PWE/Arc's Policy on gifts?

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Since this recent little event with the mods getting thier cape, and a certain archer getting the Nuema s card set, and other GM gifts. I'd like to know what's the official policy for gifts like these? And what the community thinks of these gifts.

Voice your opinions, keep it within the rules etc etc.

I personally wish these gifts were all cosmetic instead endgame/gamebreaking, and as a customer I'm annoyed that this company is this out of line.
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    im gonna laugh if this gets locked.

    no, they have no policy o.o sparky stated clearly in the locked thread that

    'PWI did it cause they wanted to and thats that.'
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    Everything other than the moderators getting their cape is just as it is, a rumor, and rumor threads always end up getting out of hand~
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    OMG the word rumor again...b:shutup
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    Where is the option "I'm perfectly fine with mods getting a gift but it should be content from in-game and something of cosmetic nature (fashion/mounts/flyers/flashy shiny stuff that has no impact on stats but all on "omg cuteness overload"
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    Well, yeah, if there's no proof it's just rumor... and no one outside PWE could possibly provide proof, unless the archer in question has screen shots of the Nuema Portal cards in his mailbox, in mails originating from PWE Support.
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    I'm not saying anything but I'm saying YOU PEOPLE ARE GOING WAY OVERBOARD with them capes being given to mods.

    As for the full Nuema set, ss or it never happened....
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    Gifts, totally fine.
    Gifts that give the recipient an advantage over others? Perhaps not.
    Will my opinion, your opinion, anyone's opinion effect the gifts they give out? Nope.
    Honestly I don't care who gives what to whom, as long as the gifting agent doesn't tell the recipient not to disclose what they were given.

    Really, I don't want gifts, gifts are a distraction, and the history of PWI gifting is riddled with awkwardness.
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    I said it once and I'll say it again, mods do not work for free. I was once told in another thread by kossy that they don't get incentives for being a mod which is completely BS. So tell me something I didn't already know. Is it fair? No.

    Truth is this game is slowly going to shiit and before it does, pwi is trying to squeeze every penny they can before its glorious death in a few years. Enjoy it while it lasts b:chuckleb:victory
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    Giving out hear and avatar card sets to players = wrong. Perhaps of just saying it is a rumor (the GMS know about it now), how about actually LOOK into it. See if in fact this player did receive some end game gear for free. This hurts PWI sales. Why cash shop if a GM is just going to hand out something to someone else for free?

    What PWI should have did to reward the mods is to let them get a week advanced on new mounts or something. That way it gives an in game preview of the mount. Make it untradable and timed so that when the new mounts come out it is gone. Also it helps promote up coming things, making people want it more.

    Use the mods as promotion donkeys. This is better then giving them things that aren't available in game.

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    Its P2W the more you invest money in the game the more GM loves you and gives gift to you
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    To be clear for anyone who has questions for me, I was not here at the time this happened so I don't really have any answers for you regarding this whole topic. That said, the previous GM's decided this is what they wanted to do, and regardless of how many may feel, that was their decision to make. You may not agree with it and that's fine, but what's done is done.

    As a heads up, we're coming up with new events, in-game and on the forums, that should allow winners to obtain items you may not otherwise find in-game, as well as other stuff that you would find in-game. Like the cape, they won't be power items, but something to show our appreciation to you for taking part. While I can't comment on exactly what the prizes will be just yet, we'll make sure that they're up to par with the efforts put in for the events, and are on our list of items we can actually give out.

    As for this thread, since the main topic has already been answered, I will be closing it.

    Didn't sparkie already answer this?
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    Okay these threads need to stop, it's getting out of hand. No one, to my knowledge, is giving out free items. I will inquire about it, but I'm sure i would have heard of something by now. If you have proof, pm me with it. Otherwise I'm going to treat it as rumor. As for handing out items to mods, no it's not something we generally do, however the last gm thought it would be a nice gesture to do so. That was before my time and what is done is done.

    If you have any serious issue with anything, then you need to PM me directly so I can help you. Starting threads like this with no proof, and only rumor, is going to create nothing but anger and flamebaiting in the community. We don't need that.

    Once again, I'm going to close this thread and ask that my mods do the same when another one like this pops up again. If you have an issue and you feel it warrants a response, PM me. I love helping you guys out where I can, but there is no need for these types of threads.

    Thank you.
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