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  • How do I get purchased Gold refunded back to my Credit Card?
  • Logged out. I won't be back while the base access is blocked, which probably means forever.
  • I have been in PWI since 2009, and enjoyed the game immencely over the years. I have not come close to spending the amount of money that many of the fully loaded people have, but I have spent far too much. I have been in many factions, some of the b…
  • I am unable to load my accounts, any of them, or create a new account through Arc sinse Defender started. After I click the "Start" button, it begins the load, but stops. the start screen goes away and nothing else happens. Arc is still go…
  • A good supply of water must always come first. The human body can go for weeks without food, but will weaken and die after only a few days without water. You can make a spear, look for other food sources, and better shelter as you search for water, …
  • The forum is not allowing me to post a screenshot but it would show that I am due a reward for every one of the months so far this year, except March. The reward button does not even highlight. Tech support sent me the rewards for last month after I…
  • Since $1,000,000 wouldn't be enough to buy the gaming system I would really love, I suppose I would have to do the more responsible thing; pay debts, see to investments for my daughters futures, and retire to my sailboat with an electronics suite th…
  • Just remove the restrictions on the items on the DQ page and the Event Gold page. Allow us to trade and/or sell items as we please.
  • - Load DQ page, press F12, quickly select the Debugger. This pauses the redirect countdown as all scripting on the page is halted. It did not stop the timer
  • A friend suggested I attempt to refine a G16 item. I attempted to refine my G16 Awakened Archangels Tunic that is *6 to *7. To my horror, it worked. I am posting a correction instead of editing the previous post to publicly show just how wrong I was…
  • "We've noticed you didn't get all of the rewards. Below are your codes for the 2 bound Dragon Orb Oceans you are missing! Each code contains 1 bound Dragon Orb Ocean." Thank you for fixing that mistake so fast. Now please make them of so…
  • The latest package is nearly as useless as the others. #1 The email I got said that I would be getting - 3x Bound Dragon Orb Oceans. I only got 1. #2 How are these of any possible use to me or anyone else when all items worth getting to +10 are lvl…
  • "We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and we'll be running 2x EXP, spirit, and drops for Archosaur as compensation." I am NOT compensated and do not feel secure enough in your abilities to run the server to waste the ti…
  • I spend RL cash on the game. Not a fortune, but not inconsiderable. I have also brought many people to the game in the 5 years I have been playing. Until they make it right to me to MY satisfaction, I will not spend another dime, I will pass on nega…