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  • I have the same issue .-.
  • wow pwi good job on saying thanks to your players for helping pay your bills for 7 yrs, was a really awesome anniversary this year.....NOT srsly what on earth you couldn't even put actual effort into thinking about what to give us for the event. Mos…
  • So for most of us things like the anniversary event is something we look forward to. It normally has some body to it and is a nice change. Well this year i'm soooo disappointed again pwi, you yet again put no effort into it...its late and so far suc…
  • Well if you did more then just PAY to play you would realise that there are other ways then BH to get chips =) but GG for the QQ on it <3
  • assumption is that you merged with LC? tell them to grow up....reason i quit LC is they were a bunch of idiots "lets get r9" then kill lvl30s =D so stronk. As for kicking for being blue, just **** for tat tbh is nothing that can be done about the st…
  • pwi provided alot of info, but like normal pwi players jump to conclusions. they will never remove r9 from the shop perma, its to much of a cashcow for them and thats all pwe cares about. 2 things like chips, packs, r9 **** were never always in the …
  • If they are removing them perma then ofc there is a new way coming out to get it, plus is a current way to get r9 free in game...just ppl are to damn lazy...chips can be gotten from more then just bh too. honestly either they are shutting pwi down o…
  • lol this @ this post. Yes it says that and even if they do who cares, PWCN that is the model for OUR game has to farm it fullstop!!!!! people in our version of pwi have gotten so damn lazy its just not funny. Farm it, yes no one does trials at the m…
  • I think 3 month reset is good, by the end of 6months the big factions have managed to take the map and hold it. Now it means smaller factions have the chance to get rewards also....as for resource wars...lol i know the guild your talking of, it was …
  • Why, because it gives other guilds other then the big ones a chance to win? =) i'm glad its being reduced, also now you have a name change, sex change stone...when is the server transfer one coming out =) i've got 3 or 4 toons i want to move
  • I am super excited, we have been asking for this for along time =D i can't wait!
  • Why, if you really think about it this has been coming for months. And asking for it to be postpone wont do any good, merging will cause the markets to crash and lvling should become easier because there will be more lower lvls...not all just end ga…
  • The bosses all spawn at the same time =) but there is other easy ways it just requires time..like the jolly old jones quest for between lvl20-79 money you get for each lvl range changes =)
  • -snip-like normal you ruin an event...last time you screwed up the final reward and then you screwed up your replace for **** up in the first place...now you remove the only actual good reward from this one...stop messing with it..you promise someth…